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Brilliance can only rely on itself Article 112: "Singles' Day" is coming, give her a gift, this cute keyboard is a wise choice

Power, is a very strange feeling. Many things have some momentum - just like many years ago, naughty netizens insisted that the ordinary day of November 11 was named "Singles' Day", and in the days that followed, November 11 was even more popular in Hangzhou. After some operations, the business has become a cycle of nationwide online shopping. So on November 11th, an ordinary day, a magical buff of "I want to give her a gift" was silently added.

It is my consistent practice to give gifts to my daughter-in-law every year. Just to create a little luck, I usually give gifts irregularly, which will make the harvest more happy~

Seeing that I have been married for 10 years, when the representative day of "Singles' Day" is approaching, I will give her a small gift to thank her for letting me leave the singles forever...

A fun and good-looking new keyboard just came into view. The Pennefather MT510PRO meow cute holiday mechanical keyboard really grows in my aesthetics.

The design of the outer box of Rapoo MT510PRO is mainly simple, but it does not lose cute elements.

The 75% arrangement seems to have recently become the mainstream of key rings. As people increasingly pursue pragmatism, the space utilization of the keyboard has become one of the important focuses. MT510PRO chooses 84-key compact key layout arrangement this time, and uses every position as much as possible.

Holding the keyboard in my hand and rubbing it for a moment, I felt the coldness of early autumn—it turned out to be the temperature conveyed by the aluminum alloy frame. The sandblasting and oxidation process CNC trimming technology really lives up to its name, the feel is really comfortable, and it also has the characteristics of "Yan Zhengyi".

Even with the aluminum alloy frame, the weight of the keyboard is not too much this time. The overall weight is only about 787g, which is less than 1 kg, and the portability has been improved slightly; the performance of 310.1*120.2*35.5mm is quite compact.

As one of the five major engineering plastics, the industrial and stable application of PBT materials is a foregone conclusion. Its wear-resistant and organic solvent-resistant characteristics are quite suitable for keycaps. Embarrassing incidents such as "oiling the keycaps" and "sprinkling Coke" can finally be eliminated from the root cause.

The various patterns of the keycaps are done by five-sided sublimation process, the patterns are clear and delicate, and the look and feel are excellent.

After years of precipitation, Rapoo has completed a large amount of technical accumulation in the field of peripherals—no, this time it is equipped with a self-developed fast silver switch for the keyboard. The overall feeling is not much different from the data of the cherry silver switch. Relatively balanced, taking into account the quietness of the office and the touch of the game, it is suitable for public and private use.

Large buttons need the assistance of the satellite axis to ensure uniform pressure. MT510PRO also continues to use the classic design of the satellite axis.

The keyboard supports four connection methods: Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth 5.0, wired, and wireless 2.4G.

It is worth mentioning that the addition of Bluetooth 3.0 does not mean that the technology has regressed. Like some old notebooks that support Bluetooth 3.0 connection, they do not need USB ports that take up every inch of land.

The separation of keys and wires is the most basic feature of multi-mode keyboards. The wires can be used or not, which is convenient and convenient. The interface also adopts the most mainstream Type C on the market. Even if you don’t bring a wire when you go out, you can find a matching wire to complete the temporary use task.

I still remember learning to type when I was a child, and I started to learn from "One Finger Zen". For the convenience of viewing, I developed the habit of adjusting the keyboard to the highest level since I was a child, even though I have fully realized touch typing now...

Every time I buy a keyboard, I pay attention to whether it can be adjusted in height. The bottom of the MT510PRO is equipped with a dual-position tripod, which fully meets my needs. Together with the silicone pad, it is also non-slip, and there is no pressure even on a smooth desktop.

Multiple modes, multiple options, if connected separately, up to 5 devices can be connected, mutual non-aggression, fast switching. If there are many devices, such as laptops, computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc., this keyboard can be held completely!

Come to the Rapoo official website to find the driver download, to experience what the driver contains. It's very interesting. Rapoo has prepared separate drivers for the two versions of MT510PRO's sailing diary and meowing vacation. The user's chest suddenly stands up—who doesn't want to be treated exclusively by this world? Through the driver, it is more convenient to perform visualization settings in the software on the computer side.

All 84 keys can be programmed independently. By storing multiple sets of configuration files in advance, the application scenarios can also be expanded and switched at any time. If the configuration is uploaded to the cloud, it can also be shared with other peripheral enthusiasts to form a small community.

The visualization of the light is more convenient. You can find the DIY settings of the light brightness, light intensity, and light mode on the driver page.

The ice blue under-key lighting effect creates a warm and advanced atmosphere.

Find a few lighting effects to show, don't let the keyboard idle~

Rapoo's own brand-new fast silver shaft brings a brand-new experience. Experience the normal key position and the large key position separately. I feel that the tapping feedback, input accuracy, and actual feel performance are all excellent. The Kuaiyin switch is indeed a good new lock body. I feel quite comfortable this time.

When the MT510PRO keyboard is wired, it can activate the hidden buff of "all keys without punching"; if it is switched to an office scene for wireless connection, it supports any 6 keys without conflict-in other words, in a relatively simple environment, the chance of making mistakes is even higher. Low, if you want to miss 6 keys at the same time, this probability can even directly catch up with the lottery jackpot.

Therefore, this non-shock design can completely cover most of the usage environments.

The game of drone driving is relatively unpopular, and it is a treasure I dug~

Using the keyboard to control the take-off, landing, and flipping of the drone, the simulation effect is very good. After practice, the technology becomes more proficient, and you will have the confidence to control the real drone when you go out.

Basic movement, tossing and turning, the feedback is quite precise.

I have been working in the industry for more than ten years, and I have always struggled continuously, but in the past three years, I have encountered intermittent work, and I have no choice. However, life has to go on. When you are at home, work will also be at home. A comfortable keyboard and mouse will maximize the offset of the discomfort of working from home~

Office documents and communication work all require high-frequency typing on the keyboard, so you don’t have to endure the discomfort of the company’s keyboard. You can rest easy when you leave the comfort of your fingers to the MT510PRO at home!

It feels very comfortable to touch and rebound, and the accompaniment of the fingers and keys is very good; who doesn't like good-looking things when he bows his head occasionally?

But for all power storage equipment, you must pay attention to the battery life.

MT510PRO has a built-in 4000mAh lithium battery, and if it is fully charged and used normally, it can last up to one month. The charging interface is the most common TypeC interface on the market. You don’t have to worry about the sudden power out of the keyboard when you carry it out. Just find one and plug it in to charge it. After all, it supports charging while using it~

When metal and cuteness collide with each other, strange sparks can also be created. This new product of Rapoo is really interesting, good-looking and easy to use, this time it will be given as a gift~

(Product provided by ZAKER)

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