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Bidian Cool Play Chapter 588: Target: Stars and Seas! Talking about ikbc Z200Pro Aerospace Custom Edition Mechanical Keyboard

Here’s a tip for everyone: my cousin graduated 6 years ago and stayed in Hangzhou and became an astronaut. My younger brother is also very proud. This year, that pride seems to have doubled.

Our goal is the sea of ​​stars, no matter what the origin is, I always think this is the slogan of Chinese astronauts.

China's aerospace industry has been struggling from scratch, and has been working hard to overcome all difficulties with a dream. Now it can make Damei very afraid, and she will splash dirty water at every turn, and her mouth will be full of lemon flavor. In the past two years, our space industry has been reporting frequent successes and progressing steadily. The more frustrated our opponents are, the more it can prove our remarkable achievements.

Last week, the Hainan Commercial Space Launch Site was officially started, and the civilian and commercial launch vehicles have started. I believe that in the near future, civilians in our country will also be able to fly into space. I am very excited to think about it.

My cousin also brought her family to visit distant relatives this summer. We ate together and talked a lot.

I took out this keyboard when I got home!

As a digital person, I can’t talk about contribution, so I just add a brick of consumption and start with an aerospace customized mechanical keyboard ikbc Z200 Pro. I have a deep love for my country’s aerospace, please accept it.

I have shown this keyboard to you last year. At the time when the aerospace topic was hot, ikbc and China Aerospace jointly launched this custom-painted keyboard. I started with one, but I put it away after opening the box. Treasure, but after thinking about it, space exploration has not stopped, why do digital people hesitate? No matter how beautiful the peripherals are, keeping them is purely for decoration and making the best use of them will show its true value. So this time I dug it out, don't hide it, just use it!

This "second unpacking" not only lived up to my cherishment of it, but also reflected the practical spirit of the astronauts. 108 keys, mechanical key switches, PBT keycaps, ergonomic four-step design, no push-button, two-stage support feet, USB plug wired version. The "customization" of the ikbc Z200Pro Aerospace Custom Edition is mainly reflected in the "painting" of the keycaps. The white background is clear and the characters are aerospace blue. The aerospace elements added to the keycaps are particularly conspicuous. The accessories include a key puller and 3 custom keys cap.

Another feature of the keycap theme painting is "Chinese characters". In addition to alphabetic characters, keys with traditional English labels such as Tab, Shift, Ctrl, Alt, Caps, Enter, Backspace, etc. are replaced by pure Chinese characters. This seemingly simple change has decades of aerospace history behind it.

Friends who follow China Aerospace know that our Tiangong space station uses a Chinese interface. Why not use the "mainstream" English label? Recalling that in the 1990s, China applied to join the International Space Station project led by Damei, but was rejected unreasonably. In terms of aerospace technology, the West also has various "technical discrimination" and various anti-Chinese "stuck necks", for fear of us Learn a little bit of them. But the Chinese firmly believe that "man will conquer nature", and if the top students don't take me to play, they will be self-reliant and work hard! Today, China's aerospace industry has soared into the sky, the moon landing and exploration are in an orderly manner, and the Western monopoly has been broken. The Tiangong space station has become a new miracle of human science and technology. It is reasonable and more considerate for the Chinese to use their own words on their own space station. Don't forget, Chinese is one of the six languages ​​commonly used by the United Nations, so what if you don't write foreign languages? Of course, we welcome friends from all over the world to cooperate sincerely and exchange academic knowledge for the cause of human spaceflight. We are not as beautiful as we are, we will not refuse anyone who comes, but if the people who come are beautiful, hehe.

A few more keycap close-ups. As can be seen from the picture above, the joint LOGO of ikbc|CASC is marked on the top of the arrow keys, and this LOGO also appears on the left side of the painting of the space bar. As shown in the picture below, there is a large area of ​​Tiangong painting on the right side of the keycap. In addition to space blue, there is also an inspiring Chinese red.

