Brilliance can only rely on itself Chapter 142: How necessary is it to have a good keyboard? Looking down, Ta gave the answer

Before writing this article, I thought about the title question very seriously. How necessary is a good keyboard?

If you have ever suspected that a shared bicycle is as difficult to ride as a gym spinning bike, you can probably understand what I want to express.

For people today, the keyboard is a very necessary product:

Needed for work, this is the guy who eats!

Life needs to be used, the distant fields are far enough away, the beauty nearby is easier to touch, and the entertainment under the keyboard can naturally make happiness within reach.

Since the keyboard has become an unavoidable knot, why not choose a high-quality product that you like?

Therefore, the keyboard I introduced to you today stands out.

Dareu A81 mechanical keyboard is the protagonist today. It has three color options: black transparent version, purple gold version, and frost blue. This time I bought the frost blue. The simple and elegant feeling makes me feel very refreshing.

Routine unpacking, the silver packaging feels very atmospheric and full of sense of technology. The front side also uses a very conspicuous font to highlight the Gasket structure of the elastic arm, which is indeed a very avant-garde product design.

The first time I opened the box, I saw the dust cover dedicated to the keyboard. Desktop items such as keyboards and mice are really rarely stored after each use. They are basically exposed to the air for a long time, and a lot of dust, hair, and other debris tend to accumulate over time. The mouse is still ok, because its surface shape is relatively smooth, and it can be simply wiped; while the keyboard is not so happy between the multiple keys, it often becomes a high-incidence area for "dirty things", and it is very troublesome to clean up, so This dust cover brings a long-lasting mechanism.

Instructions, key puller, shaft puller, charging cable, etc. are all in the lower layer of the box, and everything is available.

The arrangement of A81 can be guessed from the name. The overall arrangement of 81 keys is also compact and convenient, and the compact keyboard brings a very capable and refreshing.

The keycap material is PBT, which is the mainstream in the market. The physical and chemical properties of PBT are quite stable, and there is enough space for secondary processing later. It will not oil up after long-term use, which is very suitable for players like me who need to control the keyboard for a long time.

Three-mode keyboard is YYDS! Maybe we only use one of the connection methods in our lives, but under the consumption thinking of "I can use it, you can't", convenience must be implemented. As a qualified three-mode keyboard, A81 can easily switch among the three modes of Bluetooth 5.1, 2.4G and TypeC.

Regarding the environment in which the A81 can run, I will also reveal the answer: Win/Mac/Android/iOS can all run—that is, all current mainstream devices, including desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets Wait, eat all the way!

Borrow an official picture to explain the internal structure of the keyboard. In this way, the analysis will be more clear. The keyboard has built-in double padding, and the combination of high-toughness silicone and Poron cotton can effectively digest the knocking sound brought by the mechanical key switch, and also provide a certain amount of shock absorption by the way, creating a three-dimensional Quiet environment.

A81 provides two types of switches, the sky switch V3 and the purple gold switch Pro. In my opinion, there is no better way to say which switch is better. With the thinking of carrot and cabbage, you can buy whichever you like! After all, what matters is what you like.

Young consumers, who would refuse the temptation of RGB lighting? The RGB lights of A81 with adjustable light effect provide a lot of options to choose from. Whether it is gaming or office, the sense of atmosphere must be in place.

Hands-on experience, the A81 supports full-key no-dash, especially in a complex e-sports game environment, where each hand needs to perform very complex and fast operations, and press the keys at the same time if they are not aligned. This wave of full-key non-reverse can ensure that every time you press the key shaft, you can get accurate feedback, precise!

Products that talk about functions without mentioning battery life are hooligans! Dareu A81 has a built-in 4000mAh lithium battery. For a keyboard with 81 keys, this configuration can be said to be quite in place! The official has also done a battery life test. When the lights are turned off, it can be used for more than a month; if you like the lights and use them with the lights on, you can also reach a week of battery life.

The mechanism is very important. The A81 has a smart sleep function. When the user does not use the keyboard, it will automatically sleep to save power.

After buying it for a while, I really like this keyboard from the bottom of my heart. I share it with you, hoping to help the "keyboard man" who is troubled by the keyboard.

How necessary is it to have a good keyboard? The answer given by Dareu A81 is quite qualified!

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