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Captain Peripheral Bar Part 27: I feel good when I see you--IQUNIX F97 Graffiti Diary Unboxing Quiz

As for who owns this keyboard, I won’t say, anyway, it has been confirmed that shopping can be contagious. As far as the update speed of the IQUNIX aluminum factory is concerned, it can arouse other people's desire to buy. Sometimes when I see a new one, I feel that I have to buy another one. Looking at the keyboard in my hand, I feel this desire I pressed it down, just like the ZX75 camping a while ago really shined. Now there is another F97 graffiti diary, as the image spokesperson of the aluminum factory, how can you miss this opportunity? Don't hesitate to "take it by force" and try it out for a few days.

The packaging is the consistent style of IQUNIX. The overall black style and the girdle that highlights the main body of the keyboard, in addition to the finishing touch, can also have a self-contained IP, which is deeply imprinted on the recognition.

In terms of accessories, key puller, shaft puller, cleaning brush, 2.4G receiver, Type-c data cable, MAC replacement keycap and F97 Tuya keyboard are still standard, but I noticed the key puller and shaft puller of F97 It is split, and ZX75 is integrated.

This red, black and white color scheme is very colorful at first glance, and the Chinese red metal frame around the cypress is very festive and atmospheric. If the last watermelon red OG80 happy vending machine is a little girl’s favorite, then today’s The Chinese red style is a proper style of Yujie, but the graffiti printing on the keycap is to express the little peeling of this Yujie's heart vividly.

The trendy illustrations spliced ​​by these grotesque abstract patterns, in addition to expressing the owner's peeling, also break the rules with uninhibited art, just like a signature of personality. The layout is still 98 keys of 96% layout,

The words "F97" on the back are also filled with graffiti, and the sense of elements is vivid on the screen. Only when I touch it with my hand can I find that it is embossed printing, which is more three-dimensional than my F97 Black Warrior.

The layout on the back is still the same as the F97, including the solid aluminum alloy body on the sides and bottom. The connection mode switching key is still on the right side of the back, but I wish it could be changed to be next to the Type- interface on the front. One is convenient, and the other is convenient.

In terms of connection, F97 Tuya Diary supports three connection methods: wired, Bluetooth 5.1, and 2.4GHz, and can connect to three devices at the same time.

The thick feet are still fixed and cannot be adjusted, which is not as belt-feeling as the ZX75 series, maybe it is to take care of the overall layout and shape.

The position in the upper left corner is still reserved for the Type-c interface, which is dual-purpose for charging and wired. The entire side and the only opening below is here. The overall aesthetics are very complete. At the same time, the F97 Tuya Diary is equipped with a large battery of 4000mah, and the battery life of 260 days can be forgotten about charging.

The fixed feet give the keyboard a certain angle, and the curvature of the keycaps also makes it more comfortable to use.

The material of the keycap is PBT material, combined with the sublimation character process, what is presented in front of us is such a full and colorful graffiti diary. The backlight color is 16 million RGB lamp beads, and the delicate colors flow like a cup of creamy ice cream.

The switch body is also the TTC quick silver switch that I like very much. So far, I strongly recommend this switch body.

It also adopts full-key hot-swappable, and friends who like toss can replace their favorite switches in different key areas as they like, so as to ensure their own usage habits. I have seen people with 5 switches in a keyboard.

The Dajian structure still uses a balance bar. It has to be said that IQUNIX is still very good at tuning the big keys. The amount of shaking of the frame is negligible and very stable.

The graffiti-painted areas give this keyboard a different tone, a playfulness, and an attitude. When I go to work, I can be serious, but when I come home from get off work, I can be bohemian. I highly recommend that you buy the red one. The red aluminum panels on the four sides are very eye-catching, and this red is also very textured.

The RGB version has better visual effects. I personally recommend the RGB version. Different lighting effects match different scenes, but the power consumption may be faster.

There are many RGB backlight modes for F97 Graffiti Diary, such as typing backlight mode, and game backlight mode. Since you have a bohemian heart, you can use lights to show your bohemian. What does it mean? That's our code word.

I am used to it. I will definitely make a simple comparison with my own F97 Black Samurai when I get the F97. Which one is more attractive to you? Let me help you answer it. It must be the graffiti diary below. What's so good about black? It's up to you to choose. Which one do you like?

In fact, today’s model is better. Except for the color matching, everything else is the same, and the shaft is also the same. Girls use TTC fast silver shafts, maybe they are influenced by me.

In terms of keycap shape, the two keyboards are different. From the actual feeling, the concave area of ​​the keycap of F97 is a bit narrower than that of the Black Warrior, so it is easier to position your fingers when using it.

If you are a novice user, the patterns on the keycaps of Doodle Diary may affect your search for keys, because some function keys are not marked, such as PRT and DEL keys, for F97 which is not a full key layout That being said, it will take some time to find it. But for veterans, or people who are used to using IQUNIX keyboards, especially F97 keyboards, this is not a problem.

The RGB version of the F97 graffiti diary, with the backlight of 16 million colors, looks more student-like, and I feel like I am 18 years old again. It's great to be 18 years old, 18 years old's diary, 18 years old's sky, 18 years old has endless dreams.

I have used so many IQUNIX keyboards, and I have to say that its quality and materials are really good. The rest may only be changes in some details, such as putting the mode switch at the bottom to a more convenient position. Once this F97 graffiti diary was unboxed, it still attracted a lot of attention in the office, and the people around it were no less than the seal just mentioned at the door.

Speaking of F97 Graffiti Diary, this red color really touched my calm heart for a long time. It is bright and festive. In the words of COCO, it means that you will have a good mood when you see you. If you still have an unruly heart beating faintly, then you can also consider it.

However, if this keyboard is paired with a mouse, it is better to go with white.

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