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Cherry Cherry KC200 MX, affirmation from the leadership, expressed satisfaction

The leader has never been very interested in electronic products, and an iPhone 6s can be used for a long time, until I gave her an iPhone 12, so I directly bought many electronic products for her to use. Recently, she became a working party and joined the team of workers. One day she suddenly told me that she finally knew the difference between a keyboard and a keyboard. Because at home, I arranged for her a mechanical keyboard with a cherry red switch, and when I went to the office, I used an ordinary office keyboard. The experience is very poor and the efficiency is not high. The keyboard arranged before has been used for a long time, and it is time to change it for her. She still has some requirements for appearance. Good looks are very important, and feel is also very important. Just recently, CHERRY recently launched the KC200 MX series, which is wired (leaders don’t care much about wired and wireless), and there are three colors to choose from, pink, blue and white, and black. Orange and pink are good choices, but it was pink before. This time, I changed the taste and chose green and white. I chose a tea shaft for the shaft. By the way, let her feel the feeling of different shafts.

The packaging of the KC200 is mainly gray and white, with rich colors and a clear layout. The left side of the front is a German design, and the lettering of the CHERRY KC 200 MX mechanical keyboard is printed on the bottom. There are huge MX switches and cherry switches on the bottom. What is more prominent is the rendering of the keyboard on the right. A keyboard covers three colors. The difference in color is clear at a glance, and there is a small color mark in the lower right corner.

On the back of the package is a brief introduction in different languages, with basic information such as functions and performance, package content, and system requirements, such as shaft body and SN code on both sides of the package.

The content of the package is also very simple, the cable of the wired keyboard is directly connected to the keyboard, and the keyboard is covered by a black

Sydney paper wrapped protection, and a multilingual instruction manual.

You can see the main body of the keyboard by unpacking the black wrapping paper. The overall features are very obvious and very individual. The matching of the color parts is very comfortable. This kind of color matching and the cute spherical keycaps are like sugar cubes. like. With an anodized aluminum cover and an ultra-thin body, it feels like a combination of cute, office, and mechanical elements. The 108-key compact layout is very good at first glance.

The keys in the input area are mainly white, and the function area is mainly cyan, but the overall feeling is that the ratio of cyan to white is similar. If you look carefully, the ball cap does give people a different feeling from ordinary keycaps. The whole is more rounded, giving people a feeling of Q bombs, and the font matching on the keycaps makes it feel more cute.

It is worth noting that the font of the input area, like the letter area and the number area of ​​the small keyboard, the font size is very large, and the number keys on the letter area are closer to the size of the normal font, but look at the number area of ​​the small keyboard, the font is larger A large circle, and all printed in the middle of the keycap, this is completely different from the font position of the traditional keycap on the upper side.

The upper cover of the keyboard does not block the shaft. The advantage of this design is that the keyboard looks very thin. Ignoring the height of the shaft and the keycap, the rest is the height of the entire keyboard base. It will be easier to clean the dust , just swipe around to clear it.

108 keys add 4 keys above the small keyboard area, and the indicator lights like NUM LOCK and CAPS LOCK are not set separately. The 4 buttons are the quick call of volume-/mute/volume+/calculator, and they are also several commonly used functions. It will be more convenient to set the buttons separately.

The CHERRY logo on the arrow keys can be covered on anodized aluminum, and the mirror surface can reflect light, which is more prominent under the matte surface. Looking at the ball cap from this angle, it also has a different feeling, and the corner transition is smoother and smoother.

The back is white, the feet and the bottom three non-slip pads, and the nameplate label in the middle are mainly gray. The whole is not completely flat, but some structural designs have been made to reduce the thickness of the keyboard and increase the thickness of the keyboard. slope.

The feet can be opened, and there is only one height adjustment, so the entire keyboard supports two height adjustments, and there are gray non-slip feet under the feet.

There are only two colors of keycaps. When you take it out and look at the back, you can see that the keycaps are two-color PBT injection molding. The cyan keycaps have a white bottom, while the white keycaps have a gray bottom. The workmanship is very good, and there are no burrs like big There are also reinforcing ribs at the bottom of the keys, and the three cross columns mean that the large keys of this keyboard are designed with satellite shafts.

The length of different keycaps is not the same, the size of the input area and some functional areas are the same, the space is the longest, then the Shfit key on the right, and then Shift and Enter on the left, BACKSPACE and CAPS LOCK are about the same size Slightly shorter than Enter, followed by function keys such as CTRL, the input area is the shortest.

The switch body is Cherry’s own MX switch. You can tell that it is an old tea switch from the color. The CHERRY logo is clearly visible on the upper side of the switch body. The feel of the tea shaft is self-evident. It is a paragraph shaft itself, but the sense of paragraph is relatively weak. Compared with the linear shaft of the red shaft, there will be some differences in the sound. There is a feeling that you are working hard to code words.

The advantage of 108 keys lies in the small keyboard. The standard keyboard size plus 4 independent function keys is completely sufficient for office work. The leader is also a person who likes to use a small keyboard, so the smaller arrangement is not easy to use. Like this one, the appearance is tall and cute, the keyboard itself is relatively thin and compact, the spacing between the keycaps is relatively small, and the layout is compact.

The input of the small keyboard is very convenient, especially when inputting numbers. The large font looks more comfortable than the traditional font. It is relatively less serious and has a touch of playfulness. I think girls will like it.

It is a very practical function to quickly adjust the volume. Adding, subtracting, and subtracting can also mute the volume with one key.

As mentioned earlier, the indicator lights of NUM LOCK and other buttons are not set separately, but placed under the keycap very cleverly. After clicking, there will be a white light under the keycap, and you can see CAPS LOCK, NUM LOCK, SCRLK There are white lights below.

▲It looks great on the desktop

CHERRY has recently launched new products that are more and more interesting, with high appearance and clear positioning. The appearance of the KC200 MX is very satisfying, and the candy feeling is very good, just like typing on a piece of sugar cube, which feels amazing. Just transitioning from the red switch to the brown switch still needs a certain amount of time to get used to it. The leader is very happy to change to a new keyboard, which meets her needs for a new one. I can also take the opportunity to touch two games, justified, and then try to scold me.

The above is all the content, if you like it, give me a thumbs up! Thanks for reading.

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