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CHERRY's first office line of new mechanical keyboards, colorful color matching + original switches and PBT ball caps are the highlights

For old fans in the peripheral circle, mentioning CHERRY (cherry), a well-known peripheral brand, I believe it should belong to a well-known veteran role. After all, his family not only makes keyboard-oriented game peripherals , and even provide mechanical switches for many friends’ keyboards. For a long time, the quality of keyboards that use Cherry’s original switches seems to have improved a lot in an instant.

As for the keyboard products launched by Cherry, although they perform well in terms of quality and comprehensive experience, the design impression left on users is relatively simple and traditional. The consistent industrial style, black, white and gray color schemes have remained unshakable for many years, focusing on games. The product line of peripherals is also positioned on the high side, so the user group of Cherry in China is still a relatively small circle of professional gamers.

The time has come to 2022, and Cherry has finally launched office line peripheral products that are more suitable for the mainstream public for the huge Chinese market, so as to meet the needs of different consumer groups. And the KC200 MX series new mechanical keyboard launched by Cherry this time is based on colorful candy-style color matching, playing with a different definition of appearance, and completely changing the brand's old fans' views on the positioning of traditional Cherry. After talking for a long time, you might as well follow the author's first-hand experience to learn more about this new entry-level office mechanical keyboard.

First of all, the biggest impression of the Cherry KC200 MX is its highly recognizable colorful candy color scheme, just like the partly assembled appearance renderings on its outer packaging, except for the combination of gray and orange keycaps that the author started with. In addition to the "rock gray sweet orange flavor", there are also refreshing "green and white mint flavors", sweet and girly "red strawberry flavors" and calm and restrained "caramel cocoa flavors". I believe that they have rich styles The color matching can definitely meet the selection needs of people with different style preferences.

As a wired mechanical keyboard with 108 full-key layouts, the Cherry KC200 MX ensures that all keys have no impact and brings a return rate of 1000hz. The overall three-dimensional size of 430mm * 120mm * 38mm combined with the simple and frameless design also looks very delicate and compact. In addition, it is worth mentioning that in addition to the complete keypad function, the Cherry KC200 MX with a full-size keyboard also provides 4 additional media buttons, including volume adjustment and shortcut functions for calling up the calculator, as a positioning Office keyboards are naturally very practical.

At the same time, the Cherry KC200 MX also adopts a floating keycap design, which is naturally very convenient for cleaning the keyboard and replacing the keycaps.

Moreover, the entire panel of this keyboard is made of frosted aluminum alloy panel, which not only takes into account the advantages of wear-resistant and scratch-resistant materials, but also provides matching spraying colors for different styles, making the overall visual perception more harmonious and harmonious. personality.

Looking at the back of the keyboard, the back of the Cherry KC200 MX does not have too many complicated designs, and the simple embossed high-low transition brings a certain visual three-dimensional layering. There are stable large-area rubber non-slip pads around the keyboard, so the friction coefficient and anti-slip performance for different materials of desktops are good. In addition, the bottom support foot pad is a single-stage opening and closing design, and comes with a non-slip foot pad, which provides a stable use experience for the keyboard.

For the part of the keycap that needs to be in contact with fingers for a long time, there is a little surprise that Cherry equips the KC200 MX with a spherical keycap made of PBT material and a two-color injection molding process. Compared with the ABS material keycaps commonly used in mainstream low-end keyboards, PBT keycaps not only ensure that the keycaps are not prone to oiling after long-term use, but also have obvious advantages in terms of wear resistance and durability. In short, the keys feel very warm and comfortable. .

The core mechanical switch used by Cherry KC200 MX is naturally its own classic German original MX switch. The anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation properties of the gold contacts inside and the strong spring bring hundreds of millions of knocking life, and its The iconic pentagonal shaft performs better in terms of pressing stability. It is said that the shaft switch has a small surprise blessing waiting for users to discover. The optional MX switches include MX black switches, MX red switches, MX green switches and MX brown switches. Different trigger strokes and pressure grams can meet the needs of users for different usage scenarios and preferences.

By the way, according to the different daily office usage habits among users, Cherry also matches it with CHERRY KEYS software, which is convenient for users to freely define some key functions, so as to quickly open web pages and applications, and quickly insert edited text content , play the recorded macro script and logout, lock and other functions. As an entry-level office-focused keyboard, although the KC200 MX has few custom functions, it is still very practical.

Written at the end, I have to say that the arrival of KC200 MX has completely changed the old cherry fans' perception of the old traditional peripheral manufacturers, especially the bold and innovative candy color matching can be said to have broken their conventional design style, and the pleasing color The value is very suitable for the current scene of diversified users. And while ensuring the feel and performance experience, it lowers the entry threshold and naturally becomes more cost-effective after broadening the user market. So what are the reasons for rejecting it next? Interested friends may wish to try it quickly.

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