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Big Ghost Talks About Peripherals Chapter 21: [Big Ghost] Cherry Keyboard is also taking the cost-effective route?

When it comes to the Cherry brand, many people should belong to the love-hate type like the big ghost.

Love it relied on its own product strength to dominate the mechanical keyboard industry for many years after defeating the previous switch king.

But the boy who slays the dragon eventually becomes a dragon. When there is no switch body brand that can compete with it in the market, almost all the mainstream keyboards have the label of Cherry MX switch body.

But the big ghost who was still a student at that time looked at the expensive Cherry MX switch keyboard, and then looked at the steel hammer in his trouser pocket, so he had no choice but to give up.

However, after a series of coquettish operations, there are more and more types of shafts on the market with the development of customization.

Cherry's dominance seems to have been shaken a little, but it doesn't affect it still has many fans.

However, after the epidemic and the market competition is becoming more and more fierce, Cherry also knows that players' wallets are empty.

Introduced today's protagonist Cherry MX2.0S wireless mechanical keyboard.


Compared with previous Chrry high-end keyboards, Cherry MX2.0S wireles wireless mechanical keyboard is obviously impossible to have the arms box packaging of testicles.

Instead, there is a black box with some Cherry features, but not too conspicuous.


The accessories are as simple as ever, with no religious stickers, key pullers, and Korean autographed photos. . .

There is only one TYPE-C data cable for wired connection, a Cherry series product introduction and a product manual.

Although there are not many accessories, it can still reflect Cherry's attention to details.

Taking the data cable as an example, in order to save part of the cost, many domestic wireless keyboards implement the principle of using as long as they can.

The wired link also uses key-line separation and TYPE-C interface, which has not been abandoned by the times.

There is no choice of hard type on the wire, and the traces of bundling when it will not be used for a long time are still there.

Of course, some people will say whether the keyboard cable is not as soft as the mouse cable is selected as an important indicator.

As a three-mode keyboard that can be used by multiple devices, it is more prone to mutual interference, and the magnetic ring on the wire can effectively reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon.

The instruction manual is a part that players have forgotten. It may be out of consideration for female users, or the three-mode keyboard is much more complicated than the previous simple wired link.

The Cherry MX2.0S wireless mechanical keyboard manual is no longer a booklet that you don't need to read.

Instead, Cherry carefully planned and guided the use of each part of the tutorial in great detail and by category.

Sure enough, customer education is also a place that a company with pursuit should pay attention to.


Dagui’s is a Cherry MX2.0S wireless mechanical keyboard with a white brown switch version. At first glance, I feel that this keyboard is very simple and elegant, but there is no shortage of fortitude.

The size of Cherry MX2.0S Wireless mechanical keyboard is 430mm×143mm, which is a relatively compact type at this level.

Although both are full-size keyboards, the number of keys has reached 109 due to the addition of the unique cherry key next to the ESC.

Press and hold to start the Cherrry assistant software to set the functions of the keyboard such as changing keys and macro keys.

The Cherry LOGO engraved in the upper left corner of the keyboard improves the details of the keyboard.

The power button of the keyboard is designed on the back side of the keyboard, which is relatively hidden and reduces the possibility of accidental touch.

It also ensures that when the wireless link is not in use, the power is turned off in time to save power from loss.

If you continue to extend along this waistline, you will see the TYPE-C interface and Cherry's slogan "Designed for the Winner", which are also darkly engraved, like carvings.

Coming to the bottom of the keyboard, there are still many small details that can reflect the designer's intentions.

For example, in order to prevent users from losing the USB wireless signal receiver, the signal receiver is made bright red, and the magnetic attraction is fixed on the back of the keyboard, which is not only an embellishment to the back of the keyboard, but also provides enough practicality.

Although the feet are only adjustable for one section, because the back of the keyboard itself is relatively raised, it originally provides a certain input angle.

Cooperating with the support feet can increase a certain input angle again, which can meet the needs of different users for comfortable output.

And the bottom of the feet is equipped with non-slip rubber strips to echo the rubber strips at the bottom of the keyboard, so that the keyboard does not slip easily.

However, Cherry officially said that there are optional matching hand rests, and the positioning holes required for installation are reserved, but the major platforms and even the official website cannot find it. . .

(PS: Designer: I am doing it. I created a new folder)

There is also a reset hole at the bottom of the keyboard, which can be forced to reset the keyboard back to the factory settings when the keyboard does not respond, so as to ensure that the subsequent use of the keyboard will not be affected, and the pressure on the after-sales group will be reduced.

CherryMX2.0S Wireless mechanical keyboard also supports various types of multimedia keys, such as quick adjustment of volume, lock of Win key, quick wake-up of browser, resource manager and calculator, etc.

When the Cherry MX2.0S Wireless mechanical keyboard connects to devices via Bluetooth, it can connect up to 3 devices at the same time.

And you can switch different devices through FN+1, 2, 3, so that only one input device can output on different platforms at the same time. If you count 1-to-1 link 2.4G and wired connection, CherryMX2.0S Wireless wireless mechanical keyboard can link up to 5 devices.

And because of the use of Cherry's latest wireless technology, the input response speed of less than 1ms can be achieved, and the full key has no punching and ghost keys. Whether it is daily office input or game competition, users can enjoy a silky smooth experience. Enter the experience.

【Shaft body】

As for the switch body, Cherry’s classic pentagonal MX brown switch is used this time. The switch body is installed on the keyboard in an inverted form, supplemented by a satellite switch with a balance bar to ensure the feel of the large keys.

Thanks to the steel-free design, the weight of the keyboard is relatively light, but in general, the full-size keyboard is used as the main force, and the probability of moving back and forth is small.

Another advantage of the steel-free design is that when the keyboard is input relatively vigorously, the rebound force caused by the steel plate will be greater, resulting in the feeling of a thug. The Cherry MX2.0S wireles wireless mechanical keyboard is the same as the previous one. They are all designed without steel plates, allowing players to fully experience the pure feel of the switch body without the broken feeling of being mixed with beaters.

Although the keycaps are not made of PBT, they are quite good in terms of color consistency, touch feel, character fonts, and injection nozzles, which is the level that Cherry should achieve.

But for the picky users in China, if you don’t use PBT, it’s better to arrange RGB!


As a wireless keyboard, the battery life is also a very important consideration. After all, no one wants to buy a keyboard that runs out of power every time.

The Cherry MX2.0S Wireleas wireless keyboard, with its built-in 2800mAH large-capacity battery, coupled with the low power consumption Bluetooth mode, can continuously output for 200 hours, basically half a month charging is not a big problem.



Whether it is the simple and resolute appearance on the outside, or the uncompromising performance hidden under the appearance.

It is not difficult to see that Cherry has placed high hopes on this keyboard, but limited by its positioning and the coercion of its big brother MX3.0S, it is a fly in the ointment that there is no arrangement for happy RGB and no pbt keycaps.

But all of these are under the Cherry brand, and the price of Goddess Festival is only in the early 500s, so what kind of bicycle do you need?

The author declares that there is interest in this article, please respect the author and the content shared, communicate friendly, and make rational decisions~

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