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Brief review of TTC Quick Silver Switch V2: light and fast, smooth and stable

Since its launch in March 21, the Quick Silver Switch under TTC has received attention and recommendations from many keyboard users and gamers with its fast trigger and rebound performance, stable feel and anti-mistouch effect. TTC has started an upgrade plan for the entire series of shafts this year. Gold powder shafts and ice static shafts have been upgraded with a new "wearing gold and silver" technology, which has further improved the details of the feel and durability. TTC recently launched the Quick Silver Switch V2, let’s follow the author to see how it performs.

TTC Quick Silver Switch V2 also adopts the packaging method of upper and lower plastic shells. The packaging box uses a black bottom shell with a transparent upper cover. The workmanship and materials are very good. It can also provide excellent protection for the shaft body while being anti-fall and compressive. As a result, some customized grease and satellite shafts can also be installed at the same time, and the practicability is still very high.

TTC Quick Silver Switch V2 continues the original color scheme and structure scheme. The silver-white shaft is matched with the blue shaft seat, the visual effect is fresh and natural, and the appearance is still very online. It is matched with the blue and white positioning board keyboard kit , also has a better perception performance. The blue shaft seat adopts the tripod shaft scheme, which can be easily compatible with most of the mechanical keyboards currently on the market that use the MX structure shaft body, and it is also friendly enough for players to replace. Quicksilver V2 continues the original parameter plan, the initial pressure is 39gf, the trigger pressure is 45gf, the total stroke is 3.4mm, and the trigger stroke is further optimized, from the previous 1.08+0.4/-0.2mm to 1.08+0.4/ -0.08mm, the trigger stroke control is more precise, and the trigger response is faster and more accurate.

TTC Quicksilver Switch V2 continues the transparent shaft cover scheme with four-corner buckle structure. It is installed on the shaft seat, and the connection is tight, firm and stable. It can also further improve the stability of the hand feel when matched with the dust-proof wall on both sides. At the same time, it can also have a better dust-proof effect, preventing dust and debris from falling into the gaps, causing the shaft to jam and malfunction, and further ensuring the durability and service life of the handle. The light position part is a convex lens structure, which is compatible with mainstream SMD RGB lamp beads, which has a better concentrating and diverging effect, and further improves the lighting performance of the keyboard. The internal two-stage gold-plated spring can provide stable and precise pressure control, and the consistency of the feel is better. Compared with the previous generation shaft body, the spring lubrication has also been improved, and the feel and sound feedback are also better. The glue dispensing process is used in the gap between the shaft seat and the metal shaft foot, which provides a better sealing effect for the shaft body and improves reliability and life. The Kuaiyin switch V2 also adopts an anti-oxidation coating silver plating process to avoid copper oxidation and blackening, which affects life and appearance, reduces the probability of failure and damage of the switch body, and makes it have a trigger life of 100 million times. In terms of use experience with better performance.

TTC Quick Silver Switch V2 continues the original linear feel, quick trigger and anti-mistouch features, moderate initial pressure grams and internal lubrication, which also makes the pressing feel very smooth and stable, and the performance is still very good. Bottom rebound quickly follows the hand, the feel feedback is clear, firm and resilient. The noise control when tapping is also relatively appropriate, compared with the previous generation of the shaft body, it is still reduced, and it can bring players a better experience in terms of feel and hearing. The optimized trigger stroke further avoids light touches and accidental touches. At the same time, the trigger response is more precise and sensitive, making it easier for players to operate quickly.

Installed on the keyboard, the shaft body looks three-dimensional and full. The fully transparent top cover material also improves the light divergence performance to a certain extent. The convex lens light position structure can also make the light show a better divergence effect. In terms of lighting performance, the light scattering is uniform and soft, which can provide better lighting rendering effects for the transparent characters and the gap between the keycaps. With the rich colors of RGB lamp beads, the visual perception is more colorful.


The TTC Kuaiyin Switch V2 has slightly optimized and adjusted the details of the switch body, which can better meet the needs of players for fast trigger response and avoiding false touches in the daily game state. The addition of the "wearing gold and silver" process not only improves the aesthetics of the shaft body, but also improves the service life to a certain extent. The pressing is smooth, the rebound follows the hand, the noise control is also relatively good, and the overall performance is still very good. The price of Quick Silver Switch V2 is still maintained at 3.9 yuan per piece. It has been officially launched at the TTC official flagship store, and five first-time keyboards are provided. Players who like it may wish to pay more attention.

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