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Captain Peripherals Part 6: The correct way to open the IQUNIX OG80 happy vending machine in summer

It's common knowledge that yawning is contagious. Believe it or not if I tell you that you will be infected when you buy something? Just like many people around me have bought BMWs, such as 540Li, X3, if I had some money, I would probably become car friends with them. No, after I became interested in keyboards and bought a variety of keyboards, a girl in the office asked me if I wanted to buy a wireless keyboard, which one to choose. Of course, for a girl who drives an 86, the money will not be bad, so I naturally recommend the aluminum factory IQUNIX F97 ski, which is more in line with her temperament.

Because this IQUNIX F97 ski has the same layout as my new IQUNIX F97 Black Warrior, but the color scheme is more fresh and jumpy. And I have repeatedly emphasized the touch feel of the TTC axis, and the game codewords are nothing to worry about. However, this pretty girl chose another model - IQUNIX OG80-Happy Vending Machine.

No matter how this keyboard is built, it doesn’t match the temperament of Kailan 86, but the original saying is: Who doesn’t have a girlish heart? Well, that's right, who doesn't have a curious heart? So I naturally played it in my hands for two days, mainly to compare and compare it with my F97 Black Samurai. Let me have more experience on the road of defeating the keyboard.

They have already disassembled it, but I heard that I was going to compare and take pictures and put the outer packaging of the keyboard on, very careful. After all, it can be regarded as a disk friend. If a car friend can't do it, a disk friend can also do it.

This color reminds me of watermelon. In fact, the official name is berry red, but it can be regarded as a tribute to summer. It really has a magic that makes you feel good when you see it. Matte translucent PC case, wait, isn't this the Gameboy from my student days? It is also a translucent shell, which feels like it belongs.

It is clearer to see from the back. This kind of half-covered appearance is especially exciting. The workmanship of the circuit board is neat and reassuring. After all, it is produced by a big factory. But there are no feet, and the four pads on the bottom are flat, but there is a reason for this. The mode switching key is designed in the middle of the bottom of the back, and supports wired, wireless, and Bluetooth connections.

The key layout of the IQUNIX OG80-Happy Vending Machine is designed as a ladder structure, which looks a bit like an old-fashioned typewriter at first glance. At the same time, the letter area is also presented at a certain angle and the angle of the F area, so the bottom support is omitted.

With the design of key line separation, the Type-C charging port is arranged on the left side of the front of the keyboard. For daily charging or wired connection, those who use wired connection should be the ultimate gamers, 2.4G is enough for the ultimate elderly gamers like me.

The storage position of the 2.4G receiver is placed under the magnetic cover in the upper left corner. This setting solves the embarrassment of losing this small thing. The firmness of the magnetic attraction can completely guarantee the safety of the receiver.

IQUNIX OG80-Happy Vending Machine has an 83-key layout, and the small keyboard area is removed, making it more compact, especially suitable for desktops with small spaces. The keycap is made of PBT material. Compared with ABS material, both the touch and wear resistance are much better, and it will not be greased. The advantage of the sublimation character process is that it can print more complicated patterns and fonts, as long as you like.

IQUNIX OG80-Happy vending machine is adapted to MAC keys, and the accompanying MAC matching keycaps and other keycaps that enhance happiness can allow you to combine a personalized keyboard and double your happiness.

The girl chose the TTC gold powder shaft, which is also a well-known shaft in the aluminum factory. It is especially suitable for code words, and is called the code word god shaft. It feels light and soft, rebounds easily with the hand, the total stroke is 4mm, and the trigger force is 37gf. Compared with cherry red, TTC gold powder is better than cherry red in terms of core stability, smoothness of pressing, and rebound force, etc., and light pressure The hand feel design can be used for a long time without getting tired, and even the more you tap, the more you can't stop, it feels like my typing speed is 5 horses faster.

According to the characteristics of the aluminum factory in the past, this time it still provides Cherry green switches, red switches, TTC gold powder, and fast silver switches.

Similarly, the switches of the IQUNIX OG80-Happy Vending Machine support hot-swappable technology, which brings the advantage that you can replace the switches with familiar switches in different areas of the keyboard, which is great for gamers.

The girl chose the TTC gold powder shaft with RGB version. Of course, there is also a matte version as usual, but with the berry red frosted translucent shell, I still recommend the RGB version. The berry red is definitely more transparent than the normal version. much better. Moreover, the large 4000 mAh battery can provide 3000 hours of battery life (with the light effect turned off). I roughly calculated that it is basically unnecessary to charge it once for a year. Yes, of course you have to put away that charging cable.

The shape and position of the indicator light are eye-catching and big enough, unlike the F97, which is hidden in the letter keys and has been frosted to match the shell.

The joy of selling OG80 has already been realized when I opened the package. It feels like I have returned to the time of red and white machines. The happiness at that time was really happy and carefree. The machine took me back to the carefree era.

Needless to say the shape, many people like the shape of the OG80, the compact shape with a graceful figure with stepped curvature, love deeply. The F97 Black Samurai is rather dull. But in terms of layout, I still like the shape of F97 Black Samurai with a small keyboard. First, I am used to the operation of the small keyboard, especially when playing games. The Enter key of the small keyboard has formed muscle memory. to change. OG80 made the enter key smaller and changed its position.

In terms of the storage of the receiver, the OG80 is obviously better, and the keyboard has a storage space that is not easy to lose.

The keycaps of the two keyboards are made of the same PBT material, and the surface treatment is also the same, but the keycaps of the OG80 are obviously larger than those of the F97 Black Warrior.

Both are TTC series switches, which also support hot-swapping, but the F97 Darth Vader is a TTC fast silver switch, and the OG80-Happy vending machine is a TTC gold powder switch. Quicksilver is not silver, but gold powder is pink.

The two can only be distinguished by color in appearance, but there are obvious differences in function. It is generally believed that TTC gold powder is suitable for typing, and TTC quicksilver is suitable for playing games. Of course, this varies from person to person, and it depends on each person. Choose according to your hand feel preference.

Let’s talk about the TTC gold powder first. It adopts the hand feeling design of 37gf trigger pressure + 4mm total stroke. It will feel softer when you use it, but the resilience and grip are very good.

Besides, TTC Quicksilver adopts the feel design of 39gf trigger pressure + 3.4mm total stroke. The 3.4mm total stroke is also shorter than TTC Gold Powder and touches the bottom faster. In terms of rebound strength, TTC Quicksilver is stronger than TTC Gold Powder and can bring It has enough heel feel, so in terms of use, I personally prefer TTC Quicksilver.

However, the little sister uses it, and the excessive trigger pressure may not be friendly to long-term code words, so she has considered the TTC gold powder she chose.

But in this hot summer, the color scheme of the OG80-Happy Vending Machine obviously makes people feel more cheerful. The berry red makes people feel love at first sight, the eyes light up, and the sun and roses wake up. . . . .

On the other hand, the F97 Black Warrior is really a conscientious young man.

OG80-Happy vending machine really has a feeling of wandering in the ocean of fruit ice cream at the moment when the backlight is turned on; or it is as comfortable as drinking a glass of Rainbow while blowing the sea breeze on the beach. That's how to open the IQUNIX OG80 Happy Vending Machine in summer.

And the F97 Black Samurai lighting up the backlight feels a bit sci-fi and a bit boring, like me. Putting the two together, there is a strong sense of CP coming from the comics.

So, friends here, which one do you like?

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