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Both appearance and performance——Heijue AK966 three-mode wireless customized keyboard experience

Since I bought the first mechanical keyboard, I have paid more and more attention to the keyboard, which is a very common peripheral. For many players, the keyboard is no longer a simple text entry tool, but it is also a way to show personality and bring to the desktop. It is one of the accessories that make the user experience more comfortable and comfortable. Therefore, in addition to continuous improvement in performance, keyboard manufacturers have launched products with a variety of switches and designs to suit different application scenarios, and have also made great efforts in color matching and design to win the love of different audiences.

I bought this Heijue AK966 keyboard because I am very interested in the recently popular Gasket structure keyboard and want to experience it. The second is its full-key hot-swappable and Kaihua MX CREAM switch body, which also makes the keyboard experience and future playability higher, and its price is also very acceptable in customized keyboards. In view of my previous good experience with the Heyjue keyboard, this time the Heyjue AK966 is my first choice for customized keyboards.

Compared with the previous keyboards, the packaging of Heijue AK966 has a much stronger sense of quality. First of all, its packaging weight is much higher. With the transparent display window on the front and exquisite packaging design, you can feel the high-end products at once. Quality, the parameters listed on the back such as: three-mode transmission mode, PBT sublimation keycaps, separate Type-C interface, RGB lighting, etc., are also the most popular designs nowadays, and it has more subtleties. You have to open it to see the actual product.

Heijue AK966 has three colors: Senyu, Mengxia, and Xingwan. Whether you are a little brother or a little sister, you can find the color you are satisfied with. While the 96-key layout retains the small keyboard design, it also looks more compact and exquisite. The usage scene is the same as that of a full-key keyboard, but the space is saved by 20%, which is in line with the current trend of tabletops.

As a high-end customized keyboard, Heijue AK966 is also very rich in accessories, including 4 types of shaft testers, Mac replacement keycaps, key puller, replacement metal knobs, and Type-C cables and Several instruction manuals are neatly placed in the exquisite sponge compartment below, which feels very thoughtful.

Let’s take a look at the details of the keyboard. First of all, the PBT sublimation keycaps have a very good texture. After long-term use, they will not be as smooth and oily as the ABS keycaps. The font of AK966 is also very distinctive. I also like it very much. The metal knob in the upper right corner can not only adjust the volume, but also mute it immediately when pressed, which is very convenient. The 2.4G receiver is hidden on the side under the knob, so it is not easy to lose. Between the main keyboard area and the number area is the indicator light of the keyboard mode, whether it is wired, 2.4G mode or Bluetooth mode, it is clear at a glance.

There is a three-mode switch on the left side of the keyboard, the paragraphs are clear, and the selection mode is also very convenient. The Bluetooth mode is very convenient to use when the HTPC in the living room is connected to the TV. It can even be used to connect to mobile phones or other devices, and the performance of 2.4G is also very impressive.

The back design is simple, and there are still many bright spots. The bracket is two-stage, which can provide different heights. There are also three-way wire guides, which can also make the desktop more tidy when wired.

The hidden Type-C interface is also a popular design at present.

With the previous experience of using a three-mode keyboard, it is very easy to get started with Heijue AK966. First, adjust the driver in wired mode, and you can see that Heijue’s driver provides a very rich set of options, not only 18 kinds of RGB lights and speeds, Brightness adjustment, as well as custom functions for macro buttons and function buttons.

In addition, I have to say that the AK966 keyboard can also be set to drive in 2.4G wireless mode, which surprises me.

Let’s talk about the most important feel and customized experience of AK966. The Gasket structure is a very popular structure recently. Compared with the common hull structure of mechanical keyboards, the positioning plate of the Gasket structure is fixed by the pressure of the upper and lower shells. Finished, there are no screws inside, so it can provide a more consistent feel.

AK966 adopts PC positioning board and three-layer PORON cotton sound-absorbing structure, which provides a very consistent soft elastic feel. It is matched with Kaihua MX CREAM shaft body, which is highly rated at home and abroad. It is made of all POM and has self-lubricating properties. The pressure is 55g, and the experience of using it is indeed not comparable to that of ordinary mechanical keyboards. I am very happy with the typing experience of AK966 this time. I fell in love with typing. Its quiet performance also makes it possible to use it at will whether it is typing late at night or in the office. .

In addition, Heijue’s AK966 also supports hot-swappable switches, and is compatible with three-legged and five-legged switches. You can replace your favorite switch at any time, and you can replace the entire keyboard or a single button as you like. This is The simple joy of customizing your keyboard.

Finally, let’s talk about the 18 kinds of RGB lighting effects of Heijue AK966. In addition to detailed adjustments in the driver, it can also use the function keys "FN+| ," and "FN+direction keys" to adjust almost all lighting effects such as speed and brightness. Among them, my favorite is the ripple effect. Press a button and watch the colorful light slowly spread to the entire keyboard, which is very beautiful.

Although some lower-priced keyboards also have RGB lighting effects, some of them appear very cheap, like the effect of Internet cafe keyboards, and the RGB lighting effects of Heijue AK966 are very saturated. The color can also be combined with the RGB lighting effects of other parts of the computer to create a dreamy RGB lighting effect.

Its built-in 10,000mAh high-capacity battery can also meet the battery life of 1200 hours when the lights are off and 50 hours when the lights are on, which is very powerful.

In summary, it can be seen that Heijue AK966 is a master of high-end technology of this brand, three-mode connection + 10,000 mAh large battery + Gasket structure + hot-swappable + Kaihua MX CREAM shaft design, independent mute The volume knob, as well as the excellent workmanship design and RGB lighting effects, all make it a recent keyboard with high evaluation. My experience is also consistent with the online evaluation. I recommend it to friends who want to try Gasket’s customized keyboard.

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