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Chaoyi Coolplay Chapter 365: Shuangfeiyan Bloody Hand Ghost 3 player T98 mechanical keyboard with variable speed shaft to meet the different needs of players

When you choose computer peripheral products, you still have a soft spot for mechanical keyboards. Whether it is daily office or game entertainment, as long as you choose the right shaft body, you can get a good user experience. Facing the market with different specifications How to choose the shaft product? This may be a problem for everyone. The bloody ghost 3 player T98 mechanical keyboard with variable speed switches launched by Shuangfeiyan, a veteran peripheral, is equipped with LT variable speed switches that are comparable to red switches. Let's take a closer look at this product.

3 Players T98 shift shaft mechanical keyboard packaging box adopts white design style, you can have a preliminary understanding of this product through the above pictures and texts, T98 has three colors: Ning Red Night, Pixel Black, and Pixel Green For everyone to choose, I bought a pixel green version full of military feelings.

The pixel green version of the 3-player T98 shifting shaft mechanical keyboard is equipped with 25 thermal sublimation personalized PBT keycaps in the camouflage green style as standard, and 25 personalized thermal sublimation PBT keycaps in the Avenue of Stars style are also included for a limited time when purchasing. It is equipped with a key puller to replace the keycaps corresponding to the pixel green, which will bring you a refreshing feeling in terms of visual effects and user experience.

Placed on the top of the 3-player T98 shifting shaft mechanical keyboard in the packaging box, the corresponding key cap is designed with a layer of transparent plastic protective cover, which can better protect the key cap and shaft body during transportation and storage. In fact, I still prefer this This is a design method, because when the keyboard is not used in daily life, the cover can also play a dust-proof role.

The 3-player T98 shifting shaft mechanical keyboard adopts a 98-key arrangement configuration that saves desktop space. Compared with the common 104-key layout, it can save nearly 20% of the space, because the number keyboard area is reserved, so for students who have a lot of digital input The teachers, as well as the financial staff who filled out the reports, are quite considerate.

The pixel green keycaps of the 3-player T98 shifting shaft mechanical keyboard are matched with a dark green frame alone, and there is no sense of disobedience when matched. The keycaps are made of sublimation technology, which improves the feel and avoids oiling. The letters on the keycaps and The light transmittance of the symbol area is also relatively ideal, and the red LT transmission shaft gear switch button is quite eye-catching.

The shaft body of the 3-player T98 shift shaft mechanical keyboard adopts a new patented technology, and the intelligent light potential calculation realizes the precise control of the light change of the LT shift shaft, which can realize the trigger and reset almost synchronously. Complete, it can be said that the reset stroke of the LT shift shaft is close to zero, Even if the high-frequency combo is not a problem, the appearance of the shaft body feels crystal clear, and it will look very good with the backlight.

The 3-player T98 shifting shaft mechanical keyboard comes with a certain tilt angle, which can meet everyone’s daily use needs when placed directly on the desktop. If you want to adjust the angle, there is also a two-stage nail design on the back, which can realize another 8 ° and 3° inclination angle, if I use it myself, the default angle is basically very comfortable.

The design of the back of the 3-player T98 shifting shaft mechanical keyboard is also very simple. There are rubber pads on the left and right two-stage tripods and the bottom of the keyboard, which can play the role of shock absorption and anti-slip when placed on the desktop. The label in the middle area is marked in detail The detailed information of the product is included, and the bottom is also designed with a water guide hole corresponding to the anti-splash design in daily life.

The 3-player T98 shifting shaft mechanical keyboard comes with a black TYPE-C separate transmission cable and key puller. In fact, I prefer this separate design. The workmanship of the data cable is relatively solid, and the cable is relatively thick. The material is also very good, if it is made of woven material, it will be more ideal, and the key puller feels better when it is working.

The 3-player T98 gear shifting mechanical keyboard is connected with a Type-C interface and a data cable. In order to adapt to different desktop environments, it adopts a three-way full cable slot design. You can adjust it according to your own needs. The humanized design method really meets the requirements. Everyone's different use environment needs make it more convenient for everyone to use.

The 3-player T98 mechanical keyboard with variable speed shaft supports the design of full-key without punching. Quickly unlocking the WIN key during the game can indeed avoid accidental touches. The shortcut multimedia keys also improve entertainment in daily use. Through the installation The driver software can personalize this keyboard, especially the macro editing function can really get twice the result with half the effort.

