Baseus Apple Magic Keyboard, 3-in-1 multi-functional design, iPad keyboard flat replacement

So many people don't need to buy a laptop, but they want to buy a tablet. After all, a tablet is more convenient to use. If there is a need for code words, choose an ipad with a Magic Keyboard, and you will have the typing experience of a notebook. However, the iPad's own Magic Keyboard is too expensive, so Baseus's flat-screen replacement has become the first choice for many people. In particular, I like multi-gesture touch operation, which can also be realized with flat replacement models, so I can use the experience of Apple.

This is an all-in-one tablet case, which is not only a protective case for the tablet, but also a keyboard with a magic touchpad. Of course, it can also be a stand. A simple summary is that it can turn your ipad into an ipad. This three-in-one design, combined with the magnetic design, not only has rich functions, but also has a better daily coding experience. You can directly paste the tablet on it.

The detailed design is also very friendly, such as adding a digital display design, which I have just seen on some mechanical keyboards before. And now adding it to this ipad case makes it even more interesting. It can display Bluetooth status, upper and lower case, battery level, and power on/off button. The keyboard adopts scissor-type structure keys, with 1mm key travel, and the typing experience is very friendly.

What I love about the Magic Keyboard is the trackpad. It has built-in multi-touch panel, which can realize multi-gesture operation. This multi-gesture touch is also one of the advantages of Apple's MacBook computer. Many people like the Apple notebook because its multi-gesture control is very smooth. This kind of multi-gesture is brought into the iPad Magic Keyboard, and you can also experience the silky control of Apple.

In addition to the keyboard experience, the design of the protective case itself is also very good, with a built-in flocking lining, which is smooth and delicate, and it is very comfortable, which can better protect the tablet. The protective case has a 10.9-inch version suitable for iPad Air5, as well as iPad Pro 11-inch and 12.9-inch models. It can also be transformed into a stand. The design of the suspension stand can be adjusted at multiple angles. It is very convenient to watch dramas, code words, and videos. This magnetic levitation bracket is arranged in a matrix of 72 magnets, which can achieve a strong adsorption force of 2600GS.

Daily use can enter sleep mode for 10 minutes, press any key to wake up. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.2, the connection is more stable. The standby time can reach 100 days, so there is no need to worry about the keyboard running out of power. The weight of the protective case is about 680g, and the thickness is about 16.5mm. Comes with a Type-C interface, the interface is universal and easy to use.

The price of this Baseus Magic Keyboard is only about one-third of the official model, which is much cheaper. Moreover, it is very stable as a stand, and the field of view is great when watching videos and chasing dramas. As a keyboard, it can be coded at any time, and writing novels can be more convenient than a laptop. If you are using an ipad tablet computer, then choose this third-party Magic Keyboard, whether it is for your own use or a gift for a friend.

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