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Both playability and practicability, a new work with pluggable shafts, new product experience of Durga K610W wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard

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In April of this year, I shared with you my new Dujia K330W Plus wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard. Dujia upgraded the shaft body pluggable function on the basis of the existing K330W, plus some shock absorption. The addition of materials greatly enhances the feel and playability. But after all, as a keyboard with 60% configuration, many people are still not used to it. After all, 104 keys and 87 keys are the most suitable for productivity.

Many friends are envious of the design of the K330W Plus’s pluggable shaft body, but they are not used to using the 60% compact arrangement... What should I do? So this time Dujia launched the K610W/K620W models to meet everyone's needs for keyboards.

The one I got is the engineering version, and the official version is now on sale. There are 104-key and 87-key configuration options, corresponding to the models K610W and K620W, and the colors are dark green "island" and fog. There are two options for the blue "Echo", which is more distinctive than the traditional "black and white" color scheme.

As an old Durga user who used the K310, the appearance of the Duga full-size keyboard has not changed much since the white light version, RGB version and even the three-mode K310W. The appearance, workmanship and color matching are very exquisite, which makes our users who like the full keyboard arrangement "lemon". The K310 I used in the past, although the silver-gray combination is also very good-looking, but it always feels that there is a little bit of character missing. Let's take a look at the new K610W, mine is a dark green "island" with a 104-key full keyboard configuration. Dark green elements with varying shades, combined with eye-catching white ESC, space and enter key on the small keyboard, even the bottom bracket of the keyboard is green, the appearance is online and attractive.

The K610W is not inferior in terms of accessories, a USB-A to Type-c data cable, a keycap puller, a shaft puller, a USB adapter, and three Mac OS keycaps.

Since it is a pluggable shaft design, it is understandable to be equipped with a key puller, but it is very powerful to prepare three Mac OS keycaps carefully. This should be the first time Dujia has provided Mac OS keycaps , so that Apple computer users can easily use it.

The classic three-stage foot support finally provides a shelter for the USB wireless receiver. Those who have used the K310W will understand.

Although it is the same three-stage foot support, compared with my previous K310W, I feel that the K610W is about 5mm higher.

The logic of operation and setting is the same as that of K310W. Use FN and QWER four buttons to set the three-mode connection mode.

The upper right corner is a regular indicator light. Although the overall layout is not much different from Duga’s previous K310W, the details are more refined, such as the dark pattern on the indicator light and the double-layer design of the frame.

The switch key and interface are moved from the back of the keyboard to the back of the ESC key, which is very similar to the design of the K330W. I personally prefer this design, and it is more convenient to operate. However, some people may prefer the design of the three outlets on the back of the K310 series, which is a matter of opinion.

In wired mode or when charging is required, you can use the included Type-c cable to connect and charge.

The biggest difference of K610W besides the appearance is the pluggable shaft design. First remove all the keycaps using the included keycap tool.

Needless to say, the quality of Dujia’s keycaps is high-content PBT keycaps, two-color closed characters, durable and wear-resistant, and the surface is matte and comfortable to use. A closer look at the keycap actually contains two different shades of green.

Remove all the keycaps to expose all the switches. The K610W uses custom switches from Duga and Jiadalong. It belongs to the Jiadalong CAP shaft and has been optimized on the basis of it to obtain a smoother and more comfortable feel.

There are four options: red switch, brown switch, silver switch and silent red switch. The one in my hand uses a silver switch. The silver axis is a very typical linear axis, which can bring us a smooth feel and a sensitive and fast excitation experience.

For further disassembly, all shafts can be disassembled one by one using the included shaft puller.

Of course, changing the switch body is only the basic step of "customization", but as a major manufacturer of mechanical keyboards, matching a mass-produced keyboard with a pluggable switch body will undoubtedly greatly increase the playability and reduce the customization of the switch body. threshold.

Between the metal positioning plate and the PCB board, a layer of silicone pad is added, and a whole piece of sound-absorbing cotton is added under the PCB board, which is the same as my previous K330W Plus design, to reduce noise and shock absorption Effect. Because the bottom shell is not easy to disassemble, I will not further disassemble it for you. You can see the exploded diagram to understand its detailed structure.

Durga silver switch has always been a housekeeping product. My first mechanical keyboard was Durga K310 silver switch, but I used Cherry silver switch at that time, and K610W is equipped with Jiadalong customized silver switch, which feels more comfortable and clear. With the help of silicone pad and sound-absorbing cotton, it even has a little "mahjong sound" taste.

The three-mode design of wired, 2.4G wireless, and Bluetooth also provides more options for use. It can connect 2 Bluetooth devices and 1 2.4G device through wireless, whether it is daily office study, games, or portable.

The design of the 104-key full keyboard, even the 87-key design of the K620W, can be more suitable for the usage habits of the general public. Compared with the K330W, the productivity improvement brought by it is also very obvious. Of course, as a product of DURGOD, K610W also supports the use of DURGOD Zeus Engine for richer key function adjustment and macro recording.

Friends, are you still envious of other people’s good-looking and easy-to-use customized keyboards? Durga K610W/K620W can help you achieve the same, but the price is much cheaper than customized keyboards. As for whether you like the 104-key K610W or The 87-key K620W depends entirely on your personal preferences.

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