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Cherry releases a new ultra-thin mechanical switch, with a tea switch feel, and the main feature is mute

It may be that the mechanical sense was overemphasized before, resulting in excessive noise. Therefore, the mechanical keyboard benchmark CHERRY (cherry) released the MX Ultra Low Profile Tactile mechanical switch today, which is an improved version of the Click ultra-thin switch launched last year. It is mainly silent and suitable for users who are sensitive to noise.

The Cherry MX Ultra Low Profile Tactile mechanical switch is still aimed at high-end gaming notebooks or ultra-thin external mechanical keyboards. It is still built with an ultra-thin structure, with a total key travel of 1.8mm, a tactile feedback point of 0.8mm, and a pressure of 65N in grams.

It is worth noting that although the mechanical structure remains the same and becomes quieter, the new Tactile version is different from the previous Click version. This version will feel more like the MX brown switch, with a sense of paragraph, and there is no click sound, but Haptic feedback is still available for users who prefer quiet typing.

In addition, a transparent material is added, which is compatible with SMD light (RGB or monochrome), so the RGB light effect will be more transparent and more uniform.

The official did not announce the specific time to market. The previous Click version of the MX Ultra Low Profile axis was first launched by the Alienware game book.

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