Brand new material, major internal upgrade, brief review of TTC steel shaft

As a well-known switch manufacturer in China, TTC has a wide variety of switches and rich colors. It also brings well-known switches such as gold powder switches and fast silver switches to the majority of customized players. Keep improving, in order to bring better axes to players. On the 20th of this month, TTC released a new shaft body "steel shaft", which provides two options of linear and advanced paragraphs, and adopts a new modified material and internal optimization treatment to further improve the smoothness of the feel and noise control . Next, let's follow the author to see how hard-core this new shaft body, which is called "steel shaft", is.

The steel shaft that the author got is a linear feel. The outer packaging adopts a fresh white and blue color scheme. It provides information such as the TTC brand LOGO and the number of shafts. A window is also opened on the front of the package, so that players can view the current shaft. body type. Inside the package is a transparent plastic inner box, which can protect and fix the shaft body to a certain extent, and can also be used as a tool such as a shaft opening plate, and its functions are quite rich. The TTC steel shaft adopts the color scheme of milk yellow + magenta, which is relatively close to the red gold of Iron Man Tony, but it lacks a little metallic luster on it. The color matching and color saturation of the shaft body are also handled well. It is attractive and not tacky, and it is also very comfortable in appearance. The three-legged large hollow shaft base of the shaft body is matched with the large hollowed-out top cover and the light guide column scheme, which also has a good performance in terms of appearance and light guide effect.

The shaft body follows the mainstream MX structure scheme, and has been upgraded and optimized for the shaft body material and internal scheme. The material of the shaft body is a new composite POM material. The material is modified and upgraded through physical and chemical processes, which solves the problem of large shrinkage rate of the POM material and better precision control. At the same time, it retains the hardness, strength and rigidity. Therefore, TTC's modified and upgraded POM material has the characteristics of better surface lubricity, ultra-low friction coefficient and stronger wear resistance. It can keep the smooth feel of the shaft body longer, and the more you use it, the smoother it is. The excellent anti-wear properties also further improve the durability of the shaft body, further optimizing the player's experience.

At the same time, this shaft body has been further optimized for the "shrapnel sound" and "iron strike sound" criticized by players. When the conventional shaft is tapped quickly, the internal metal sheet vibrates at a high frequency when it is quickly closed and cut off, and the noise produced is what players often call "shrapnel sound" or "iron strike sound". TTC reduces the size of the internal metal shrapnel, reduces the length of the force arm, further reduces the amplitude of the shrapnel, and effectively reduces the vibration frequency of the shrapnel, thereby reducing the noise generated by the vibration. Moreover, due to the vibration problem of the metal sheet inside the traditional shaft body, a certain amount of fault-tolerant processing will be performed on the response sensitivity, that is, the de-jittering that everyone often hears. TTC's upgrade for the interior of the shaft body reduces the vibration frequency and improves the trigger. The accuracy of the judgment, combined with the optimized main control chip, can also improve the key response and reduce the delay, which is still very helpful for game players.

This shaft body is also equipped with an independent light guide column structure, and the top is treated with a semi-circular shape, which can bring better light-gathering effect. The semicircular part is also beveled, which can enhance the soft light effect and further enhance the lighting performance. The shaft cover adopts a large hollow design, and the four-legged and four-corner fixing scheme can be compatible with the light guide column to improve the light transmission performance, and can also ensure that it is tightly fixed with the shaft seat to prevent the intrusion of impurities. The axis is treated with an extended axis with a dust-proof wall, and with the linear feel scheme, the feel feedback and sound processing have good performance. The single-stage long spring can also bring a more linear and uniform pressing feel, making the rebound performance more rapid and easy to follow. The inside of the shaft body is also lubricated, which improves the smoothness of the hand feeling and the control of noise, and also avoids the subsequent optimization of the player. It is ready to use, convenient and easy.

In terms of shaft parameters, the TTC steel shaft linear version adopts a total key stroke of 3.8mm and a trigger key stroke of 1.4mm, and has an initial pressure of 32gf, a trigger pressure of 41gf and a bottoming pressure of 50gf, and a service life of up to 80 million Second-rate. The linear feel scheme and the moderate distribution of pressure grams also make the pressing process more stable and linear, light and smooth, rebounding with the hand, touching the bottom firmly, and the fingertip confirmation feeling is clearer and clearer. The bottom sound is more crisp and bright, very HIFI flavor. Installed on the keyboard, the magenta shaft seat, milk yellow shaft cover, and shaft center look more full and three-dimensional, and it also has a good visual experience with various transparent keycaps.

Since the POM material itself is opaque, this switch body is also equipped with an independent light guide column, which also has a better light-gathering effect, making the keyboard light look brighter, and it also has a certain improvement effect on keyboards with darker lights. After installing the keycap, you can also see that the light projection effect on the upper part of the shaft body is also stronger. It is very friendly to RGB lovers. It can also show better desktop lighting with a semi-transparent kit or a full-transparent kit. The effect makes the player's desktop environment more atmospheric.


The TTC steel shaft adopts a new modified and upgraded POM material, which provides a longer-lasting and smoother pressing feel, and further optimizes the internal metal shrapnel to suppress excess vibration and reduce shrapnel sound. Good material precision control, meticulous assembly process and excellent feel adjustment can also bring players a double improvement in feel and hearing, which is still very worth a try. The TTC steel axis linear feel will be installed on the RK R98 three-mode mechanical keyboard for the first time, and the retail plan will also be announced in the near future.

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