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Cat House Chat Peripherals Chapter 22: The first kit in 2023, I choose the macho fan

The last time I played with the kit was the AKKO ACR PRO ALICE PLUS in 22 years. It was a kit with Alice. At that time, it was mainly to relieve the wrist pain caused by long-term work, so it has been used in the company. It has been used for more than half a year. got used to. However, before the Chinese New Year, I was itchy and wanted to play with new kits, and I also paid attention to some customized kit cars, but when I was about to drive, I saw the news that I had won the "Heavy Shell Barix 87 Pro kit" in the lottery. , I just got the courier in the past few days and used the existing resources at hand to assemble a keyboard.

The kit comes with a very thick hard storage bag, which can hold two kits at first glance. The outer layer is dark gray fabric, with a black label on the left and right sides, and a conspicuous yellow zipper.

When you open the storage bag, you can see that there are thick inner walls, and the protection should be guaranteed. After all, these aluminum lumps are not light. The kit is placed in the lower part, and there are Velcro straps on both sides to firmly fix the kit. Some are designed with mesh bags, where you can usually put some data cables, cleaning brushes, shaft and key pullers, etc.

This kit is a standard 87 configuration design. Compared with the upgraded version of Barix 87 Pro version, it has been slightly upgraded. The appearance continues the square design of the old version, but the interior is changed to a Gasket structure. In order to adapt to the structural changes, the thickness of the frame is increased. . In addition, a metal nameplate is added above the right arrow key, which can be disassembled from the inside, and it is not impossible to customize it in the future.

The original kit is equipped with EVA axle pads, Poron sandwich cotton and Poron bottom cotton as standard, which can effectively suppress noise. At the same time, the thick aluminum alloy body can also suppress vibration and reduce noise. I got it in an assembled state. The bottom cotton and sandwich cotton are added to make the interior space very full, so although it is a Gasket structure design, the feeling of pressing will not sink too much; of course, if you pursue the ultimate soft elasticity, you can also disassemble it. Shedding cotton.

Looking at the previous online introduction, the Gasket design of this kit is a little different. The inner tank uses a slotted PC positioning plate, and at the same time, Poron sliver is pasted on the front and back of the protruding "small ears", and then realized through the soft elastic characteristics of Poron sliver. The support is obviously different from the design feel of using the reed support.

The satellite shaft is made of neon gold-plated steel wire satellite shaft. It feels good to use, and the big keys are pressed smoothly. For specific performance, you can refer to the experience of online bosses.

The kit adopts the design of the lower light position, and the advantages and disadvantages will not be discussed. At the same time, it is compatible with the triangular and five-legged shaft bodies, and the EVA shaft bottom pad is also standard on the PCB.

The bottom of the kit is very simple, except for the foot pads around it, there is only the brand logo in the middle.

The shaft body chooses the Kaihua light sound shaft that has just been launched. You can tell from the name that this is a silent shaft body. The light tone switch is a linear switch body with 45±5gf trigger pressure, 3.7±0.3mm total stroke, 1.9±0.4mm trigger stroke, and a service life of 70 million times.

The shaft body adopts a transparent upper cover, canvas white shaft center and bottom shell, and the whole shaft body has a more transparent look; the shaft center adopts a "【】" type dustproof wall design, which can strengthen the shaft center while reducing dust entering the shaft body. stability.

The light tone shaft is a five-pin shaft, and the triangular PCB can't be used. If you look closely, you can find that the two metal pins are one gold and one silver.

Let’s take a look at the shaft body, which is mainly divided into four parts: the upper cover, the shaft center, the spring, and the base.

At first glance, there is no special place, but if you look carefully, you can find that there are two metal shrapnels on the corresponding parts of the shaft cover and the base, and the base part seems to have some special materials at the bottom of the metal shrapnel. The two shrapnels can Offset the impact force of the shaft, thereby reducing the knocking noise, but it feels crisper than rubber cushioning, and improves the knocking feel of the shaft.

Next, install the kit to experience it in practice.

The color of the switch body matches the pink kit, and the satellite switch with pink and purple color is also very eye-catching.

The design of the lower light position makes the light closer to the user, but if the non-transparent keycap is used, the light effect will not be too bright, but it is slightly brighter than the upper light position.

In order to match the macho fan kit, GANSS’s GG-12 day gouache is used as the keycap, with pink, white, and light blue as the theme color matching. The overall style is fresh and refreshing, which can calm down the restless heart. The temperature is high.

GANSS GG-12 Tiangou powder is a set of original height keycaps, a total of 177 pieces, including 104 standard keycaps, 52 function supplements, 21 color supplements, using PBT two-color injection molding process, only 87 pieces are needed today enough.

Picture Appreciation

"Heavy Shell Barix 87 Pro" is the most expensive one I have used so far. The overall design is very simple, which is my favorite style. Although the interior has not been disassembled and seen, it feels stable in daily use, and there is no noise or noise. The spring sound, the internal materials are also very good; the appearance of the Kaihua light sound switch is also very good-looking, the point is that the mute effect is quite good, and the feel is relatively crisp; and the GANSS GG series keycaps should be replaced. The mold, the surface feels comfortable, and the font is clearer and better-looking. Although the color matching is not complicated, it is really attractive.

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