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Calm and atmospheric midnight blue, Black Canyon E2 three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard

As a senior programmer for many years, I have been playing mechanical keyboards for many years. At that time, about eight years ago, I bought a cheap domestic green switch. Compared with ordinary membrane keyboards, the crisp feel is simply heaven and earth. The road to keyboard fever.

At that time, there were not many domestic keyboard brands. The high-end keyboards were basically FILCO, REALFORCE, Razer, and original cherry. At that time, except for the static capacitor, almost all high-end keyboards were cherry switches, so I always thought that the cherry switches were The best mechanical switch, and I bought a lot of keyboards with cherry switches. But since I experienced the Jiadalong silent red switch some time ago, I was surprised to find that the cherry red switch is inferior in terms of smoothness, feel and stability!

In fact, about two or three years ago, that is, starting in 2019, domestically-made axes began to rise strongly. At present, the four domestically-made axes: Kaihua, Jiadalong, Gaote, and TTC have all changed with each passing day. They have been updated and introduced many features. The shaft body is not inferior to the cherry shaft in terms of smoothness, lifespan, dustproof and waterproof, diversity, user reputation, etc., and even obviously wins in some aspects. Now many high-end keyboards use the switches of these companies, but there are fewer and fewer cherry switches.

For example, Kaihua axis should be the No.1 domestic mechanical axis brand at present. It has PRO axis, Speed ​​axis, BOX axis, etc., among which BOX axis is the most popular. The BOX shaft is Kaihua's patented design. The structure is completely different from the traditional MX structure of the cherry shaft. The dynamic and static plates that conduct the signal are enclosed in a sealed cavity, which can realize waterproof and dustproof, and also has long life and stability. Good, impact resistance and other advantages.

Speaking of Kaihua, people often think of the keyboard brand HYEKU Black Canyon. Because it has been using Kaihua switches, it is also nicknamed Kaihua's "son" by players. The Black Canyon brand has also developed rapidly with the rise of Kaihua axis, and is now quite famous. The Black Canyon E2 83-key three-mode wireless keyboard reviewed today is the latest model released by Black Canyon.


Family portrait: including keyboard body, keyboard palm rest, data cable, key lifter, shaft lifter, manual.

My E2 is midnight blue, Kaihua BOX V2 Danxia shaft. The color of midnight blue is similar to blue-black, calm and unconventional, resistant to dirt and aging.

The attached palm rest is made of the same material, with a magnetic buckle design. After buckling it, the appearance fits perfectly and the angle transitions perfectly.

Viewed from the side, the overall feeling after installing the original palm rest is very good!

On the left is a toggle power switch that turns the keyboard on and off.

On the right is the magnetic absorption compartment of the 2.4G USB receiver.

Black Canyon E2 adopts 83-key design. Compared with Y3's 82-key or other 84-key design, the arrow keys are separated into separate areas, which is convenient for blind pressing. Whether it is for writing code or playing games, it is more convenient. convenient.

The keycap is PBT two-color molding, and the hand feel is a typical PBT style, which is tough and not easy to oil.

E2 has a very interesting innovative design, you can control the movement of the mouse arrow through Fn+WASD, Q=left button, E=right button, R/F=mouse wheel. Sometimes the mouse fails, or when you replace a new Bluetooth mouse, you may indeed encounter the problem that there is no mouse available and the interface is not easy to operate. Now the keyboard can control the mouse, which is much more convenient! Tried it, it feels good!

Black Canyon E2 adopts Kaihua BOX V2 Danxia shaft and Gasket structure. The Danxia switch is a new switch of Kaihua BOX V2. If I remember correctly, it should appear on the Y series of Black Canyon for the first time. The appearance and design of the Black Canyon E2 are similar to those of the Y series, and the price positioning is also similar. It also adopts the high-end positioning Danxia axis. In addition, Cangling axis and Yanmo axis are optional.

The shaft supports hot-swapping, and you can buy the shaft yourself to replace it when you get tired of playing.

The keycap is made of two-color injection molding, made of PBT, oil-resistant, feels good, and the workmanship is also very good. The only disadvantage is that it is not a light-transmitting keycap, which is a bit sorry for the RGB lighting effect. I decided to buy a set of black transparent keycaps to replace them, so that the RGB can play the best effect!

I put this keyboard in my study room. Its stable and elegant appearance matches well with the North American black walnut lifting desk and the stable and low-key Thinkpad T14.

Black Canyon E2 supports Bluetooth 3.0 and 5.0, wireless 2.4G, wired, these three modes. When connecting to Bluetooth, you can choose whether to connect to Bluetooth 3.0 or 5.0. Of course, if the computer supports 5.0, 5.0 is definitely better, both in terms of stability and response speed. Bluetooth supports switching between three devices, the operation is very simple, just press Fn+1/2/3, I will not elaborate on the operation.

Danxia shaft parameters: total stroke: 3.6±0.3mm, conduction stroke: 1.3±0.4mm, operating force: 45±10 gf. For comparison, cherry red shaft: total stroke: 4-0.4mm, trigger stroke: 2±0.6 mm, initial pressure: 30 cN min, trigger pressure: 45±15 cN. In terms of parameters, the stroke and trigger pressure of the Danxia switch are similar to those of the cherry red switch, but the conduction stroke (that is, the trigger stroke) is shorter than that of the cherry red switch and closer to the cherry silver switch (trigger stroke: 1.2±0.6 mm).

But in terms of feel, Danxia switches are obviously different from cherry red switches and silver switches. I have both cherry red and silver switches on hand. The feel is very soft. The initial pressure is only 30, especially the silver switch. The small initial pressure and the short stroke lead to a very small real trigger pressure. Sometimes the finger It was just accidentally triggered when it was placed on it unconsciously. However, the Danxia switch uses an extended spring, so the initial pressure is greater, and it is not as sensitive as the silver switch. It also has the smooth linearity of the red switch and the quick trigger of the silver switch. The actual experience is more sensitive and the hand feels more comfortable. Whether it is typing or playing games, it is very suitable.

In terms of sound, thanks to the Gasket structure, the multi-layer sound-absorbing and shock-absorbing structure, the feel is more stable, and the sound is relatively small, so it will not be noisy. Although the Danxia switch is not a specially customized sound-absorbing and silent switch, the sound is still significantly smaller than that of the cherry red switch. The self-lubricating shaft structure makes it feel more moist when pressed.

As an RGB keyboard, various RGB lighting effects are obviously indispensable! RGB is productivity! More than a dozen modes, including constant light and button trigger, you can choose. Moreover, if the constant light is not operated for a period of time, it will automatically turn off to save power.

There is no test in terms of battery life. It has only been a few days since I got it, and I haven't charged it yet. However, according to the parameters, the built-in battery has a capacity of 4600mAh, which is enough for a long time, even if you turn on RGB, it can be used for several days. The stability of Bluetooth is also very satisfactory, there is no disconnection, continuous clicking, etc.

In general, I think this keyboard has a stable appearance and feels worthy of Kaihua’s high-end switches. It is smooth and Q, quick to trigger, and not easy to accidentally touch. RGB lighting effect, I feel that the work efficiency has been improved, and the game is more energetic! Recommended!

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