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Brief review of ZOMOPLUS x BUGERWORK keycap display storage box: personalized keycaps are a good home

As a well-known personalized keycap manufacturer in the peripheral circle, ZOMO has several series of themed keycaps. The Cat Claw series and One Piece series are also very popular among user groups. In the customized series, all kinds of ingenious designs cooperate with the current extremely popular IP, which brings refreshing and personalized keycaps with more collection value to the majority of users. Of course, how to place too many keycaps is naturally a problem. ZOMO has cooperated with BUGERWORK to launch a variety of aluminum alloy keycap storage boxes. The author is also fortunate to receive two of them this time. Next, follow the author to take a look. How do these two keycap storage boxes perform?


ZOMOPLUS x BUGERWORK aluminum alloy keycap storage box has launched a total of five types, namely black, red, silver basic version and One Piece and Mobile Suit Special Edition. The author got the black basic version and One Piece special edition. The packaging adopts the scheme of wrapping the black inner box with a colored paper seal, and the version logo is provided on the paper seal, which is convenient for users to identify.

  内盒采用纯黑配色风格,正面采用烫金工艺印有ZOMOPLUS x BUGERWORK的标识,内部则是采用EVA海绵作为填充,可以避免物流过程中出现磕碰损坏等问题。附件方面则是提供了内六角扳手、改装螺丝、撑脚、键帽磁吸转接器等,方便用户后续根据个人喜好对收纳盒展示角度、结构进行调整。


First of all, let’s look at the basic version. The basic version uses a black aluminum alloy base with a five-sided acrylic cover. The acrylic cover adopts an independent mold opening integrated molding solution, which can bring users a better viewing vision and will not be caused by corner connections. hinder. The thickness of the acrylic cover is moderate, which ensures good light transmission and also has high strength, and it will basically not be damaged by slight beatings and bumps. The aluminum alloy base is made of a multi-piece structure, and each part is integrally carved and formed by a CNC machine tool, which is also ZOMO's forte. Five rows of grooves are provided inside, and about 12 R1 personalized keycaps can be placed in a single row. It is also very compatible with other size keycaps. The general SA, JDA, MDA and other heights can be easily compatible. For special types of keycaps The height of the keycaps also has good compatibility. At the same time, the internal fixing groove adopts a modular structure, and the internal height can be changed by disassembling and replacing the heightening block, presenting a better viewing angle for users, and a backlight module can also be installed later to bring better visual viewing effects.

The aluminum alloy base adopts the matching scheme of the outer frame and the fixed panel, and the panel is fixed and height adjusted by four screws at the bottom. A long non-slip foot pad is added to the bottom of the outer frame, which can make the keycap storage box have a more stable performance. The overall workmanship of the aluminum alloy base is very good, the corners are rounded and smooth, and the handle feels thick and strong. The frame part is also optimized for the fixed structure of the acrylic cover. The connection is compact and firm, without sliding, and has high processing accuracy. The aluminum alloy base with acrylic top cover and personalized keycaps is also very suitable as a desktop decoration.

Through the screw holes at the bottom and the complimentary aluminum alloy feet, the storage box can also have a greater inclination angle. By placing it at different angles from the front to the back, it can bring better viewing angle performance. At the same time, these keycap display storage boxes also support stacking, and the non-slip foot pads at the bottom can also prevent the metal base and the acrylic cover from colliding and wearing each other. The details are considered very thoughtful. The multi-layer superimposed design also allows users to place more personalized keycaps, making storage and display more convenient.

One Piece Special Edition adopts a brown and gold matching base design, with a semi-curved five-sided acrylic cover, so that the entire keycap display storage box looks very much like a treasure chest, and a straw hat group flag, One piece and the deck elements of the pirate ship increase the recognition and bring better visual immersion to One Piece fans. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of users, the special edition of One Piece also presents an additional regular version of the five-sided acrylic cover, allowing users to freely replace it according to their preferences. In terms of structural scheme, there is not much difference from the ordinary version. It also supports panel height adjustment and additional independent supports, which can achieve display effects from more angles.


The installation method is also very simple. After the keycap magnetic adapter provided in the accessory is fixedly connected with the keycap cross fixing column, it can be directly inserted into the slot of the aluminum alloy base. It has a high degree of freedom and can be installed The back is also very firm, and there is no looseness or separation when shaking from side to side. However, the keycap magnetic adapter is made of soft silicone material, and the angle will be tilted after it is fixed with the keycap. It still requires the user to fine-tune it after installation. In the future, you can fine-tune the panel angle or the box body angle of the keycap display storage box according to your personal preferences to obtain a better visual viewing effect. It is very suitable to use the One Piece special edition with ZOMO's One Piece series keycaps. It would be more perfect if the top position of the acrylic can be transformed into a rotary switch structure.

Although the height of the keycaps has good compatibility, the G502 keycaps co-branded by ZOMO and Logitech in the author's hand still cannot be covered with acrylic top covers normally. However, keycaps of this height are relatively rare for users, so don't worry too much. In addition, through the keycap magnetic adapter, the keycap can also be adsorbed and fixed to other metal surfaces, providing a richer gameplay performance.


The ZOMOPLUS x BUGERWORK keycap display storage box is priced at 499 yuan for the basic version, up to 599 yuan for the special edition, and 699 yuan for the One Piece special edition. It can easily store all kinds of keycaps, and it also has a variety of placement angles, which can easily meet the needs of different users. viewing angle requirements. The aluminum alloy material is solid and stable, and the five-sided one-piece acrylic top cover is clear and transparent. It is matched with user-colored keycaps, which is convenient for storage and has a good display effect.

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