There is also a red spot on the enter key of the three custom keycaps, and the "enter" has also been changed to "exit". This is a small step for us Chinese, but it is every step in the future. the epitome of.

Every step is not only in space, but also at the feet of every hardworking Chinese. Switching to a keyboard, every time you tap it, it seems to be applauding China Aerospace.

The workmanship of the PBT keycap is very good, the front is brightly colored, wear-resistant and non-greasing is the rest, the painting is brightly colored, does not fade and will not fade over time, the back of the keycap is forgotten, and the burr-free edge is very regular, the workmanship, ikbc has indeed implemented the "aerospace standard", which is unambiguous and has quality.

I just mentioned that tapping the keyboard has the meaning of cheering for aerospace, which is a compliment after pouring emotion into it; and returning to the essence of the key switch, the TTC mechanical key switch used in the co-branded keyboard has double gold contacts, and the input life reaches 50 million times. The click experience is really good.

The ikbc Z200Pro aerospace customized version has three switches: blue, red and tea. I use it mostly for office and typing, so I chose the TTC tea switch that feels comfortable and quiet; With satellite axis, the hit point is off-center to balance the downforce.

A glance at the small keyboard area, clean and tidy. There are 3 indicator lights and 4 multimedia function keys. From left to right, they are mute, volume down, and volume up. The one in the upper right corner can directly wake up the PC calculator. Xiaobaan is ecstatic?

Take a look at the back, three-way outlet design + two-section support foot design, in addition to adjustable support feet, there are 4 long foot pads. The ikbc Z200 Pro Aerospace Custom Edition also has a 2.4GHz wireless version, except that there is no three-way outlet, and the rest are the same.

A close-up of the supporting feet and an overview of the actual tilt angle of the highest supporting foot.

In fact, the customized version of ikbc Z200Pro Aerospace has a slogan of "Hello Planet", and another customized version of "Hello Mars", which is painted in gray + black + magma-colored keycaps similar to Mars. Plus the version with customized painting, that version is also very good-looking, but unfortunately there is no money. When we realize the double landing of the moon and Mars, will there be a customized version?

TTC brown shaft body feels light and sounds very light, efficient feedback, 6 keys without impact, PBT keycaps are delicate in touch, office typing is very smooth, and the ergonomic design and two-stage support feet are suitable for my electric lifting table , You can type with a healthier posture and reduce fatigue, so it is more suitable for long-term codewords, and playing games is average. The 108-key small keyboard area is easier to use, and it is generally office-oriented, taking into account entertainment.

Finally, let me show my current desktop placement:

This is my main PC desktop, as shown in the figure below. It was originally two wireless keyboards. Now I have moved the 84-key keyboard to another desk. I have replaced it with a wired 108-key keyboard and put it in the keyboard drawer below. It looks like The desktop is very refreshing.

If you don't like the tethering of cables, then the 2.4GHz wireless version is a better choice. The advantage of using wireless with wired is that when there is an occasional problem with the wireless (such as the vacuum period when the battery is exhausted), the wired can be completely topped without dropping the chain. While the wired keyboard is usually not easy to move, the wireless keyboard has a higher degree of freedom, and the two cooperate to complement each other.

ikbc x China Aerospace, both hard-working and hard-working people in the industry, the joint version of the mechanical keyboard is as light as weight.

Never give up, keep your feet on the ground, and forge ahead, these idioms read with lofty ambitions, and only those who have experienced them can truly understand them. How many high-tech, we have come from nothing, from being comparable to the West, to being unique. Today, behind the achievements of astronauts, how much bitterness is buried. The soul of the nation needs to be passed down from generation to generation. Time can dilute it, but future generations should remember it forever.

Rewriting this keyboard review, I have said a lot of my heart, and I have the right to share it with you in order to resonate. I’m from Bidian Coolplay, that’s all for today’s article, and we’ll see you next time.

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