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Belonging to the glory of the king, Rapoo & eStarPro jointly branded peripherals for the whole family

Hi~ Friends in front of the screen, hello, I am your digital little Jiangzi. For game lovers, especially the King of Glory players, this year's King of Glory Challenger Cup finals can be described as wonderful. Wuhan's eStarPro team beat Beijing WB and won the championship trophy. For eStar, which entered the finals five times and won four championships, this championship undoubtedly proved to the audience that it is the No. 1 player in the country. At the same time, Rapoo, a major domestic keyboard and mouse manufacturer, also immediately launched the eStarPro King of Glory team-branded game peripheral family barrel, which includes the V700-8A multi-mode wired Wireless backlit gaming mechanical keyboard, M650 Silent wireless mouse, and VH650 virtual 7.1-channel gaming headset are used to congratulate the eStarPro team for winning the championship. As a King of Glory player and eStarPro fan, I also started this set of sentimental peripherals for the first time , today I will talk to you about this peripheral set with the blessing of the champion team BUFF, let's go~

I believe everyone is familiar with the Rapoo Rapoo brand. In my impression, Rapoo is the same as eStarPro, which won the championship this time, in the field of e-sports peripherals. It is the No. 1 existence in terms of professionalism and technology. The design of the eStarPro co-branded suit this time is also very careful. You can see full of co-branded elements only from the outer packaging, including the eStarPro team logo, blue and white color matching, and the addition of the team mascot e-wave, which can satisfy our expectations. "Joint name" requirement.

【V700-8A Multi-mode Wired Wireless Backlit Gaming Mechanical Keyboard】

The keyboard is our main control device when playing games. Many e-sports fans have high requirements for it. This time, Rapoo chose the V700-8A as the keyboard in the championship joint name, which shows our confidence in it. As a multi-mode mechanical keyboard , the body of V700-8A adopts 75% arrangement and 84-key compact layout design, which saves the number pad area that is rarely used in games, saves space while maintaining the arrangement of other keys Reasonability, which is one of the important reasons why most e-sports players are keen on this keyboard layout. As a joint model, the e-wave on the space bar, the championship trophy on the enter key, and the team name on the withdraw key are simply not too sentimental. ah!

The connection method adopts wired, 2.4G wireless, and Bluetooth multi-mode connection, and can memorize 3 devices in Bluetooth mode, and can switch freely among tablet, PC, and mobile phone. 2.4G wireless can also allow the keyboard to feedback our information immediately Operation, the built-in 4000mAh lithium battery can bring the keyboard a wireless battery life of up to two months, helping us to look down on the road of super god.

The keycap is made of five-sided thermal sublimation PBT material, not only the characters are bright in color, not easy to wear, but also has a very delicate hand feel. You don’t have to worry about oiling during long-term use. The concave ladder design of the overall keycap is also very consistent. Ergonomics, while achieving comfortable tapping, it can also effectively prevent the risk of accidental touch.

The sandblasted and oxidized aluminum alloy frame brings the appearance of this V700-8A to a higher level. Of course, don’t think that this design is just for good looks. Tell your friends quietly that the aluminum alloy frame can effectively reduce knocking The cavity sound produced by the keyboard makes the sound more crisp.

In terms of key functions, the V700-8A realizes wireless 6-key no-dash and wired full-key no-dash, which can meet the operation of various key combinations for e-sports players. It can realize full 84-key programmable, and you can switch operations at will for different games and scenes. Of course, you can share your exclusive tricks with other friends to learn from each other and double your happiness.

As a gaming mechanical keyboard, how can it lack the backlight that adds to the atmosphere? Compared with the fancy RGB backlight, I think the ice blue backlight of the V700-8A is more full of gaming and technological sense. You can also use the fn + function key to realize various lighting modes including breathing, curves, stars, and custom lighting. Brightness, frequency settings, playability is very high.

In addition, the shaft body of this V700-8A adopts the linear fast silver shaft independently developed by Rapoo, fast silver shaft, everyone! It still has a linear touch, although you can't feel it here, but I am very responsible to tell you, one word: cool! The crisp percussion sound is not very noisy, but it is so clean and neat, and there is no sense of procrastination when you strike it. It is strongly recommended that you try it out. The life of 50 million percussions can be repeated with confidence. At the same time, like the space The long keys such as , enter, and satellite positioning axis are also added, so that every tap of ours can be precise and crisp.

