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Can it continue to be used after being submerged in water? High-value Rapoo V530 waterproof backlit keyboard evaluation

Among the well-known peripheral brands on the market, it seems that only Rapoo has produced waterproof keyboards, and the waterproof level is very high, which is IP68 waterproof and dustproof. Recently, Rapoo has updated and upgraded its previous V530 waterproof keyboard. Judging from the publicity map, the biggest change is that the keyboard has three colors, which are Fendai Iced Soda, Blue Lagoon Iced Tea, and Coconut Grove Mojito. It looks bright and fashionable, which can be said to be close to the needs of the market.

The outer packaging style is the black and blue tone of the Rapoo family. The front is a rendering of the keyboard looking down, allowing consumers to have an intuitive understanding.

The back of the box is an introduction to the six major features of the product.

★Infrared mechanical switch

★Metal cover, full keyboard suspension design

★Efficient dustproof and waterproof design

★Full keyboard conflict-free design

★Blue backlight, breathing brightness can be adjusted

★Two-color PBT keycap

The keyboard package is opened from the front, and the box has two pieces of [] foam cotton for all-round protection, and the keyboard itself is packed in a dustproof plastic bag.

★Keyboard accessories

There are 1 instruction manual and 1 plastic key puller, which are simple and clear.

After the keyboard is taken out, you can see that there is a film on the logo above the arrow keys for further protection

After tearing it off, you can see Rapoo's 3D three-dimensional metal embossed logo.

The keyboard is a full-size keyboard with a standard American layout and a total of 104 keys. The length and width of the keyboard are about 43cm×14cm, which is a standard narrow frame design.

The appearance name of the keyboard I bought this time is Fendai Ice Soda. It sounds very literary and artistic, and the actual effect is not bad. The white keycaps on the main key area and the pink key caps on the large key area look very There is a girlish breath. And this application solution is not mysterious to experienced players, we can do it ourselves by DIY, just buy two sets of similar keycaps, and then mix and match them.

Having said that, the quality of this set of keycaps of Rapoo is still very high. It uses light-transmitting pbt keycaps and two-color injection molding process. It feels dry and feels good, and the font is still closed. aesthetics.

The keyboard has its own inclination angle, and the height difference of the keycap is combined with ergonomics. It is also very comfortable to type on the keyboard directly on the table.

The keyboard uses a floating keycap structure, which is easier to clean up later. From this angle, it seems that the aluminum alloy cover is an L-shaped one-piece, covering the front and top of the keyboard. The corners of the L-shape are chamfered, and the two corners of the lower edge of the keyboard are also treated in this way, which not only increases the appearance, but also makes it difficult for users to cut their hands when using it.

The silver aluminum alloy top cover adopts metal wire drawing process, which makes the metal texture of the keyboard very strong.

There is a large knife-shaped light-transmitting strip on both sides of the keyboard. When viewed from the side, you will find that it is still a three-dimensional facet, which is very high-end. In addition, there is an L-shaped light-transmitting strip located under the aluminum alloy upper cover. Compared with the monochrome backlight of the keyboard itself, the side backlight is RGB, and the effect is very good.

The three lights on the upper right corner.

The keyboard is equipped with an infrared silver switch customized by Rapoo, which is actually not an mx-axis structure, but an optical axis design, using infrared light signals to trigger on and off, theoretically eliminating the oxidation or poor contact of the metal shrapnel inside the axis. body has more lifespan. From the appearance, the shaft body is a silver shaft core with a dust-proof wall and a translucent upper cover, but the feel is very interesting like a green shaft, with a two-stage feel, and it has a click like a green shaft when tapped. There is a clicking sound, but not as crisp as the green shaft. The trigger pressure of 55g is also heavier than that of the mx green axis, the trigger stroke is 2mm, and the total stroke is 3.8mm.

The large key position is a satellite axis, the feel is well tuned, the feel is not fleshy, and it is not stuck or astringent when pressed around.

The bottom cover of the keyboard is made of ABS material with 4 foot stickers. There are 2 one-piece brackets on the bottom cover.

There are 2 drainage holes below to facilitate the drainage of water inside the keyboard. And looking at these 3 grooves, it seems that it can be used with a hand rest.

The keyboard has a full key with no punch.

The keyboard has integrated certain function keys, which can be pressed out through the combination of Fn and related keys. But this time these function buttons are not printed on the keycaps, you need to check the manual

Fn+F1~F6 is for multimedia to realize mail, home page, my computer, etc.

Fn+win is win lock

Fn+del Press and hold for three seconds to restore factory settings

Fn + arrow keys are backlight speed and brightness adjustment

Fn+prtsc is the backlight mode switch

According to the official introduction, the PCB board of the keyboard has a nano-coating film, which is the fundamental support for the keyboard to achieve IP68 waterproof and dustproof. It is advertised that the keyboard can even be used directly in water. It will take a certain amount of time to prove the dustproofness, but the waterproofness can be tested directly. Let's take a look below.

Pour a jug of water over the keyboard.

The keyboard was dipped obliquely in the water of the washbasin for a typing test, the keys were normal, and the typing was normal. Tilt the keyboard, and you can see that the water inside the keyboard can be drained out quickly. After 2 days of drying, continue to use the keyboard, and the keyboard is still normal.

The backlight of the keyboard is a monochromatic backlight, but at night it seems to have a good light transmission effect, and the words are evenly transmitted, and this ice blue light looks very low-key during the day, and it does not look dazzling at night, which is very comfortable. The RGB backlight on the side makes the atmosphere very good.

In addition, there are as many as twelve types of keyboard backlights, which are very rich.


Compared with the previous waterproof keyboard of Rapoo, the new V530 keyboard has the biggest advantage of high appearance and high waterproof performance. Its three colors (Pinkie Ice Soda, Blue Lagoon Ice Tea, Coconut Grove Mojito) all make the keyboard look bright and stylish, and the keycaps are unambiguous in workmanship. Compared with the previous ABS, the material is upgraded to PBT. The font of the keycaps is still closed; the strong waterproof performance can even allow the keyboard to be used in water. Of course, the actual use scenario does not need to be so extreme, which is enough to prevent the user from causing the keyboard to malfunction due to splashing water.

To talk about its shortcomings, I think its monochrome backlight is not rich enough, and I suggest that the manufacturer can strengthen it next time.

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