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Can the 75 configuration be rolled up a little more Kezhi K75 mechanical keyboard

Recently, domestic brands of mechanical keyboards have fierce competition in the configuration of 75 and 87, and the configuration is really more and more fierce. The recently released Kezhi K75 pushed itself to the center of this involution——TTC Gold Powder V2/Quick Silver V2 axis body, three-mode hot-swappable, RGB lighting effect, Gasket structure, and the internal noise reduction structure is full, anyway. It includes all the popular elements of the recent keyboard circle (it seems that the knob is missing). At the same time as this crazy pile of materials, the launch price is only 499 yuan (the actual price is lower), it seems that the price/performance ratio is really bursting.

Let us have a look at the actual feeling of this stacking king today:

The packaging is quite interesting. It is a pencil sketch of the keyboard, which is completely different from the outer packaging of most keyboards.

The sentence on the side seems to be nothing at first glance, but in fact all 26 letters appear here.

The accessories in the box are very simple, a data cable, a shaft puller, and a dust cover.

This time, the K75 has a total of 4 color schemes, each of which has its own preference. The one I chose is the color of the time machine, and the color matching of white, green and orange looks more comfortable. The front design of the K75, especially the design of the forehead, is still very recognizable: the side uses two slopes, one positive and one reverse, to replace the straight up and down design of most keyboards.

One side is the interface area that integrates the USB HUB function. In addition to the wired connection, there are also a USB and a TYPE-C interface, which can provide additional interface expansion capabilities during wired connections.

On the other side above the F keypad is a power display and a decorative strip combined with function indicators. Through the display, you can understand the current power most intuitively, and the experience is excellent. On the far right is the three-mode switching dial. To be honest, the dial is too short and it is not very convenient to use.

The back is more conventional: 4 non-slip stickers, two-stage foot support, magnetic 2.4G receiver storage. The decorative veneer in the middle is a bit like RIMOWA.

The keycaps are naturally two-color injection-molded PBT keycaps, and the Fn function key logo is printed on the side of the keycap. When switching lighting and multimedia control, you can know which button you need to press at a glance, and you no longer need to look for the manual to find the combination of function keys. yes, very convenient

K75 has a variety of shafts to choose from, the most attractive of which is naturally the TTC Gold Powder V2/Quick Silver V2 shaft. Needless to say, the new version of the shaft wearing gold and silver is so popular among players. The sleeve shaft body is already close to 200 price. Because the Kuaiyin V2 version has not been shipped yet, so I won’t introduce much about the parameters of the gold powder V2 shaft selected this time.

The satellite switch is still a custom-made satellite switch, and the quality is satisfactory - the rebound is crisp, there is no space key travel, and there is no wire sound, which makes it very comfortable to use.

The internal structure of the keyboard adopts the Gasket structure, and the internal noise suppression configuration is directly full-slotted PC positioning board (the latest shipment is prone to displacement due to complete slotting, and the front slot is sealed), slotted PCB, PE shaft Under pad, Poron sandwich cotton, EVA open shaft under pad and bottom silicone.

Under the silicone pad is a 3750ma battery. The official data is that the standby time is 43 days (6 hours per day), and it is 5 days if the RGB light is turned on.

The PE shaft underpad and PORON sandwich cotton are very luxurious configurations in mass-produced keyboards.

On the PC positioning board PCB board, the K75 uses the slot design frantically, which endows it with good sinking deformation ability and ensures the soft and elastic feel of the Gasket structure.

It seems to be the first time that the slotted PCB board design appears in mass-produced keyboards.

Although the design of the slotted PCB is insane, the designer seems to have forgotten the existence of the separate small board in the HUB area - the small board is directly pressed under the large board after installation, so is there any space for pressing down in this position...

On the whole, when the K75 is pressed, the soft elastic structure deforms obviously.

In terms of RGB lights, the RGB upper light position is bright enough, and it will not be invisible during daytime use.

In addition to the conventional lighting scheme, you can also customize RGB and other effects by driving, and other functions such as key function modification and macro editing can also be realized, and it can be realized under the 2.4G link, which is very convenient.

After a week of use, I feel that Kezhi’s K75 is indeed the most cost-effective choice among the 75% mass-produced mechanical keyboards. The quality of the product itself is also excellent. For ordinary consumers of customized products, it is a killer product.

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