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Be cool with Hip-hop, Shuangfeiyan’s joint keyboard and mouse experience

Friends who like dancing will definitely pay attention to a variety show, yes, it is "This! It's Hip-hop Season 5", a reality show featuring celebrity mentors + professional dancers has attracted countless fans to watch, and has become an online variety brand. As an old domestic brand, Shuangfeiyan also followed the trend closely and cooperated with "This! It’s Hip-hop” launched a joint keyboard and mouse.

This Shuangfei Yanfei era co-branded product has three types, namely FS98 mechanical keyboard, FM30 gaming mouse and co-branded mouse pad. As "This! If you are a fan of Hip-Hop Season 5" and Shuangfeiyan, you will definitely not miss this joint product.

The product has four colors to choose from: Bobowang Zha, Attitude Master, Quanxin Power, and Lucky Party. I chose the color of Quanxin Power. Dark blue, light blue, and purple are the main colors, and white, gray, and pink are embellished. It is full of vitality, Full of movement, in line with the aesthetics of trendy people.

The whole set is full of trendy elements, and the mood is also surging when using it, and the effect of coding, games and entertainment is better.

Let’s take a look at the keyboard first. The keyboard adopts a 98-key arrangement, which can cope with various usage scenarios. The keyboard will not take up too much space on the desktop.

The keyboard is equipped with FI custom red switches. The traditional red switch is a linear switch body. The touch is straight down and straight up. At the same time, the trigger pressure is small, making it require lighter force when pressing, suitable for long-term typing.

Compared with the traditional red switch, the trigger stroke and pressure grams of Feishiera are better adjusted, which retains the comfort of typing, and the response speed is fast when playing games. There is no conflict when pressing the full key, and the experience is also good.

The switch body can be customized freely. It supports the interchangeability of three-legged and five-legged mechanical switches on the market. It can also be customized and replaced with switches with different handles. You can match them according to your preferences and customize a personalized keyboard that suits your own feel.

The shaft supports hot swapping, you can take out and replace the shaft without cutting off the power supply, you can change the shaft as you like, and the playability is stronger.

You can see that there is a U-shaped arc on the keycap, which is equipped with CAO's self-customized corner cutting design, which increases the contact surface of the fingers, conforms to the arc of the fingers, and makes the fingers feel better. It can also reduce the fatigue of the fingers after long-term use ,

The keycap is made of PBT+ABS material, and the team pattern keycap is made of PBT material, which has stronger oil resistance, wear resistance and smoothness. The rest of the keycaps are made of two-color injection molded ABS material, which has better light transmission.

The advantage of increasing the light transmission of the keycap is to better display the RGB lighting effect. There are 10 equivalents of this Flying Times co-branded keyboard. When using the keyboard, turn on the light and choose the equivalent you like, which is full of atmosphere.

If you look carefully, there is an extra X button on the keyboard, which is a full-color switching button, through which you can quickly switch between different color lighting effects.

12 shortcut function buttons, through FN+F1~F12 can provide various shortcut functions in office, multimedia and game environments.

Shuangfeiyan considers the details more thoughtfully. The bottom is a two-stage silicone foot support, which can adjust the inclination of the keyboard according to your own usage habits, and improve typing comfort on the basis of stability.

Look at the FM30 gaming mouse again. The color matching of the mouse is basically the same as that of the keyboard. RGB lighting effects are also added to the scroll wheel and the SOC letters on the surface.

There are two custom buttons, F and S, on the front of the mouse. There are three function button modes preset, which can also be adjusted through the mouse master editing software. The three modes can be adjusted through the mode button at the bottom of the mouse. Make entertainment, office and games more efficient.

In addition to configuring the shortcut button mode at the bottom, you can also choose the resolution. There are four adjustable speeds of 1200-1600-2000-6200, because the mouse is equipped with the original BC3332A Max game-level sensor, with a maximum resolution of 6000CPI and feedback on the screen. There is almost no delay or jumping problem.

There are also two large foot pads on the back. The foot pads have been improved in design. Compared with the traditional mouse, the friction resistance is smaller and the use is smoother.

In actual use, the response speed of the mouse is very fast. When playing games, no matter how fast you click, the screen can respond quickly and accurately, and the delay is very low.

Now that you have chosen the matching keyboard and mouse, you must add a mouse pad to make the entire desktop "fashionable".

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