Buy a switch and get a free keyboard——VGN V98 PRO Polar Fox Limited Edition unboxing evaluation

As the volume king in 2023, VGN is still in short supply until now. Of course, I have not been exempt, and have started with the sea salt ice cream shaft version and the polar fox limited version. Today we will take a look at the futures priced at 429 yuan - Polar Fox Limited Edition.

When I bought it, there were 30 coupons, and then added the cloud flash payment JD-6.2 yuan, and the actual price was 392.8 yuan

The accessories are still the same, a 2D sticker, an instruction manual, three spare shafts, a shaft puller, a data cable, and a thin dust cover. Different from the normal version, the Polar Fox version also comes with 49 additional keycaps.

The most obvious difference from the normal version is that the polar fox version has a blue bottom case and the shift gear on the left.

The combination of the blue bottom case and the white receiver is not ugly

The normal version of the white dial has a feeling of inferior material

In addition to the different color matching of the keycaps, the workmanship has also been improved compared to the normal version, and the rough bottom spout has also become much neater.

polar fox keycap

Sea Salt Keycaps

The raw edge of the "metal frame" in the upper right corner has also disappeared.

polar fox

sea ​​salt

The light leakage problem still exists, because the positioning plate is translucent, causing the light to show through the gap. Solution: Cut a piece of black tape yourself and stick it on the positioning board to block light.

The keycaps are MDA keycaps, which feel and height are very comfortable to use. It is strongly recommended to buy a keyboard rest, which can not only decorate the desktop, but also relieve wrist fatigue.

The shaft body adopts Kaihua's new product polar fox shaft. The shaft body is a paragraph shaft. The text description is: the sound is crisp and the feel is superb. It is a must-have shaft for university dormitories! It actually sounds like this (mobile phone radio, everyone listens roughly, the higher-quality axis typing sound directly goes to station B, because there is no professional equipment, everyone will just let it go

The numpad is an ice cream switch

Speaking of the sound, I have to talk about the big key adjustment. The big key adjustment smart of the V98PRO Polar Fox Limited Edition is said to be sufficient, it will not be fragmented and it cannot be said to be perfect. If you think it is not enough, you can moisten it yourself or even directly Change satellite axis.

The quality control of my keyboard is not bad, and there are no supernatural events such as malfunctions. I don’t know if it’s luck or VGN’s quality control has improved.

Because my working and living environment can’t use the paragraph axis, the seafood market sold out the polar fox for 249 free shipping, almost in seconds, and maybe the price can be set a little higher.

So to calculate, three-mode rgb hot-swappable kit + polar fox keycap + 49 supplements = 147.6 yuan Without much explanation, this is basically a giant truth scene

If you change the switch, go to Pinduoduo to water the orchard, buy 100 ash wood switches V3 for 40 yuan, and you can "group" a three-mode RGB hot-swappable keyboard for 187.6 yuan. This price, not to mention rubbing friends and merchants on the ground, directly pokes them into the field to cultivate the land In this way, it seems that problems such as "futures", "poor quality control" and "no after-sales service" are acceptable.

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