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Brilliance can only rely on itself Chapter 77: This is a simple little love song! The green Durga is a little agile

There are always a group of fans of computer peripherals, who focus on the peripheral circle every day, "X factory released a new switch body", "whose new configuration is released", "have you heard that the design of the key switch has been improved this time?" "...Yes, when throwing these topics out, I have already identified myself as an enigma.

Trends are sometimes difficult to understand, but they really exist, such as the e-sports style, simple style, fresh style, etc. , this is Durga's 2022 new product K330W PLUS (mint candy), let's take a closer look!

The packaging of the K330W series has been changed since PLUS. The main body of the black color scheme is full of atmosphere and high-end, which is in sharp contrast with the bright color scheme of the keyboard itself.

Because of the influence of some reason, Chinese people have been keeping secrets about green. However, the good-looking green symbolizes vitality and is irresistible.

This mint color K330W PLUS gave me a feeling of vitality, and the matte body looks very comfortable.

I always think that the color matching design of the K330W series is very smart, and the bright color matching makes people's eyes shine. I have also experienced the black and white color matching of Ion Storm and the pink and blue color matching of ice cream. This time I aimed at mint green, and the overall feeling of green and white color matching is quite good.

It may be that the feelings are at work in the heart. In the contemporary era where the popularity of electronics is very high, there are always some people who love mechanical switches like me-it is difficult to describe the sense of ritual. The switch of the K330W series is designed on the side of the upper right corner of the keyboard. It cannot be seen from the viewing angle. It is relatively easy to find in actual operation. It is really a good design.

Part of the playability of mechanical switches comes from the replaceable keycaps. This pile of PBT two-color keycaps is the height of the original factory, leaving enough space for the later DIY personalized keycap replacement.

By the way, the most conventional keyboard is made of PVC material, the price is cheap, and the performance can only be said to be usable;

Some keyboards use ABS engineering plastics, and the overall physical and chemical properties are stronger than PVC;

Most of the mechanical keyboard rings are made of PBT material, which has better wear resistance and does not need to be oiled for long-term use.

So~ It is relatively clear which is better.

Nowadays, many manufacturers are silently raising eyebrows, and when they meet each other, they start to report to the group to keep warm. Du Jia and Jia Dalong looked at each other very pleasingly in the early stage, and the cooperation in customizing the crystal axis body is the crystallization of feelings. After in-depth customization and adjustment, the exclusive shaft series for the feel is output.

I prefer the shaft body with short stroke and low trigger pressure, because of my laziness, I anchor the silver shaft and embrace it in my arms.

The satellite shaft of the large key position has been carefully adjusted, and it is fixed very firmly, and it will not loosen even if it is pulled hard. The actual force used will not be greater than my pulling force, so rest assured that it will be used stably.

Compared with the regular version of K330W, the PLUS version has more playability, providing "private land" for peripheral DIY enthusiasts, and the PCB supports hot-swappable key shafts. It’s interesting to feel free and private. Even if a certain axis is broken, the difficulty of hot-swapping replacement is close to zero, and players can do after-sales by themselves.

The whole series of K330W supports 2.4G, Bluetooth, and wired three-mode connection design, which is enough to meet my diversified needs such as games, office, and portability. The underlying structure is very comforting to the old man.

The three modes are only the distinction of the connection mode. In terms of real connection to the device, only the Bluetooth mode can connect to 2 commonly used devices, which can be switched in a second through the shortcut key; in addition to the 2.4G type, it can create 3 groups of different devices to switch, "one-size-fits-all" Features are fully exposed.

The interface reserved for the wired connection of the three modes is the most popular and universal TypeC interface on the market, which is highly replaceable and easy to encounter in the living environment. The keyboard is equipped with a TypeC-USB converter as standard, which gives another idea to the cable.

The 2.4G wireless adapter is hidden in a dedicated dark compartment. Just with Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless seems to be less fragrant! For me, this receiver is more like a basic guarantee, like rice in the warehouse, available at any time.

The two-stage foot support can adjust the tilt height of the keyboard, and it can be adjusted in advance when using it, and it is ok to find the most comfortable feeling!

If you want a long battery life, open source and reduce expenditure. The green energy industry has been successful year after year, and the corresponding technology is rising. Even the small keypad batteries are designed with low power consumption to maintain battery life for a long time.