【M650 Silent Wireless Mouse】

After talking about the keyboard, let’s take a look at this lightweight M650 Silent wireless mouse. To be honest, when I first saw this “little one” in the joint model, I resisted it, because in my impression, the label of the gaming mouse Generally, they are "big", "heavy", and "hard", but with my hands-on experience, I seem to understand why Rapoo will use the M650 Silent as the mouse for this joint package. The first is its small size, which is different from the previous big mouse. When you get used to this small mouse, you will find that its control is so flexible that you don’t even notice it when you are playing. The existence of you seems to be integrated with you. Is this the feeling of "unity of man and sword" in the world of martial arts?

In addition, the Bluetooth 5.0/3.0 and 2.4G connection methods can also be switched between different 3 devices at will, and the sensitivity of 1300DPI is also suitable for most people's usage habits. Of course, if you are the kind of one-meter gun master , When I didn't say it.

The scroll wheel is made of soft elastic silicone material, and the feedback is accurate when scrolling. Although the mute button has a little less sound atmosphere, it is also very comfortable to click. Although it is not suitable for exciting games such as gun battles and fighting games, it is suitable for rounds and management. For casual games, maybe a calm and calm operation is more suitable for us, isn't it?

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that different from the design of most mice, the wireless receiver and battery compartment of this M650 Silent wireless mouse are not at the bottom of the mouse, but are hidden inside the magnetic suction cover. You only need to open the cover , you can see it, there are only the power button and the Bluetooth button at the bottom, don't miss it.

【VH650 virtual 7.1-channel gaming headset】

Finally, let’s take a look at the VH650 virtual 7.1-channel gaming headset known as a “sharp tool for listening to sound”. When I opened the package and saw it at first sight, I decided it was definitely a pair of professional gaming headsets. The audio cable that is twice as thick as other headphones indicates its excellent sound quality. The retractable head beam design can satisfy players with different sizes of head circumference, and it is made of leather-wrapped memory foam, which is not only comfortable and stress-free to wear, but also The head beam is deformed due to long-term wearing.

In order to increase the atmosphere of gaming, this VH650 virtual 7.1-channel gaming headset is equipped with colorful RGB light strips on both sides, which can make us feel full of atmosphere during the game. Of course, if you don’t like it, you can also press a button Turn off the lights and experience the fun of the game immersively.

The voice communication is provided by a 360-degree omni-directional noise-canceling microphone. The sound reception is exceptionally clear, and the noise-canceling effect is very obvious. I have an air purifier in my gaming room. When I turn it on, the fan noise is extremely loud. , but when communicating with teammates, they said they couldn't hear it at all; the microphone switch button on the left ear also allows us to turn off the microphone at any time to protect our privacy.

The earmuffs of the earphones adopt a thickened design with an adaptive angle around the ears, which is really thick. At the same time, the leather + memory foam can also effectively insulate the sound while maintaining good air permeability, and it will cause stuffy ears when worn for a long time Feel.

The 50mm high-quality large dynamic sound unit makes this headset have a good sound quality experience, perfectly restoring the original sound, and this is a virtual 7.1-channel gaming headset. Maybe some friends don’t know much about virtual 7.1-channel. Let me put it in a more popular way: 7.1 ambient surround 3D sound effects, so you can understand it. As we all know, when playing games, in addition to the game background music, listening to the sound is also very important. The virtual 7.1 channel can realize real-time surround tracking. Let us easily identify the position by listening to the sound, so that the lurking enemies have nowhere to hide. Now we understand why some game masters are so conscious, right?

Moreover, when playing ACT action games, the impact brought by this headset is also quite shocking. Compared with ordinary headsets, the 50mm large dynamic speaker and game sound effects will make your adrenaline soar instantly and the experience will be full.

【Overall experience】

In general, I personally think that the eStarPro joint e-sports suit produced by Rapoo this time is quite good. Needless to say, it is full of feelings, whether it is a mechanical keyboard or an e-sports experience. Headphones meet the needs of most gamers. Some friends of the mouse may not be able to accept its small size, but I think such a portable and flexible mouse brings us ease and precision when playing games. It's a very good feeling, don't you think so in front of the screen? Friends are welcome to leave your thoughts in the comment area, this is the end of sharing for this issue, we will see you in the next issue, bye~

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