Cinnamon Dog Custard Mechanical Keyboard, Daryu Z82 Sanrio Co-branded Model--Cute

What is the priority for girls to choose a keyboard? From my survey of some female friends, their first consideration is appearance. For many women, most of them like the cute style of painting. If it can be matched with your favorite IP elements, it will be even more perfect. Dareu Small Sugar Cube Z82 is also famous among many mechanical keyboards.

Recently, Dareu Z82 and Sanrio jointly launched the Yugui Dog series. Presumably everyone who is in the second dimension should be familiar with this IP. Even if you are not familiar with Sanrio, its famous hello kitty is really a household name. According to the information I know, hello kitty's co-branded models will also be launched in the near future. You can look forward to a wave. Next, let’s get down to business and see what new elements this cinnamon dog cube candy has.

Packaging accessories

Let’s take a look at the packaging elements first. The packaging box is made of light blue as a whole. The name of the [cinnamoroll] cinnamon dog on the front is designed in the shape of a white cloud, and it is equipped with various forms of cinnamon dogs. The first time I saw the box, my wife couldn't help snatching it away.

The box includes instructions, keyboard, three replaceable buttons, a Type-C charging cable, key puller, etc.

exterior design

The whole frame of Cinnamon Dog Custard is light blue, and the main color of the button is white. With the blue characters and patterns, it has a feeling of blue sky and white clouds, very cute and fresh. In addition, in the space bar and the lower right corner of the keyboard, there are also elements of cinnamon dogs. This IP element customization can be said to be very detailed.

Cinnamon Dog Custard uses an 82-key design. The key layout of the whole machine is relatively compact, and there are many main function keys that should be available. Compared with the traditional 104 keys, the overall size is smaller. It weighs only about 760 grams, which is very convenient whether it is used in the office or taken out.

The material of the keycaps is PBT, and the shape of the individual keycaps is relatively round. A single keycap really looks like a candy, and it feels very Q-like. There is a certain curvature in the middle of the keycap, which fits the fingertips better when typing.

Cinnamon Dog Custard also has some features of its own in terms of button functions. The F area button at the top can be used as a multi-function button. The multi-function button in the upper right corner can be pressed for time to mute, rotate to adjust the volume and other functions. There is also a very interesting function, that is, it can be used as a mouse with FN+WASD and other buttons. In case the mouse is broken, the keyboard can be used instead.

Behind the keyboard is a three-position switch adjustment, a Type-C interface, and a 2.4G receiver. It supports Bluetooth, wired, 2.4G three connection methods, and supports Windows and Mac dual operating systems.

A number of non-slip rubber pads are added to the back of the keyboard to ensure the stability of the keyboard on the desktop. Equipped with a two-stage foot support, supporting two heights of 6° and 9°


The first thing women think about choosing a keyboard is to look at its appearance. If it is superficial and the typing experience is not good, I don’t think anyone will be willing to keep it. Cinnamon Dog Custard is still very interesting in terms of typing experience.

As I mentioned before the keycap, the PBT material is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, and will not oil. The concave design gives the fingertips a wrapping feeling, and there is no obvious matte feeling on the touch, and it has a warm feeling like skin.

On the key switch, Yugui Dog Custard uses Kaihua light tone switch, the total travel is 3.7+-0.3mm, the trigger stroke is 1.9+-0.4mm, the operating force is 40+-10gf, the pressing is soft, and the triggering force is small. There is an obvious sense of paragraph. Although it is also a mechanical keyboard, when typing, the sound is not much different from the usual membrane keyboard. Therefore, it will not disturb the people when used in any quiet environment. The key switch also uses the same color scheme as the theme IP, and the life of the switch body is officially stated to be as long as 70 million times, which is quite long.

The connection method, as mentioned earlier, supports three modes. Wired, 2.4G wireless and Bluetooth, support mobile phone, tablet and computer multi-device connection, switching is also very convenient.

Cinnamon Dog Custard also has a backlight, and only supports one color, which is a bit pinkish-purple, and the brightness is softer. After it is turned on, the backlight will move slowly, which looks very dreamy, and instantly arouses the girl's heart.

Most of my daily use is 2.4G. Cinnamon Dog Cube has a built-in 2000mAh battery. If the backlight is not turned on, there is no problem in using it for about half a month. The battery life is quite satisfactory.


As a main cute IP, it is a mechanical keyboard for female users. As a boy, I was a little bit moved when I saw it for the first time. First of all, the IP of Yugui Dog is still very well-known, which can attract many cute girls. While satisfying the visual enjoyment, the silent design, multi-function button assistance, and round and soft touch all add a lot to it. As a three-mode mechanical keyboard of less than 500 yuan, I think girls can rush.

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