Blessed with smart color screen, Hubatu F75 wireless mechanical keyboard: a comfortable and fashionable product

Recently, I suddenly wanted to build a table. I bought two monitors, a headset set and a wireless mouse. The only thing missing is a wireless keyboard. My requirements for wireless keyboards are relatively simple, with good looks and good hand feel. Looking at the keyboard market, there are many keyboards that meet this requirement, but they always feel that they lack new ideas. When I saw the Hubatu F75 wireless mechanical keyboard, its beautiful appearance, Gasket structure and TTC shaft made me start with it.

Hubatu F75 wireless mechanical keyboard has four theme colors: Furong Rouge, Drunken Gold, Moonlight Chanjuan and Hanjiangxue. Each theme color has two switch bodies, TTC Neptune switch and TTC Rabbit switch, to choose from. I started with the hibiscus rouge version of the TTC Neptune axis. It is packaged in an off-white cardboard box, with a golden keyboard line drawing, logo and product model on it, with a variety of hidden expressions of tigers and rabbits, presenting a sense of fashion and elegance. It is suitable for personal use as a gift for everyone.

In addition to the main body of the keyboard, the list of materials for Tiger Batu F75 includes a transparent dust cover, cleaning box, shaft puller, aviation plug-in cable and foot pads. The accessories are rich and exquisite in workmanship.

I first saw Tiger Batu F75, which adopts 75% arrangement, 81-key design, compact layout, and retains complete keyboard functions. Compared with traditional keyboards, it saves about 30% of desktop space and can provide more peripherals such as mice. There is more space for activities, and the operation is more free; the keyboard does not use the traditional black and white tones as a whole, but multi-color splicing such as deep pink, light pink and milky white, which fits the theme of hibiscus rouge.

There is a round metal nameplate on the back of Hubatu F75, with smooth electroplating process and rose gold color, which is more delicate. After pressing and taking it off, I found that the 2.4G receiver is located in it. This storage compartment adopts magnetic suction, which is not easy to drop, easy to store and carry, it can be said to be ingenious.

The Tiger Batu F75 floor pad also adopts the method of magnetic attraction, and comes with different height pads for replacement. For users, the tilt angle of the keyboard can be adjusted according to their own needs. At the same time, the bottom of the foot pad is covered with silicone, which is stable and non-slip when placed on the table.

There is a decorative strip on the top of the Hubatu F75, with a rose gold frame, Chinese and English hibiscus rouge words, and the logo below to enhance the keyboard quality.

The left side of Hubatu F75 is equipped with a power switch key and a TYPE-C interface, and it is wrapped with a rose gold frame, which is both beautiful and practical.

There is a small 1.14-inch TFT color screen and a delicate scroll wheel in the upper right corner of the Tiger Batu F75, which add the finishing touch to the beauty of the keyboard. As for their functions, they will be explained in detail later.

Hubatu F75 adopts three connection methods: Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless and USB cable. You can switch the connection method with one key through the physical switch on the right side of the keyboard.

Tiger Batu F75 is a mechanical keyboard, the core configuration includes the switch body. The TTC Neptune shaft it uses is a linear shaft type and has a service life of 100 million times. It adopts a high-speed rail structure, 2.0mm trigger stroke and 41gf trigger pressure. The trigger is smooth and sensitive, the rebound is fast, the light transmission is good, and the pressing is relatively labor-saving. Even if you tap for a long time, you will not feel numbness in your fingertips. This keyboard adopts TTC triangular hot-swappable shaft seat, which supports most three-legged and five-legged shafts on the market. All shafts support hot-swappable, and you can DIY according to your own preferences.

Looking at the structure again, the Hubatu F75 adopts the very hot gasket structure of the key ring, with a transparent PC positioning board with better softness and elasticity. By setting the silicone pad and sound-absorbing cotton inside the keyboard, the keyboard can be used during the typing process. Cavity sound and steel wire sound are eliminated, and the pressing feeling is also very comfortable.

Hubatu F75 uses PBT material two-color keycaps, and the surface is made of fine sand, which makes the hand feel delicate, wear-resistant and non-greasy. At the same time, the curved design of the keycap fits the fingertips, and the golden angle of typing is formed with the foot pad, which makes tapping labor-saving and conforms to ergonomics.

Nowadays, notebooks, tablets and mobile phones are often used in mobile office. Different devices and operating systems require keyboards to support multi-mode and multi-device connections. Hubatu F75 supports three-mode connection, can connect 5 devices via Bluetooth, 2.4G and USB cable, and supports Android, MAC OS, IOS and Windows systems. Through the switch on the right side of the keyboard, you can switch back and forth between different devices. The switching process is smooth and stable after connection, which effectively improves office efficiency.

Hubatu F75 is equipped with a 1.14-inch TFT-LCD color screen, which is bright and wear-resistant. It can display date, time, power and connection mode, etc. Its colors are bright and the display effect is delicate.

Through the driver of Hubatu F75 keyboard, you can also customize the GIF display. After I imported the picture of chicken pecking rice, the GIF of chicken pecking rice displayed on the screen is very vivid, which makes people feel happy and cheerful at work.

Tiger Batu F75 For multimedia control, in addition to the commonly used pause, fast forward and rewind, the most noticeable thing is the volume knob. It adopts anodizing process, the surface is knurled, and the volume can be adjusted by rotating. It is very convenient to use while looking good.

When using the keyboard at night, I like to turn on the RGB lighting to create a sense of atmosphere. Hubatu F75 supports full-color dynamic RGB, with 22 built-in lighting effects. After the lights are turned on, the lights and lighting effects bring a strong visual impact, especially the rhythm with the music, which increases the playability of the keyboard.

Hubatu F75 has a built-in 4800mAh ultra-large-capacity lithium battery, which can be used continuously for 400 hours when the lights are turned off and the display is turned off. Calculated by using 4 hours a day, it only needs to be charged 4 times a year. It can be used for 16 hours even with the lights on. This is much higher than the battery life of most keyboards on the market, eliminating the trouble of frequent charging.

Since I am quite satisfied with the appearance and feel of Hubatu F75, I listed it as the main keyboard and placed it on the lift table to form a table with a 32-inch monitor and Bluetooth speakers. It is a good looking product.

After some experience, I think the Hubatu F75 wireless mechanical keyboard is exquisite and stylish, and the TTC Neptune switch feels comfortable, especially the application of the color screen and the knob, which brought me an unexpected surprise. For now, this keyboard is undoubtedly a good choice for people who need a table and code words.

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