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Cat House Chat Peripherals Part 11: If you love it, give it a better house, ZOMOPLUS One Piece themed storage box

I also got started with dozens of ZOMO’s customized keycaps one after another. Whether it’s made of metal, silicone or resin, the workmanship is relatively fine, and the design is also lifelike (such as cat’s claws, cat’s butt). Of course, I bought these keycaps For collection, I am reluctant to use it at ordinary times, and at most I only take it out to play occasionally, so I bought their storage boxes at the same time, and I can collect and appreciate them both.

Later, because there are more and more keycaps, one storage can no longer fit, and the shapes of keycaps have become various, and the storage box is not enough, so they are often installed on the Pad; Although it is convenient to appreciate in this way, it is always easy to accumulate dust and needs to be cleaned frequently.

So, after ZOMO launched an upgraded version of the storage box this year, I decided to start with one. Because the One Piece keycaps in my hand are more expensive, I chose the One Piece model. In addition, there are Gundam models, silver, red and black three-color ordinary models to choose from.

When you open the package, you will see a huge storage box, which is in stark contrast to the old storage boxes and Pads on both sides. In order to prevent scratches during transportation, the storage box is wrapped with a transparent plastic film. In addition to the storage box, there is also a kraft paper bag, which contains the required accessories.

There are two foot supports, an Allen wrench, six Allen screws, and dozens of magnetic adapters (small C) in the accessories, and the color of the foot support is the same as the main color of the storage box.

It looks very beautiful after removing the clinker film on the outside. The upper cover is designed on five sides and is made of high-transparency acrylic material. The transparency is quite good. You can see the texture on the inner base. Like a treasure chest design.

The base of the storage box is surrounded by a design similar to the wooden strips of the treasure chest. This is a design of the "hat" of the Lease Chopper key. In addition, there are "ONEPIECE" nameplates on the front and back, and the logo of the Straw Hat Pirates on the left and right sides. . The base is made of aluminum alloy, and the surface is colored by anodizing process.

There are five rows of grooves inside the storage box, and the bottom is made of black magnetic material. It looks similar to the magnets used in refrigerator magnets. In fact, it should be hard iron. It provides five rows of grooves. Compared with the keyboard above, each row has ten keys. Caps shouldn't be a problem.

The base of the storage box is designed separately from the board that fixes the keycaps in the middle, but it can be seen from here that the base is made of CNC integral molding process, and the extremely small keycaps can be processed delicately, so such a large storage box is naturally no problem Down. In addition, the lines around it are round and excessive, and there are black anti-slip mats on the four sides, so there is no problem with direct square.

The screw holes for fixing the feet on the corners of the base (the smaller holes in the picture), the larger ones next to them are the screw holes for fixing the middle board, and you can also see the black pads from the side, if you encounter too high If the keycap cannot be put down, you can remove the four pads and replace them with the shorter screws in the accessories. However, I don't have a keycap that is too high in my hand, so I am not going to remove it for the time being.

The installation of the foot support is more convenient than the previous one, and it can be screwed on directly by hand, but there are installation positions for the foot support at the four corners, and this advantage has been inherited. In this way, the storage box can be placed horizontally, vertically or without a foot support at all.

The hole on the top of the magnetic adapter is just enough to fix the keycap, because it is made of elastic material, the keycap will not fall off easily, and then it is attracted to the black magnet through the magnetic therapy at the bottom, and the width of the bottom is slightly larger than the groove , can be fixed more stable.

*Small C's inspiration should come from here

The storage box is not limited to a fixed position when it is designed. Although it is a fixed groove, the position of the converter can indeed be adjusted, so that it can adapt to keycaps of various lengths, even the longest space keycap. It can be placed, so how to arrange it in the end depends on your own ideas.

There are a total of 19 One Piece keycaps in my hand, and it still feels a little empty to put them on, so I installed all the other keycaps that were placed outside. Accidentally found that the keycap of the small keyboard shield and the enter keycap can also be placed vertically. It seems that there is still an idea when the groove is actually there.

Finally, take a look at the overall effect. After trying several angles, I still feel that it is suitable to place it this way. On the one hand, it will not be too high on the table so that it will not be too obtrusive. Second, this way, you can see the top and side of the keycap, and appreciate it more comprehensively. . Compared with the keycaps, the price of the keycap storage box is not too high, but judging from the display effect, I don’t know if there is any idea of ​​adding lighting in the future, it is still very useful for some special light-transmitting keycaps.

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