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Brief review of TTC Ice Static Axis V2: brighter and purer

As a well-known manufacturer of domestic switches, TTC has successfully attracted countless fans with a series of switches such as gold powder switches, fast silver switches, and moon white switches. Later, it launched switches such as love switches, flame red switches, and tiger switches. It has also won praise from many users. Recently, TTC has also upgraded some of its shafts. The new V2 version of the shaft has higher appearance, better feel, and longer life, and has also been unanimously recognized by many users. As TTC's well-received linear silent shaft, the Bingjing shaft has recently launched the V2 version. Next, let's follow the author to see how it has been upgraded.

TTC Ice Static Axis V2 adopts a brand-new packaging type. The gift box packaging with upper and lower covers is matched with the inner plastic box packaging method, which is full of ritual feeling when opening the box. The inner plastic box adopts a black bottom shell and a transparent top cover. The workmanship and materials are relatively good. It can also be used for other purposes after taking the shaft body, and the practicability is still very high.

TTC Ice Static Axis V2 continues the crystal-clear appearance of the previous version. The upper cover of the shaft body adopts the shaft cover and shaft center made of transparent material, and the shaft seat part is made of white translucent material, which looks like pure ice. , excellent visual effect. The multi-layer transparent structure also makes this shaft body have better light transmission performance, which is very friendly to users who like RGB lighting. In terms of parameters, the ice static axis V2 still maintains a trigger pressure of 39g, a total stroke of 3.0mm, a trigger stroke of 2.0mm, and a trigger life of 50 million times, and continues the linear feel of the silent axis solution. The performance is still relatively good.

Compared with the previous generation of Ice Static Axis, Ice Static Axis V2 has slightly improved the shaft cover structure, internal structure, shaft material and details. The shaft cover has been changed from the previous one-piece convex structure to the TTC condenser lens module scheme, which further improves the brightness of the light and the scattering effect; the internal metal trigger structure has also been upgraded from the previous brass-colored coating to a silver-plated coating to improve the oxidation resistance of the shaft body And durability, the metal spring is also silver-plated, and the amount of lubrication should be more. The silver internal structure is matched with the transparent shaft body, and the interior of the shaft body looks seamless, and the visual effect is more unified; the shaft material The original PC material is upgraded to a new type of transparent material, which is more wear-resistant and also reduces the friction coefficient, and the smooth feel can be longer. At the same time, the shaft base is also rounded, and the bottoming noise is smaller. The interior of the shaft body still provides the upper cover noise reduction ring and the bottom double noise reduction structure, which further reduces the sound generated when knocking, and has a better mute performance.

Installed on the keyboard, the TTC Ice Static Axis V2 transparent modeling scheme looks pure and crystal clear, and it has a good look and feel when matched with white steel plates and semi-transparent PC positioning plates. The tripod shaft design at the bottom can be easily compatible with most of the mechanical keyboards on the market, and it is very friendly for users to replace and use. In terms of feel adjustment, this shaft adopts a linear feel and has excellent noise control. The internal factory lubrication also makes the pressing feel very smooth and smooth, the axis is stable, and the rebound and hand also bring better feel. Performance. The multiple silent structures inside the shaft body, there is no obvious knocking noise during the knocking process, and the bottoming feel is relatively tough, without obvious fleshy feeling, and the feel feedback is still very good.

The semi-transparent shaft seat, fully transparent shaft cover and TTC condenser lens module also make this shaft body have better light transmission performance, good light transmission and soft light refraction performance, real and natural colors, soft and comfortable look, and also let the The switch body looks more refined and beautiful under the light. It can better show the RGB lighting of the keyboard and bring a better visual perception. It is even more brilliant when paired with the currently popular semi-transparent milk shell keyboard.


TTC Ice Static Shaft V2 has made small adjustments to the details of the shaft body. While improving the appearance, the handle has also been optimized to a certain extent. The silver-plated process of the internal structure also makes the shaft body more durable and moderately lubricated. It also makes it feel smoother. The good internal structure scheme not only guarantees the feedback of the tapping feeling, but also has excellent noise control performance, and the overall performance is still very good. It is worth buying for users who like RGB lighting and mute effects.

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