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Beginners first experience of the first customized keyboard Lei Kaze KW75 mechanical keyboard, Gasket structure, three-mode wireless, hot-swappable switchable, online appearance!

Creation statement: This article conducts an all-round evaluation of the customized keyboard Leikaze KW75 mechanical keyboard, and provides a reference for everyone to purchase customized mechanical keyboards. Evaluation is not easy, welcome Follow, Like, Comment

The keyboard is one of the peripherals that we use frequently and for the longest time. As a senior keyboard enthusiast, ordinary keyboards can no longer meet the needs, so customized keyboards have begun to enter the field of vision. As the name suggests, a customized keyboard is to customize the keyboard according to the wishes of the customer. Customization usually includes: shell, keycap, shaft body, PCB board, positioning board, lighting effect, etc.

Leikaze KW75 customized mechanical keyboard has a total of 13 colors and styles, and 7 kinds of switches to choose from, covering a very wide range. The price is around a few hundred yuan, and the price/performance ratio is good. It is very suitable for beginners to try. Finally, I chose the combination of wireless three-mode + switch body + milk cover keycap + gray wood switch V3. Leikaze KW75 customized mechanical keyboard is packaged in a rectangular yellow shell carton. There is no pattern on the package, which is very simple and reflects the spirit of customization.

You can see the keyboard when you open the package, and there is a soft plastic film protective cover outside the keyboard.

Leikaze KW75 customized mechanical keyboard family portrait includes: keyboard, instruction manual, key remover, shaft remover, USB to TypeC data cable.

The Leikaze KW75 customized mechanical keyboard has a length of 333mm, a width of 143mm, and a height of 43mm. Compared with the full-size keyboard, the rarely used keypad is removed, saving 25% of the space. The size is smaller and more convenient to carry. more tidy.

The keycaps are available in three colors: pink, pink blue, and pink white. The pink and tender looks very cute. When you get close to the keyboard and smell it, it really smells like milk. The text and patterns on the keycaps are very clear. In addition to English letters, Japanese characters are also embellished. The whole is very small and fresh.

Different from ordinary keyboards, there is a silver metal knob in the upper right corner of the Leikaze KW75 customized mechanical keyboard, which is full of damping when rotating.

There are four vertical indicator lights on the right side of the keyboard, from top to bottom are the upper and lower case, Bluetooth, 2.4G, and battery indicators.

There are two switches on the left side of the keyboard, the left side is a three-mode control switch, you can choose 2.4G, USB, Bluetooth three connection methods. On the right is the switch between Apple and Win systems, which adapts the keyboard layout for different operating systems.

The back of the Leikaze KW75 customized mechanical keyboard adopts a white frosted design, which feels very good to the touch. There are a total of 5 rectangular white non-slip rubber pads, which are very stable on the desktop. There is a folding keyboard stand on the left and right, and the keyboard is more inclined after opening, making typing more comfortable.

The charging port of the keyboard is designed in the middle of the keyboard, and it is equipped with a three-way wire groove, which can facilitate the routing of the charging cable without affecting the placement of the keyboard. The charging port adopts Type-C interface, the rated voltage is 5V, and the rated current is 20-200MA.

The Leikaze KW75 customized mechanical keyboard has a total of 81 keys. It is compact and has commonly used keys. The appearance of the milk cover keycap is very online, the surface of the keycap is lightly frosted and the curvature is moderate, and the finger touch is very good, and it feels as smooth as milk.

The metal knob in the upper right corner can be said to be the finishing touch of the keyboard, and the default rotation can adjust the brightness of the backlight. After pressing the metal knob, it can switch to the volume adjustment mode, which can be rotated to control the volume, which is very convenient and quick.

The Leikaze KW75 customized mechanical keyboard adopts the Gasket structure, and the body structure adopts a screwless fixed design. The silicone positioning plate, interlayer buffer cotton, and bottom buffer silicone support bring better noise reduction effects. The keyboard keys are softer. The rebound response is relatively gentle, and typing with it is easier and more comfortable than typing with a normal keyboard. In the dead of night, you don’t have to worry about affecting the people around you when you dance lightly on the keyboard.

The keyboard adopts the self-lubricating satellite axis exclusively customized by Leikaze. Through high-precision special tuning, the keys are easier to feel and more moist. The biggest advantage of a customized keyboard is that you can change the switch, and you can experience different colors, textures, and percussion sounds brought about by different switches.

Leikaze KW75 customized mechanical keyboard supports full-key hot-swappable switchable shaft design. The official itself provides 7 different shafts, and it is also compatible with the mainstream shafts currently on the market. You can play however you want. This is the meaning of customized keyboards.

The selected ash wood shaft V3 belongs to the third generation product, which does not need to be lubricated and has better stability. The shaft itself is pressed more smoothly and the sound is relatively crisp. Paired with full-key no punch, whether you are typing or playing games, you can respond accurately and quickly.

The RGB dynamic lighting effect of the Leikaze KW75 customized mechanical keyboard is very cool. It has about 16.8 million lighting colors and 19 built-in backlight effects for you to choose. The brightness and speed of the lighting can be adjusted, and it also supports recording custom lighting Effect, let your keyboard have a unique lighting effect.

The Leikaze KW75 customized mechanical keyboard supports three connection methods: wired, Bluetooth, and 2.4G wireless. You can use Bluetooth connection for daily use, and you can choose a wired connection for more stable transmission when playing games. The keyboard supports mobile phones, tablets, and computers, and has been adapted for different operating systems, which is more in line with usage habits. The keyboard has a built-in 4000MA high-capacity battery, which can last up to several weeks on a full charge.

The Leikaze KW75 customized mechanical keyboard has an online appearance, and the Gasket structure design with hot-swappable full-key switchable axes is more comfortable and playable. The wireless three-mode dual system has a wider adaptability. As my I feel very satisfied with the first custom keyboard. If you also want to try a customized keyboard, you can consider this cost-effective keyboard.

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