Buy a shaft + cap to send a kit? Xiaobawang X68 stacking maniac is coming

Do you still remember the Xiaobawang learning machine when you were a child? That amazing computer that can play games, learn programming, listen to music, and type. The artifact that allows us to experience the fun of red and white computers at home, allows us to show off our skills at school, and allows us to pretend to be serious about "studying" in front of our parents.

Now, according to the comments of some keyboard masters on station B. Xiaobawang launched an X68 keyboard with 68 columns and Tianzi layout. Its stacking configuration is luxurious! It can be called the king of new volumes. Let's find out together.

What kind of scrolling method? Let's see first. Shaft . The shaft body uses Kaihua's Zhidong shaft. I went to a certain treasure to find it, and it is about 3.7 yuan a piece. The axis type is an advance paragraph axis. The initial pressure is 40 grams, and the trigger pressure is 38 grams. It is a parameter that is very suitable for long-term use, and it is not easy to get tired.

keycap The ones used are customized by Zhitip Wenchuang, and the price of a certain treasure is 219. The theme is called Back to the Game. The characters of the buttons are like this, and the Babbitt pixel-style color is blue-purple-pink cyberpunk, a neon-like color system, and many game-style symbols are printed on the large ones.

The ESC key is printed with Xiaobawang's LOGO, and the function keys are more distinctive. They are not printed characters, but are presented in the form of icons, inserting, deleting, and turning pages up and down, which are contemporary pictographic characters.

suite It is a gasket structure, with a small screen with color and definable display content, and a very exaggerated 8000 mAh huge battery. You must know that this is just a small keyboard with 68 configurations, and it is rare to have such a strong pile.

On the left side of the keyboard is a swing switch, which can quickly switch between Bluetooth wired and 2. 4G wireless switch between each other, easy to operate, even blind operation is no problem.

On the right side of the keyboard is the storage compartment of the wireless receiver. It is very convenient to put it here. Now manufacturers generally design the receiver at the bottom.

Above the arrow keys on the right is a small color screen, which can display the time, power, connection mode, and upper and lower case status. You can also customize the settings through the driver software.

There is a metal LOGO nameplate in the middle of the bottom surface, 5 non-slip silicone pads, and two two-stage feet.

In terms of wireless connection, according to the data measured by a third party on the Internet, the delay of 2.4G wireless connection is about 10 milliseconds.

I learned from the Internet that this keyboard will go on sale in April, with a starting price of 399, and the first-time users will also get a boxed braided aviation plug-in cable. 8000 mAh battery life, gasket structure kit, Zhidong switch body, personalized keycaps and 2.4G wireless connection with good performance, do you think it has the potential to be the king of volume? Comments are welcome.

That's all for this issue, thank you for your patience in watching. Give me a thumbs up if you like it.

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