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Change the case of the mobile phone, change the cap of the keyboard, and the Luofei keycap will bring a refreshing feeling to your keyboard

You need to use a keyboard to work every day, and you can’t do without a keyboard when you go home. As the most frequently used keyboard for computer peripherals, you know that there are many ways in it. Let me give you a popular science. The keys of the current mechanical keyboard There are mainly three kinds of cap materials, namely ABS, POM, and PBT.

ABS is a common engineering plastic. It has the advantages of low cost and easy production, but its hardness is not enough. After a long time of use, the surface of the keycap is prone to wear and become smooth, and oiling occurs.

For example, when I use a keyboard, it seems that I am a player who likes to play squatting PUBG...

POM is polyoxymethylene, its hardness and friction resistance are stronger than ABS, but the keycap itself feels smoother. But this smoothness is different from the greasy smoothness after ABS oiling. The keycap made of POM material has the crispest keystroke sound, and is suitable for installing on keyboards with all switches, especially for the green and brown switches, which greatly improves the feel and sound.

PBT is polybutylene terephthalate, which is harder and feels slightly better than POM. The keycap is not easy to oil and has a strong grainy feel.

In the past, my keyboard was dirty, and there was a lot of dust and hair inside, so I would remove it and wash the keyboard cap. I used to use an ultrasonic cleaner worth buying and signing in for 2000 days to clean the keycaps, but the oiled ABS keycaps are If it is not clean, you can only change the keyboard after a long time. But this time, I found a very beautiful and individual keycap, which is Luofei's "shipboard panda" 131-key OEM theme keycap.

Luo Fei launched 6 themed keycaps in one go, which drove me crazy, a person with a choice phobia, but after choosing and choosing, I still chose this shipboard panda. The blue and white color scheme looks so comfortable.

I have to admire the manufacturer's control over the small details of the product. For example, the groove on the left side of the keyboard can easily allow users to take out the keycaps instead of picking them out one by one~ and the double-layer transparent plastic storage The box firmly fixes the keycaps in their own position, making the replacement of keycaps extremely smooth. You must know that messy keycap installation is really laborious. And this design also facilitates the later storage of the keyboard cap.

The workmanship of Luofei's key puller is also very good, and the long metal handle can also be adapted to the extraction of different keyboard keycaps, which is highly adaptable!

This Luofei "Shipboard Panda" OEM-themed keycap is made of BPT sublimation material, and the look and feel is very NICE. When you touch it, it has a slight grainy feeling and feels good!

Lofree OEM keycaps are very exquisite no matter from which angle you look at them. Even the sides of the keycaps have design patterns. The keycaps use five-sided sublimation technology. The high temperature of nearly 170 degrees makes the ink molecules and PBT material more compact. Deep fusion, higher durability!

Although the keycap is not a translucent design, the original RGB lighting effect of the keyboard can also show a cool effect at night. The compatibility of this keycap is very good, and most keyboards can be adapted for use. And the 131-key keycap, no matter what kind of keyboard layout you have, this keycap can be adapted to almost all! As the saying goes, the mobile phone depends on changing the shell, and the keyboard depends on changing the cap!

A personalized keyboard, changing the keycap, can adapt to different table styles, it is not too comfortable.

This shipboard panda-themed keycap combines the popular elements of the national treasure panda and ship aircraft carrier to bring users a hard-core patriotic style. I feel that the take-off phrases on the keycaps such as "ready to take off, take off, and allow uplink" are also very distinctive.

Computer peripherals are an endless pit. As the C position of the C position, the keyboard inside the desk must show its own special features. Choosing a feasible BPT sublimation material keycap will not only make your The keyboard is no longer greasy, and it can add a touch of beautiful scenery, making typing a lot more fun!

I have to say that the keycaps of Lofree are well designed, and the PBT material is durable. If you also need to replace the keycaps, you may wish to pay more attention to these products.

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