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Carry out the geek customization to the end, the first customized keyboard nerd GK75 for young people

Nowadays, the popularity of customized keyboards is getting higher and higher. For many ordinary users, it still takes a lot of time and energy to get a satisfactory keyboard. And the current fast pace of life will not allow everyone to be thorough. How to choose a cost-effective mechanical keyboard? It just so happened that the little nerd recently organized a crazy kit festival on March 3, and all the configurations are at the same price. I also got a set, and I am here to share with you.

All the kits I got this time are packed in three boxes. The keyboard theme is in one box, and the shaft, keycaps and other accessories are packed in two tubes. If you often play with customized keyboards, yes This pipe is also very familiar.

The shaft I got this time is the Chocolate V2 Lemon shaft, which is developed by the nerds themselves. , the total number is 80 pieces. There are also satellite shafts, shaft pullers and rigid space splitting modules.

The keycaps are GK5 height, PBT deep space blue pink keycaps, red and blue have been combined with CP since ancient times, and it continues to this day. The deep blue and pretty pink, the aesthetics are still not tired, and there are additional purchases Knob module whirlwind shaft, a set of knob modules contains a total of 2, which can bring more personalized experience services to the keyboard.

The board I got this time is the GK75 of the nerd, wired/2.4G/Bluetooth three-mode, built-in lithium battery. The shell is currently available in black and white, and I look forward to Houxi Xiaochao to bring more color options. Cable, USB extension converter and dust cover are included as standard.

For wired users, the position of the three-wire output is designed, which can be better matched with the desktop, and the cable management is more convenient, so farewell to the clutter of keyboard wires.

The USB receiver is stored in a position close to the cable interface, which is easier to find, and the design here must be praised.

The three-stage foot support design provides 4°, 7°, and 10° keyboard angles respectively, which has a wider range of adaptation and adapts to more user habits. With thick foot pads, it brings a quieter experience.

The position in the middle of the back is a function switching switch, which supports three modes of wired, bluetooth, and 2.4G. It also supports the use of win and mac systems. The three-mode full-coverage system is being implemented.

There are some differences between the slots on the front shaft body and most of them. These are the places where the shaft and the knob can be interchanged, that is, the position where the cyclone shaft can be prevented and the knob is allowed to be used.

The whole casing is fixed by 2 screws, which are respectively located at the two foot supports, but it is not easy to disassemble it, because the casing mainly adopts the buckle design, and since most of the connections are very tight, I also took a lot of trouble. It takes a lot of effort to open it little by little. It is not recommended for users to disassemble it easily, as there may be a risk of damaging the shell.

The neat components can be seen on the black PCB board, densely arranged on the keyboard. The overall workmanship is excellent, and the solder joints are full and uniform.

The low-power Bluetooth N52810 chip supports multiple protocols such as low-power Bluetooth, ANT, and private 2.4G. The chip adopts the ARM architecture design, the main frequency is 64MHzh, and has 192K onboard memory and 24K storage. It is a highly integrated High-degree main control radio frequency all-in-one chip.

The main control adopts a MCU of Weltrend's WT59F164 32-bit RISC CPU, the main frequency can be up to 24MHz, and it is equipped with 8M onboard storage.

The hot-swappable shaft seat uses Jiadalong. I am quite impressed with Jiadalong's G white pro and G silver pro shafts. The feel is quite good, and the price is right, which is very suitable for DIY use.

Hidden under the sound insulation cotton is a large 4000Mah battery, which can guarantee a long battery life experience.

The patented flick Gasket structure has an obvious sandwich structure on the side. The flick Gasket integrated cushion and double-layer sound-absorbing structure enhance the soft feel.

After restoring the main unit to its original state, start to install the shaft body. My personal habit is to install the satellite shaft first, and then install the shaft body.

Chocolate V2 lemon shaft body, with a golden bottom, the shell is low-key and the interior is stunning. Novices should not make miracles when installing the shaft body, as this will easily damage the shaft body or shaft seat, causing irreversible damage.

The additional space splitting module can divide the space bar into three, and change the key values ​​of other keys in the space through the driver software, especially the alt, ctl, and fn keys arranged in 75% of the columns are relatively small, which is inconvenient to press. After splitting the space, it is more convenient to use the combined keys to improve efficiency.

Two-color injection molded PBT keycaps, no fingerprints, no oil, greatly improved wear resistance, not easy to scratch. In addition, an additional set of supplementary keycaps is presented as a replacement or personalized replacement. In addition, as one of the personalized knob positions, a total of 6 can be installed on the entire keyboard. The combination of knob + keycap greatly increases the playability.

After completing the assembly of the entire keyboard, there are still a lot of keycaps left. In addition to supplementary keycaps, there are many small keyboards, which should be able to adapt to 98 and other keyboards at the same time.

I also really like the color scheme of the entire keyboard. The appearance of blue and pink, together with the addition of trendy knobs, makes the overall cost performance of this keyboard very high.

The small bug GK75 kit supports multi-color backlight, plus the black transparent keyboard base, the effect is particularly remarkable. With the official driver software, in addition to the customization of various keys and the setting of the knob function, it also provides rich RGB The color experience is exciting for those who like light pollution. Of course, for those who don't like the light, you can also turn off the light through the shortcut key.

In short, the kit festival held by the little nerd is really full of sincerity. First of all, this kit is very powerful in function, with a variety of customized items, you can choose as you like, and there are many customizations, especially the design of the free knob is really great. You can freely change various attributes through the driver of the small bug, and then Even the light effect is not much inferior to that of the big manufacturers. Overall, the price/performance ratio is very good in the customized kit at this price. It is a package worth buying to start your road to customization.

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