The keycap backlight of the 3-player T98 variable speed mechanical keyboard is still very good. The backlight is displayed in front of everyone through the letters on the keycap and the very soft lines. The overall backlight brightness can be adjusted. In addition to the light transmission from the keycaps, the light in the background area of ​​the keycaps is also very nice, just like placing the keycaps on top of glowing gemstones.

3 Players T98 mechanical keyboard with shifting shaft does not have to replace the keycaps. Open Yuanshen to experience the operating feel of this keyboard with keycaps. Thanks to the good silky feel of the LT shifting shaft, it can be used during the game Precise control direction and skills, while elemental attacks, switching roles is also very precise, improving the feel of control and entertainment.

The 3-player T98 shifting shaft mechanical keyboard comes with 25 thermal sublimation personalized PBT keycaps in camouflage green style. The PBT thermal sublimation process is adopted, and the thickness reaches 1.3mm. The surface of the keycap is designed with frosted texture, which feels super delicate when touched , because these keys are often used during the game, so it can ensure durability and avoid oiling.

Using the key puller of the 3-player T98 shift shaft mechanical keyboard, it is very convenient to replace the 25 sublimation personalized PBT keycaps in camouflage green style. The keycaps are fixed on the LT shift shaft. , The keycap packaging can also place the replaced keycaps, which is convenient for everyone to store and avoid the loss of keycaps.

3-player T98 shifting shaft mechanical keyboard is used for game camouflage green style with 25 sublimation personalized PBT keycaps. In the process of controlling the game, because of the different colors, you can use the peripheral vision to quickly locate when you are blind typing. The hand feel improves the tactility, and also avoids misoperation caused by slipping. It can also avoid fingers polishing the keycaps after long-term use.

The 3-player T98 mechanical keyboard with variable speed axis is paired with 25 personalized PBT keycaps in the Avenue of Stars style for a limited time. From the perspective of visual effects, it has changed another style. While improving the color of the product, it also highlights the artistic atmosphere. , if I match the mouse with light colors, it may be more lively and look better.

The 3-player T98 mechanical keyboard with shifting shafts is proud of the full-keyboard non-impact design, especially in the process of fighting games, it can also be output in a busy process, which happens to trigger a big stunt, which can effectively increase the probability of winning the game. Even if two people operate the keyboard at the same time to experience fighting games, precise triggering can be achieved.

What impresses me most about the 3-player T98 shifting shaft mechanical keyboard is the 3-speed trigger function that leads the industry's innovation. The traditional shaft body needs to be replaced to meet the needs of use in different environments. The gears are cycled, the default blue light is normal hand speed, the trigger stroke is 2.0mm, switching the yellow light increases the hand speed by 50%, the trigger stroke is 1.5mm, switching the red light increases the hand speed by 100%, and the trigger stroke is 1.0mm. The initial pressure is 30gf±5gf, and the trigger pressure is 39gf~45gf. The pressure changes automatically according to the trigger stroke. The experience of different gears is completely different, which can meet different usage scenarios.

In the actual use process, the 3-player T98 shift shaft mechanical keyboard LT shift shaft linear mechanical feel is very comfortable. I am used to the smooth operation of the red shaft, so this shaft body is also very easy to shake last week, compared with the traditional shaft body. The angle is kept at 0.5°, and you can get a stable and accurate control experience during the intense game operation.

Although the mechanical keyboards on the market improve everyone’s control feeling, the sound of tapping the keyboard will also affect the people around. The 3-player T98 mechanical keyboard with shifting shafts ensures immersive input. The rebound point and bottoming of the LT shifting shafts The point is controlled by TPE soft rubber, and the sponge inside the keyboard can reduce the noise as much as possible and make the keyboard operation quieter.

The 3-player T98 mechanical keyboard with shifting shafts has a variety of themes for you to choose from. The compact 98-key layout meets your daily needs. It is equipped with an LT shifting shaft comparable to the feel of the red shaft. 1.0 The ability of the three-level trigger stroke supports 3 levels of trigger pressure. The trigger and reset are almost completed at the same time. The extremely short stroke is suitable for the function of high-frequency combo. During the game experience, the buttons are smooth and quiet. The full-key no-click, fast lock WIN, and fast multimedia make the keyboard more suitable for home entertainment. The professional splash-proof design can meet more usage environments, and the replaceable keycap design satisfies everyone. Different personalized pursuits, with 25 game-specific PBT keycaps can better improve the feel, what do you think of this product?

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