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CHERRY G80 3000 simple refurbishment attempt

More than ten years ago, when mechanical keyboards became popular in the player circle, apart from the famous third-party manufacturer FILCO, the original keyboards from CHERRY were probably the main choice. At that time, CHERRY did not pay much attention to the personal market, and the keyboard suitable for personal choice was basically the G80 3000 series. Others are industrial keyboards with strange arrangements, and the prices are still high because of the rare goods. Of course, at that time, the two-color injection molded keycaps seemed to be very difficult to blow, and only the ancient CHERRY keyboard had such keycaps.

Long story short, although the G80-3000 is not popular with gamers because of its large size, full keyboard layout, and too far away from the F zone, only 6 keys without punching, etc. However, for text input users, the flexible feel without steel plate, the addition of original factory feelings, and the rather retro design are all bonus items. I also bought a special G80-3000LSCXX in 2007, which is a white blue shaft. It is special, of course, because of the design of the full keyboard without engraving (including the shell), and second, because the European version of the reverse car arrangement is extremely rare in China, and it is said to be designed for editing work. There are not many pictures on the Internet, so I found one for your reference. 

G80-3000LSCXX Green shaft

Of course, it is also one of the few official CHERRY keyboards without engraving. I know that there was also a black LPCXY-2 with black black shafts at the same time, but it was used in the US version, as shown in the figure below.

Here, I would be very embarrassed to take out my hand, because I am old and have not been cleaned and maintained usually, so the condition is really bad.

The day before yesterday, Pinduoduo bought a bottle of plastic yellowing agent, and just found out this keyboard, thinking about holding it for practice. So it was opened. I took a look, the serial number is 41, isn't the output quite small?

Buckle design, no screws

CHERRY's famous design is not only without steel plates, but also basically without screws. The entire keyboard only has two screws to fix the circuit board.

Only these two hex screws

Remove the shell, and the filthy PCB version is completely exposed. There is no good way to do this. Remove the keycaps and let everyone show their skills.

I clean the keycaps directly on an ultrasonic machine, then put them in a laundry bag, and blow them roughly dry with a professional hair dryer. I can only clean the PCB board with lighter fluid and cotton swabs.

After the PCB board and keycaps are processed, they can be installed first. The height definitions of the original keycaps and OEM keycaps are different, not R1-R4, but BCDE

The shell is going to be troublesome. Spray the yellowing agent on a paper towel, wrap it in plastic wrap, and leave it for three to five days. I forgot to take a picture. Use a similar one.

After three to five days, when you take it apart, it is basically the same as the new one.

Thanks to the fact that there are no screws, assembly is also easy. By the way, wipe the wires with lighter fluid and call it a day.

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