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"Buy a box and return the pearl?" Luo Fei Xiaoqiao this keyboard, I prefer the keycap

Luofei Xiaoqiao is a product released last year, and I also bought one at a cost. I'm sorry to say it, but I'll hang it with a small yellow croaker later. for what? Because I chose a certain brand of red switches last year, to be honest, the feel is a bit unsatisfactory, and the words are wobbly. But for the appearance of Luofei Xiaoqiao keyboard, I can't forget it.

Recently I saw Xiao Qiao has a The optional version of the shaft body, there are several kinds to choose from, the shaft body can be DIYed by yourself, and the keycap can also be matched by yourself . So the keyboard base + mechanical shaft + keycap, this set is in my pocket again. When using it recently, everything is quite satisfactory, especially the keycap with the theme of "Salute to Female Pilots". However, there are also some minor deficiencies, which I would like to share with you.

When I received the express delivery, there were three boxes in total, the keyboard base, keycaps, and the Kaihua Box white mechanical switch I chose.

This small box that holds the mechanical axis body, It has been squeezed a little deformed, I really want to give a bad review , Thinking about it later, it has nothing to do with the merchant, it is all the fault of the express delivery. However, I don’t like the packaging method of these shafts all packed in one bag, because when I installed the shafts later, I found that the pins of some shafts were crooked, and there was almost a mistake. It should be caused by all the shafts being squeezed together. of.

In the WeChat mini-program "Luofei Building", you can combine the keyboard base, keycaps and mechanical switches by yourself. The keyboard base is the body, and there are two options, one with 68 keys and the other with 100 keys. The 100-key is equipped with a numeric keypad, and the volume will be larger. I prefer small and exquisite, so I chose 68. As for the shaft, I heard that the Kaihua box white switch is very good, so I chose the white switch to try it this time, and it was a pleasant surprise. . As for the keycaps, there are a total of 22 types, and it is very tangled to choose. In the end, I chose the relatively simple keycap that pays tribute to the female pilot. I think the pattern is a bit complicated and does not meet my personal aesthetics.

The keyboard body of Luofei Xiaoqiao is very characteristic. The shape of the whole keyboard is a small fan, and the front end is tilted up. There is a kind of curved beauty, maybe this is why it is called Xiaoqiao. The LOGO is on the right front of the keyboard, and the right rear is the Type C interface, which is used for wired mode connection, and there is a switch and mode switching key on the side.

The first step after opening the box is to pour out all the mechanical axes of Kaihua box white, and then connect them to the fuselage one by one like building blocks. The shaft itself has a fool-proof design, and there are corresponding pins or bayonets on the upper, lower, left, and right sides, so it will definitely not be installed wrongly. The only thing to pay attention to is that the pins must be aligned vertically. If it is crooked, it can be slightly straightened back.

This kind of DIY process is quite happy. Personally, I think it is happier than Pinduoduo, because most of the time after Lego is assembled, it is used for viewing, and it is left to eat ashes, while the keyboard is used for typing. , The purpose is still very different. Relatively speaking, the keyboard is of course much more practical.

The last step of DIY is to install the keycaps. Although I am a boy, I chose a set of keycaps that pay tribute to female pilots. The main reason is that it is more simple, the letter area is beige, the number area is a bit like light brown, sharp-eyed friends may find that the keys of the two letters A and E are the same color as the number area, a mix and match taste inside . The other buttons are basically red. There is a little difference, that is, the color of the arrow keys is also different.

As for the material, of course it is noble and non-greasy PBT! The bottom of the keycap is also a relatively common cross shaft, which can be used in general mechanical shafts. Both the enter key and the space bar have corresponding connecting rods, which can be better fixed. There are several letters and numbers on the space bar, NR7952, check it out, this is the serial number of a red propeller plane of Lockheed Martin , the appearance of this plane can be seen on the screen of the mobile phone later.

The process of assembling the keyboard is really enjoyable and decompressed, and the final product looks like the above. At least I like it very much, I wonder how you feel? I don't know which one of the above 22 keycaps do you like better?

Although Luofei looks like a compact mechanical keyboard, it actually supports three connection modes. Type C wired connection, 2.4G USB receiver wireless connection, and the most common Bluetooth connection. Along with the power button, the three connection modes are combined on this small circular switch on the right side of the keyboard.

A few seconds before starting up, there will be a white light at the position of Luofei LOGO, which is very ceremonial. Unlike ordinary Bluetooth keyboards that have built-in batteries, Luofei Xiaoqiao needs three AAA batteries. A little cleverly, the USB wireless receiver is hidden inside the battery box, so it can be easily stored when not in use.

I usually keep this keyboard at home and use it with my iMac. So far, there are not many problems. In fact, the integration of this keyboard with MacOS is very good. On the keycaps, you can see that there are two sets of characters for Windows and Mac systems on the function keys. . When connecting for the first time, you only need to modify the modifier keys a little, that is, swap the Command key and Option key, and then it will be very easy to use, including adjusting the screen brightness, multimedia switching and volume adjustment. normal. It shows that this keyboard is not bad for MacOS.

I think the more practical one is the row of keys on the far right of the keyboard. This is also a feature of the 68-key keyboard. Generally, the more commonly used function keys of previous page, next page and Delete are added to the far right. Viewed from the side, you can see the curvaceous beauty of Luofei Xiaoqiao's keyboard.

Compare it with the original keyboard of the iMac. In fact, Luofei Xiaoqiao has an extra row of function keys on the right, and the overall size is about the same. But the thickness, of course, is that the keyboard of the iMac is much thinner. One of the things I don't like about the iMac's keyboard is that it doesn't have a Delete key. It cannot be deleted with one click, especially when editing text.

As for the adaptation with the Windows system, I won't go into details. Relatively speaking, mechanical keyboards are definitely more friendly to Windows, and there are basically no bugs. In addition, this keyboard supports the connection of three Bluetooth devices at the same time. For example, two notebooks plus a mobile phone, just press and hold the function key and KWE key to switch. In fact, under normal circumstances, there is no need to connect so many. What is interesting is that the length of this keyboard is exactly the same as the width of my MacBook Pro.

As for The feel of the Kaihua box white switch is very similar to that of the green switch, and the sense of paragraph is extremely obvious. And the sound is more crisp and loud. Personally, I feel that its triggering force is a little lighter, and it will not be too tiring to type. Personally, I like the feel of the white switch very much. I feel that it is a kind of switch body between the cherry green switch and the short green switch. With the keycap made of PBT, it is very stable and vigorous when typing, and it will not be muddled. If the appearance of a keyboard makes you fall in love at first sight, then a better key feel is the longest companionship.

Compared with the customized and expensive keyboards, Luo Fei Xiaoqiao’s set of built-up keyboards is more for beginners. It has simple parts and is fun to build. It can also meet my two most basic needs: The feel of typing and the aesthetics of the keycaps.

I think Luo Fei is going the right way. After the house is built, the decoration can be changed casually, and it can be replaced with other shafts or keycaps in the future. The three-mode connection will not become obsolete in a short time, and the joy of playing with the keyboard can be more sustainable. Thank you for watching, I wish you a happy life, Binbin is so polite.

The author declares that there is interest in this article, please respect the author and the content shared, communicate friendly, and make rational decisions~

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