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Cheap and big bowl, HELLO GANSS Moon Soul Silver Axis丨Pinyue Blue Axis experience sharing

In the past two years, domestic switches have made rapid progress. The frequency of discussions about Cherry switches in the peripheral circle has become lower and lower, and the acceptance of domestic switches of different price levels has become higher and higher. Therefore, many peripheral manufacturers have launched customized switches or independent switches. axis. If an autonomous axis can be recognized by players, it will greatly improve the brand's status in the hearts of players; secondly, ordering a large number of autonomous axes can also reduce the cost to a certain extent. Today, I would like to briefly share with you two independent axes launched by HELLO GANSS: Moon Soul Silver Switch and Pinyue Blue Switch.

The appearance of the two switches is basically the same. The visible part is mainly the difference in the color of the switch. The color of the switch is consistent with the name of the switch, blue switch/silver switch. These two switches are currently mainly mounted on their own keyboards, hitting the market as cost-effective models. For example, the price of the HS75T independent switch version was as low as 299 yuan.

The moon soul silver axis is a linear axis: the trigger pressure is 43±5gf, the bottoming pressure is 48±5gf, the conduction stroke is 1.0+0.4mm, and the total stroke is 3.5±0.3mm;

Pinyue blue axis is an advanced stage axis: trigger pressure 35±5gf, stage pressure 50±5gf, stage starting point 0.5±0.3mm, conduction stroke 2.00±0.3mm, total stroke 4.0±0.3mm.

There is no dust-proof wall on the axis of the two axes, and the logo of "GANSS" is on one side of the transparent axis cover.

The upper cover is a traditional bridging upper cover, which supports SMD lamps and plug-in lamp beads. Both axes are five-legged axes. The transparent PC shell has a very good light transmission performance.

The Moon Soul Silver Switch uses a 22mm single-segment extended spring, combined with the short conduction stroke and total stroke of the shaft body, it can achieve a feel that is not easy to touch by mistake and rebounds quickly.

The shaft is made of POM material, and there is no obvious trace of grease on the shaft or the spring, but the smoothness is not bad.

Although there is no dust-proof wall on the Moon Soul Silver axis, the stability of the axis is not bad; although it is a fast-trigger linear axis, the initial pressure and rebound force are not small, and it is not easy to accidentally touch; the pressing process is smooth and there is no noise. The bottoming sound is small, and the overall feel should be said to be okay.

The Pinyue blue switch is equipped with an 18mm single-segment spring, and the initial trigger pressure is slightly lighter, only 35 grams.

The Pinyue Blue switch is also the center of the POM switch. Like the Moon Soul Silver switch, no obvious traces of grease have been found.

The trigger stroke of Pinyue Blue switch is only 0.5mm, which triggers the switch as soon as it is pressed down, but the overall sense of switch is not too strong, so it is more suitable for players who like weak switch bodies like tea switches. The overall performance of the shaft body is also relatively satisfactory, the shaft center shakes very little, and the process of pressing and rebounding is also smooth without noise.

The fully transparent PC casing has a very good effect on the lighting effect. The lighting effects of the two axes are consistent. After all, except for the color of the axis, the casing is the same.

The Gasket kit is still more suitable for linear axes, so I installed Lunar Silver switches for the A3 kit.

The light transmission effect after the keycap is installed is also good. Although it is not as good as the axis body of the light guide column condenser, it is better than the cheap bowl.

The two autonomous axes of HELLO GANSS, it’s not enough to say how excellent and surprising they are. The overall performance is quite satisfactory, and there are no obvious shortcomings. To say whether it can be played or not, ultimately depends on its price. I always think that the finished hot-swappable keyboard should either use the cheapest switch to lower the starting price, so that players can change the switch easily; or use the most popular switch body in one step, saving the trouble again. At present, these two switches do not seem to be retailed separately for the time being. They are mainly mounted on new keyboards and appear in everyone's field of vision as price assassins. Overall, they really highlight the cost-effective advantage.

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