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Can the keyboard also graffiti? IQUNIX F97-Doodle Diary Unboxing Experience

Everyone knows that graffiti is a kind of street culture that emerged in the United States. It is very popular among young people and shows their unruly and free life attitude. Recently, it has become more and more popular in China. Graffiti mostly uses complex and colorful colors in The graphic visual design creates conflicts, highlights features, and is very eye-catching.

So, I bought this IQUNIX F97-Graffiti Diary Keyboard again. Although the keyboard is not big, it has a strong graffiti style. I personally think it is very interesting.

First of all, it is the all-black packaging design that everyone is familiar with. The first feeling in the hand is that it is really heavy. It is indeed produced by an aluminum factory. The color girdle with the actual F97-Doodle Diary keyboard printed in the middle is also very lively (of course. Compared with the original F97 color schemes), anyway, you can find the characteristics of this color scheme at a glance.

Open the package and you can see all the accessories including: keyboard dust cover, MAC supplementary keycap, key puller, shaft puller, cleaning brush, USB TYPE-C data cable, manual, stickers, warranty card, etc., as always standard configuration.

It can be found from the label on the side that I still choose the combination of TTC fast silver axis and RGB, which is my most frequently used combination.

Continue to look at the overall layout of the keyboard. Under the measurement size of 372mm*123.5mm*42mm, the compact 100-key + 96% layout continues, and the full keyboard function is completely retained. Compared with the full-size keyboard, it can be reduced. About 30% of the fuselage.

In terms of color matching, I chose red, and there are black and white colors to choose from, but I personally prefer the red graffiti theme. Choose according to the actual situation.

You can see that the graffiti-themed keycap color scheme uses a large number of red, black, and white color contrast designs, with exaggerated fonts, cute charts, and funny EMO expressions. It is very graffiti-themed. It can only be said that the aluminum factory understands it too well. , Chopping hands can not blame consumers.

Consumers can directly use a screwdriver to disassemble and replace the unique aluminum alloy frame bottom case, and may consider replacing it with an aluminum alloy frame bottom case of other colors for reassembly, with a high degree of freedom.

In the middle of the top, there is the English logo of the aluminum factory, which adopts the same color plastic trim. The USB TYPE-C interface of the keyboard is located on the side of the top of the keyboard, which is convenient for charging or data transmission connection.

Finally, let’s take a look at the bottom design. Different from the common F97 model logo in the middle of the bottom, the graffiti-themed F97 logo this time also adopts a graffiti design with strong visual impact, which greatly improves the brand recognition. It can only be said that the details are full. .

The lower base of the keyboard is a non-adjustable metal support fixed design, and two silicone anti-skid pads are designed below, which are very stable on the desktop after matching its own weight.

In use, the keyboard is designed with a stepped structure as a whole, and the height drop of the keyboard is 12mm, thus forming a small angle of about 6° with the desktop, which is more ergonomic and improves the comfort of typing.

These cute graffiti keycaps are all made of sublimation PBT material, which is comfortable and durable. It is also the standard keycap material for aluminum factory keyboards.

In addition, for MAC users, five keycaps are added to replace the MAC layout, which is also very "graffiti". The aluminum factory is still very considerate for players.

In terms of the switch body, as mentioned above, I prefer the fast silver switch with a comfortable linear feel. The key travel is short and easy to trigger. Whether it is used for coding, writing, games and entertainment, the TTC fast silver switch can meet my needs. need.

Like other F97 keyboards, the F97-Tuya Diary keyboard also supports hot-swapping of the full keyboard, and the shaft body can be replaced with the built-in shaft puller to achieve personalized customization.

In fact, the aluminum factory has always provided two versions of RGB and non-RGB to meet the needs of different users, but I still choose the F97-Graffiti Diary keyboard with RGB backlight. The RGB lighting effect can be adjusted through the built-in lighting color of about 16 million colors. , There are various lighting effect modes and brightness, color and so on.

During use, you can use the "FN+-function key" to switch the RGB backlight or switch the effect.

The keyboard has more than a dozen built-in lighting modes. The overall RGB effect is very harmonious with this color scheme, and the display effect is also very brilliant, which can add a lot of highlights to the desktop.

F97-Tuya Diary Keyboard supports three modes of Bluetooth 5.1, 2.4G wireless and traditional data cable link. It can switch between multiple devices infinitely through data cables, 2.4G wireless signal receivers or Bluetooth. At the same time, the keyboard will also display connected devices in four colors, which is convenient for quick identification of multi-device users.

In wireless mode, the built-in 4000mAh super large lithium battery is designed with an energy-saving chip. According to the official announcement, it can support a long battery life of about 260 days, so you don’t have to worry about battery life anymore.

This F97-Graffiti Diary keyboard is a new color scheme of the F97 series. With its excellent appearance and solid workmanship, I have to be tempted. Whether it is for personal use or as a gift to friends, it is a very good choice. I like this free and unruly keyboard. Style users, it is better to think about it.

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