Cheap ass RS2 three-mode Gasket red bean milk knob to get started

The one in my hand is the cheap donkey RS2, a three-mode keyboard with a 99+1 arrangement in a strange color, that is, red, soy milk and white

The front space, carriage return, esc, and knobs are made red, and the other keys are soy milk white. Obviously, this is also a two-color color matching

logo in the lower right corner

The number area on the front is very interesting. It gives 0 a large key position. Usually this layout is a small key. This one is a large key. It is quite friendly to the little cute who often uses the number keyboard.

There are diamond-shaped textures around the knob in the upper right corner, which will not slip when using it, and there is a sense of scale feedback when turning it

The front side of the back is the plug-in port, there is no winding slot, but it has an elbow typec cable

Press the button next to it to turn on the wireless, fn+4 is 2.4, fn+1 is bluetooth, this has a corresponding mark on the keycap, 1-3 are 3 bluetooth signals

After the signal is connected, the keyboard light will be on

The back is all red, with 2 gears, and in the middle is a 2.4 receiver, magnetic, and the suction is quite enough

PBT two-color keycaps, low in the front and high in the back, slightly frosted, showing a smooth feel, and the edges and corners around do not hold hands

This keycap can't be said to be opaque, but it will feel transparent under strong light.

But the light brightness of this keyboard, the intensity released is not as high as imagined, within a sufficient range,

Because the flash is obviously higher than the light effect when adjusting the brightness, it should be sealed a little

No matter what color the keyboard light is, it is still a little bit red

Mine is a white and red shaft, with a pressure of 42 and a total stroke of 3.5

The sound of letters and numbers is more plastic and crisp, the space of the large key will be a little rattling, the press of the carriage return is a bit fleshy, and the whole is soft

The shaft is very easy to pull out, the shell is smooth plastic, it looks very thick, it feels a little sensual when pressed, and there is a sound of clattering plastic

The panel is also buckled, and the whole is a gas structure. The keypad is a bit elastic. Its gas structure is surrounded by a ring of sponges to support the positioning board.

The positioning plate is made of FR4, which is a snakeskin pattern and has a certain degree of toughness. The key characters are engraved on it, and the sound-absorbing cotton and the under-shaft pad are on the bottom.

3000 mAh battery, the bottom case has no padding, leaving a lot of module slots, and the battery also has a battery slot. Many keyboards before did not have a battery slot. This one does. I am relatively timid. I feel that it will be relatively stable if there is a battery slot.

The bottom shell has reinforcement ribs, which are spacers, which can be filled by yourself

This is very friendly to the cute little ones in the office and commonly used digital areas, and a calculator's exhalation key is specially added to the side of the knob

, the whole is about 2 catties, if you are interested, you can pay attention to it

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