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Candy color macho - Cherry KC200 mechanical keyboard pink

Hello everyone, I am Bird Terminator.

I had the idea of ​​building a set of macho fan peripherals before, but it would be a little more difficult than the white version. Recently, I saw that Cherry has released a new mechanical keyboard. The color scheme is very beautiful, and there is also a pink one. I will start with one and share it with you. The color of the keyboard on the package only shows how many colors there are in this model, and does not represent the actual color. But having said that, if there is a color matching keyboard, isn't it also very distinctive? There are also many customization masters now, maybe this is where the inspiration comes from.

The manual is covered on the inner box, and the keyboard is covered with a piece of black pear paper. The packaging is very environmentally friendly and is basically made of recyclable materials. But the pink thread is still protruding from the back, still holding the pipa half-hidden.

Take it out, the whole keyboard is red and pink, not only the keycap is bright red and pink, but also the top cover and the line are pink. The metal panel is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, practical and textured.

A while ago, there was a keyboard brand that used a certain domestic switch. After hearing some rumors on the Internet, it was directly regarded as an arrow, and a video was sprayed on Cherry. Many people followed the trend and said that the original cherry factory was in decline, and there were also many fabricated gossips, but it is not ordinary cleverness to take this seriously. For those who pay attention to quality and quality control, Cherry switches are still the best choice.

This time, Cherry Factory’s new product KC200 has greatly evolved in appearance, not only in color matching, but also in a more rounded keycap. In fact, this product line Cherry is positioned as an office line, but it is no problem to use it for games. The quality and materials of the original factory are still quite fierce.

In addition to the conventional 104 keys, there are 4 shortcut keys in the upper right corner, the default is volume adjustment and calculator. Yes, the CALC calculator, I personally think it is more practical than the browser and my computer, and I basically have a calculator for every keyboard. Of course, if you want to change it, you can also set it in the driver. However, where are the keyboard status lights? Here is a hurdle first, and it will be revealed naturally when you get on the machine.

In terms of keycaps, two-color PBT is currently the material with the best balance between effect and feel, but of course the cost will be higher. For the switch body, I chose the red switch, which is the same color as the keyboard haha. If you need other colors and shafts, you can also choose them yourself. In addition, this keyboard supports a return rate of 1000Hz, so playing games is no problem at all.

The shaft looks a little different this time? Yes, this is Cherry's shaft body with a dust cover, which is more durable to prevent dust from entering. Needless to say in terms of feel, how many people's mechanical keyboard enlightenment is Cherry red.

The bottom of the keyboard comes with a retractable foot support, and there are non-slip pads at the four corners, which are very stable when used.

The keycap adopts a suspension design, and all the large keys use satellite shafts, which is very convenient for daily maintenance and replacement of keycaps.

All right, on board! The mystery left just now is also solved: where is the indicator light? Do it directly under the relevant button. Having said that, I was discussing with my friends a few days ago. The Scroll Lock and Pause on the keyboard are already products of the DOS era. How many friends have changed them to other functions? Pause is basically only used for DOS-like windows to lock the screen, but Scroll Lock can also be used to lock windows in Excel.

Go to the official website to download the Cherry Keys software, and then you can customize the keys. Maybe because of the need to make a difference with the game product line, the KC200 can only redefine the above row at present, but there are many functions that can be set, and it is very easy to use after getting used to it. The multimedia buttons are already my most commonly used combination: volume control plus calculator, which is very convenient to use.

Needless to say about the feel, Cherry’s original MX switches, plus PBT spherical keycaps, and a return rate of 1000Hz, it is very smooth to type. This wave feels a bit of a dimensionality reduction blow. The specifications are already at the gaming keyboard level, and there are such high-value candy colors, but Cherry only positions it as an office line product. I think KC200 can be considered by users who pay attention to performance and appearance regardless of positioning.

Thanks for watching, friends who like it, please like and follow, see you next time.

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