Brilliantness can only depend on itself Chapter 145: The wind returns to the small courtyard and the greenery, this new green low-axis keyboard brings typing fun

When the time comes to March, the days lengthen and the nights shorten, and the real spring comes. In the renewal season of Vientiane, how can we not renew some good things in life for ourselves? It's time for "Magic Claws" to reach out to the keyboard!

Repeating and diversifying reports, writing plans, and making systems, beating and typing every day, and the mental journey of workers who work with computers every day should be the same.

"A good horse is equipped with a good saddle, and typing depends on the keyboard." Since the daily life and work are inseparable from the keyboard, if you choose a quiet and easy-to-use, why not do it?

The evolution of the keyboard in the long history is very interesting. The earliest keyboard was a pure mechanical keyboard, and then the membrane keyboard seized the market share due to its advantages of quietness and low price; The retro return of the keyboard has taken it to a new level.

A new KU102 keyboard released by Lulian, the color is quite individual, I would like to share with you.

This time, the arrangement design of Greenlink is quite interesting. The layout of 89 keys is neatly arranged in six rows, and all the function keys are reserved. Only the small keyboard area that is not commonly used is optimized to save a lot of space.

Many people say that a numeric keypad is the standard configuration of a working keyboard, and some even say that without a numeric keypad, it is not worthy of being called a working keyboard. Regarding this idea, different people have different opinions. Non-data jobs usually have a very low usage rate of small keyboards...

Open the packing box, arrange and display the keyboard, manual, data cable, key puller, repair card, and spare keycaps.

In particular, the functional keycaps for replacement are more considerate, while taking into account the operating habits of Windows and MacOS users.

The 89-key small configuration brings a size performance of 323.1*116.7*29.5mm.

The keyboard shell is made of ABS material, and combined with other controls, the overall weight control is quite in place. When most mechanical keyboards weigh more than 1kg, Greenlink KU102 brings a performance of only 485g, and the lightweight performance is in place.

Like the material of the keyboard shell, the keycaps are also made of ABS material, which is not affected by water, inorganic salts, alkalis and various acids. It is wear-resistant and impact-resistant. After the surface is covered with UV paint, it feels very good.

In terms of the switch body, KU102 specially selects the high-tech LP thin switch body, commonly known as the low-profile switch, which has a short key travel of only 3.0mm, faster triggering, and less effort to tap, and is suitable for a large number of typing personnel.

Each large key position is equipped with a satellite shaft protection. I pulled it a few times with my hands and found that the satellite shaft is very stable, and the material and quality are not bad. The big buttons give even feedback when pressed.

I have used some ordinary wireless keyboards before, both Bluetooth and 2.4G wireless, and have encountered many disconnections and input freezes. The feeling can be described as extremely bad. The main cause of disconnection and stuttering is that the chip is relatively inferior...

KU102 has a built-in 32-bit ARM architecture high-performance Bluetooth chip and supports Bluetooth 5.0, which can alleviate the problem a lot and rarely disconnect.

There is UGREEN's product LOGO in the lower left corner of the keyboard. Compared with most keyboards that put the LOGO in the lower right corner, this design is a bit ingenious and has some new fun.

This is a dual-mode mechanical keyboard, both wired and Bluetooth. The connection mode does not need to be selected by the user. Plugging in the cable is a wired connection. If you don’t plug in the cable, you can directly start the Bluetooth, which is good news for lazy people.

The charging port adopts the popular TypeC interface, and there is a toggle switch next to it, which can be adjusted to the operating habit layout of Windows or MacOS with one click.

Wired+Bluetooth two connection modes, can connect four devices at the same time, switch quickly with one button, to meet the multi-device application.

The echoing details can be seen here. When the gear is switched to MacOS, the white light is on; when it is switched to Windows, the blue light is on. So after getting familiar with it, you can quickly understand the current setting only by the light.

There is also a power indicator light next to it, which is convenient for users to pay attention to the remaining power in real time.

There is a slender non-slip foot pad at the four corners of the bottom, the keyboard does not shake when placed on the table, and there is no need to worry about large-scale operations.

Viewed from the side, the keyboard presents an inclination angle of 6°, which meets the requirements of ergonomic design. This angle takes into account the user's visual range and the comfort of hand typing.

In terms of system support, KU102 is directly full, and Window/MacOS/Linux/Android/iOS are all supported. At present, the smart devices with all application ranges on the market, the system is no more than the above-mentioned types, right? All support!

The function keys of F1-12 cannot be idle, and KU102 defines shortcut operation instructions for each key; even some yellow supplementary function keys on the right side of the keyboard are also arranged with shortcut functions.

At the beginning, you need to be familiar with the operation, and after you get used to it, you can directly increase the input efficiency.

KU102 supports 4 levels of brightness and 15 lighting effects, and the faint white light under the keyboard is also full of atmosphere.

Some are happy and some are worried. Some people like sound, while others pursue silence. Even the rattling sound of a mechanical keyboard has become a standard for comprehensive requirements. People hope to have this kind of "dadada", but they don't want the sound to be too loud and complex emotions intertwined.

The actual sound is not so clear and crisp, and the slightly lazy voice is very comfortable to listen to, and typing for a long time will not be boring.

In the continuous typing experience in normal documents, what I feel is that the keys rebound powerfully but not stiffly, and the hand feels soft. I am used to the ordinary shaft, and then switch to the short shaft to type, and I can clearly feel the quick response brought by the short key travel of the short shaft.

In terms of battery life, the keyboard has a built-in 1800mAh lithium battery, equipped with intelligent sleep power saving technology, which can bring 150 hours of comprehensive long battery life, and there is no problem in daily use.

However, there are also hidden worries. The battery life is too long, and it is easy for users to ignore the power problem. Just find a Type-C cable to charge it, so you don’t have to worry about the power problem even if you are on a business trip.

Finally, a summary of its advantages and disadvantages:


1. The combination of green, gray and yellow has strong visual impact;

2. The short axis gives fast feedback and feels good to use;

3. Equipped with intelligent sleep technology, long battery life.

There is no perfect product, and there are many contents to be optimized:

1. The height cannot be adjusted;

2. Occasionally leave fingerprints when typing on the keycap;

3. There is no matching dust cover, and it is easy to fall dust if it is placed in the air for a long time.

Comprehensive experience: The keyboard is relatively light overall, and the low-axis input feels good. It is suitable for travel professionals and entry-level student parties. At present, the price of the e-commerce launch event is quite advantageous. The price of 249 yuan is more attractive. The high-performance low-axis mechanical keyboard of less than 300 yuan is really worth it.

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