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CHERRY MX Introduces Ergo Clear White Switches: A Spinoff for the DIY Community

The market leader and specialist in mechanical switches, CHERRY MX is expanding its product portfolio with the CHERRY MX Ergo Clear, a spin-off aimed primarily at the DIY community. An enthusiast's mod dating back to 2011, it's now officially the official choice, optimized to CHERRY MX's industry-leading standards.

The MX Ergo Clear has a unique key feel, no crisp clicks, and a relatively light actuation force—somewhere between the classic MX Clear and the brown switches (MX Brown). MX Ergo Clear is CHERRY MX's first community-oriented special edition axle.

In March 2011, a netizen named mtl demonstrated this modification on the well-known Geekhack forum. This mostly involved swapping out the traditional MX Clear springs for MX Black springs to reduce actuation, especially bottoming out. The result is a smoother feel to type on. Additionally, the community member applied a PTFE-based lubricant to the spring and plunger to further optimize drive performance and acoustics.

Thanks to the revised MX Clear, it now feels more like a mix of the classic white (MX Clear) and brown (MX Brown) switches. However, due to user optimization, the typing feel is better than the original version, so mtl named it "Ergo Clear". Since then, the mod has proven quite popular.

In the strong voice of the community , culminating in the inclusion of MX Ergo Clear in the proven CHERRY MX product line for over 30 years. And choose more high-quality high-performance grease to ensure low friction and reliable long-term lubrication.

Cherry MX Ergo Clear offers great key feel, no clicks, 2 mm of pre-trigger travel, 0.55 N of depressive force (reduced to only 0.4 N later), 1ms bounce time, and a rating of over 50 million actuations Nominal lifetime.

Like the other axles, the MX Ergo Clear is manufactured at its factory in Oberpfalz, Germany, and features a Gold Crosspoint contact system for consistently reliable input and the highest precision.

There will be four versions of Ergo Clear, the RGB version, which uses a translucent upper body + natural color lower body, optimized for RGB / SMD LEDs. The integrated lens and wide diffusion area ensure a full spectrum of 16.8 million colors and high brightness, and there will also be a non-RGB version. In addition, CHERRY MX provides frame mounting (3-pin) and PCB mounting options with fixed feet (5-pin).

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