At present, when I use it for 3 hours a day, the factory standard power is still persisting, and there is no sign of exhaustion. Looking at the official introduction, the 2.4G mode, which consumes the most power, can provide up to 180 days of battery life even if it is used for 8 hours a day, which is half a year! If the Bluetooth mode, the battery life is even better~

Without exception, all products are chasing thinness and lightness. The keyboard, which was originally just a "desktop nail household", was also nominated for the portable list. The 61-key pluggable keyboard is controlled at a weight of less than 600g, and it seems that there is no problem with the weight.

As for the specific performance, we will disassemble the machine and take a closer look later.

The positioning plate is made of shiny pure aluminum. The atomic weight of aluminum is almost the lightest among living metals; and metal is always harder than plastic, and it is more than enough to support the weight pressure brought by keycaps, key shafts and human hands.

A layer of silicone pad is sandwiched between the PCB board and the positioning board. This layer of silicone pad can effectively absorb energy, cushion + sound absorption, and control the resonance sound of the board layer.

The sound of keyboard input is transmitted to the lower layer, forming a small-scale reverberation in the cavity of the bottom case. After dismantling to the lower layer, a layer of sound-absorbing cotton laid on the inside of the bottom case was found, which effectively controlled the reverberation of the bottom case. I touched the thickness, it's ok, enough.

The built-in lithium battery is manufactured by Xuesi Electronics, and the quality is guaranteed.

From this angle, we can see the basic parameter information of the battery, which clearly indicates the capacity of 3600mAh (13.68Wh), which is quite a good capacity for a three-mode keyboard, and the battery life is guaranteed.

Now that the machine is disassembled, of course, we must take a closer look at the details of the workmanship. The products processed by the big factory are all precisely positioned and welded by online equipment, and the welding feet are quite regular, which cured my old obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The long-lost Duga Zeus software automatically recognizes the keyboard model. The fresh green of the mint is in stark contrast to the dark main body of the software, as if a beautiful woman in a green dress appears under the dim light, amazing!

You can customize the buttons in the Zeus software. Everyone’s operating habits can be privatized in the button settings. Those buttons that are not commonly used will be given new functions!

Of course, there are also macros that can be customized. When playing games, the big moves and combos can be set in advance, which will get twice the result with half the effort.

The office environment does not have any requirements for the button to be true, but the game environment has quite high requirements. Intense and fast keys, it is common to press multiple keys at the same time, each key has an operation direction, and one cannot be missing!

In the hKBTest software test, it responds accurately even if you press it casually, and the full key has no impact in the actual combat sense.

The keyboard with full keys and no impact is absolutely wasteful if you don’t play games~ WOW, which has devoted many years of youth, dare not get involved, it takes too long; and eating chicken, LOL, etc. are really too lazy to practice in the early stage to pursue ranks, shooting CSGO is fast Tension is what I need.

Walk ~ walk ~ walk ~ fierce fighting on the battlefield, a short game, and then rest or switch to other entertainment, all reflect the comfort of bento life.

The silver shaft key travel is short, the pressing pressure is small, and the fingertips will not be tired after typing for a long time. This direction seems to be circled in the office field. Quickly tap with fingertips, with uniform force, less effort in pressing, and accurate feedback. It is indeed quite comfortable.

Lian Po is old, can he still eat? The old iPad that is still usable is now used exclusively for children's online classes, and children occasionally interact with teachers through typing. It's good to practice typing slowly at a young age, who hasn't experienced "One Finger Zen"?

The iPad connects to K330W PLUS via Bluetooth, giving full play to the advantages of the three modes. When necessary, FireWire joins in and can shoulder heavy responsibilities.

The keyboard is small and compact, so you can carry it in your bag and go.

It’s just that if Dujia brand manufacturers have the opportunity to read this article, I hope to see the K330W series launch portable storage bags, storage boxes and other supporting peripherals, which can also meet the needs of users-at least every time I carry it, I will type it. It is really tiring to pay more attention to ensure that the keyboard is not scratched; if there is a special storage location, this kind of worry is actually unnecessary.

The use of the three-mode keyboard can be said to be extremely rich. It can be used on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and even smart TVs. You can always have a three-mode keyboard at home, so you can use it without worry.

Coupled with the DIY attribute of the pluggable shaft, there is a little more soul in it, and you can play whatever you want to play.

Even if it is used as a supporting role on the table, when summer comes, put a touch of green on the table, refreshing.

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