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Can the mouse also play PBT with replaceable keycaps? Luo Fei's brain hole is wide open again, Xiaoqiao's first experience with three-mode wireless mouse

In the peripheral circle, there is such a brand that always does not follow the routine - LOFREE, especially their keyboard products. The existence of the Luofei team's design concept for innovation and breakthrough allows us, peripheral players, to constantly refresh their cognition. It turns out that breaking away from the traditional conservative design step by step, the peripheral products can really play different wonderful things. Come experience.

Luofei has launched the well-received Xiaoqiao keyboard before, with a stationery-like simple and elegant appearance design, plus various styles of DIY theme keycaps, which can be salty or sweet, cool or dazzling. Liked by few users. It is said that the keyboard and mouse are not separated. Users who start with a small keyboard naturally hope to have a mouse that matches its style to complete a set. Taking the opportunity, I never thought that the designers of Luo Fei had already considered this, and recently finally released this small warped three-mode wireless mouse that is definitely a maverick.

The author can be regarded as an old peripheral player who has been using the Shuangfeiyan track mouse all the way in the early years. I have to say that most of the mouse products today focus on weight, micro-movement and sensors, and the shape design is basically unchanged for thousands of years. mold fine-tuning. So when I got to know and finally decided to start with Luofei's small warped three-mode wireless mouse, what really moved me was the avant-garde and innovative design brought by its escape from fixed thinking.

First of all, the mainstream traditional mouse casing and buttons are generally made of ABS+PC material with either glossy or frosted surfaces. After a period of use, it is easy to be worn and oiled, which not only affects the experience, but also reduces the look and feel. . However, for the first time, the Xiaoqiao three-mode wireless mouse adopts the PBT material used in the keycaps on high-end customized keyboards for the mouse buttons and most of the positions that are in contact with the hand. Old players who are familiar with PBT keycaps We know that the advantage of this material is that while it feels smooth and moist, it is also more wear-resistant and non-greasy, so even if it is used for a long time, it will last forever, and the subsequent cleaning and maintenance are also very simple.

In fact, when I first saw this small warped three-mode wireless mouse, I was instantly attracted by its cute and cute appearance style. The traditional mouse has a round and full design style at first glance. It is difficult not to look at the LOGO and details. Differentiate between brands and models, and the base of the front half of the small warped three-mode wireless mouse has a sense of square and bright lines, and the belly and tail are rounded and high waistlines, but it not only fits well when held, but also has a large area. The left and right buttons of the independent partition are quite smooth, but the side buttons at the rear position need time to get used to.

What’s worth noting is that the Xiaoqiao three-mode wireless mouse even supports the replacement of the left and right buttons of the mouse. In addition to the standard classic tofu color style, it also provides a total of 5 street attitude, Alice, Pharaoh, cute cats, and community animal bananas. The theme buttons of the new version are available for selection, which is convenient for users who have started with the corresponding theme small keyboard in the early stage. It is reported that Luofei will launch more theme buttons in the later stage.

Not only that, just like the cute cat-themed button set that the author started with, each set provides 2 pairs of buttons with corresponding styles, which is convenient for users to mix and match more flexibly, and also provides a wire key puller, which is easy to use. Achieve an alternative experience.

Furthermore, what impresses me about the Xiaoqiao three-mode wireless mouse is that it puts the rare status display on the high-end gaming mouse on the entry-level mouse. Through the OLED monochrome display on the front of the mouse, you can intuitively understand the mouse. power, working mode and DPI value. We all know that for different application scenarios, such as playing STG or RTS games, studying and office work, and even personal daily preferences, you need to adjust different DPIs to meet your own needs. Generally, traditional professional mice provide 3 presets. More gear adjustments need to be realized by installing drivers, and the Xiaoqiao three-mode wireless mouse directly provides fine-tuning gears including 800/1600/2400/3600/4000 and 200 as a step unit, which is convenient for users to switch freely. It can also be realized without installing a driver, and the current DPI value can be known through the display at any time.

Looking at the bottom of the mouse, you will find that the first is the hidden and retractable 2.4G receiver design, and the built-in magnetic device can stabilize it after being placed in the receiver. Moreover, the mouse's wireless switch and mode switching buttons are designed at the bottom. As a three-mode wireless mouse, it naturally supports three connection methods: Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4G wireless and wired. Among them, Bluetooth can connect 2 devices and support one-key switching of up to 4 devices.

For the matching of optical sensors that directly affect the performance of the mouse, the Xiaoqiao three-mode wireless mouse uses the original phase 3805 sensor of the same level as the Logitech Master series. The wireless mouse has the ability to track most material surfaces, and it can be smooth and silky even when used on glass surfaces, making it a high-performance mouse that does not pick desktop scenarios.

For the consideration of battery life, the Xiaoqiao three-mode wireless mouse has a built-in 650mAh lithium battery, which can be used in Bluetooth mode at medium strength, and can meet the usage time of 3 to 4 weeks of charging. And in daily use, if there is no operation, this mouse will automatically enter the sleep power saving state after 1 minute.

Summary and comment: In fact, after experiencing the Xiaoqiao three-mode wireless mouse for a period of time, the author found that this mouse not only perfectly fits the Xiaoqiao keyboard I started with in the early stage in terms of appearance design style, but also provides a cute cat. The theme is definitely a set of peripheral table equipment that the majority of excrement shovelers are very happy to collect. And in terms of functional experience and performance, it also has a combination of practical replaceable + PBT material buttons, plus OLED display and original phase 3805 sensor, which has won the favor of old peripheral players. It is the most durable and more usable in the whole scene Good experiential interpretation. If you in front of the screen also want to create a unique and unique desktop peripheral environment, I believe that Luofei's small keyboard and mouse combination will be your best choice.

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