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Classic keyboard CHERRY G80-11900 with alternative arrangement of cherries

I suddenly fell in love with the retro style of the old keyboard, especially the battleship like Cherry 9009, I really like it. But most of the old keyboards are arranged in the classic 104 or 108, compared to the cherry G80-3000. Although this series is also a classic, and the retro taste of the big forehead is quite enough, the arrangement of 104 is still too common.

Inadvertently, when surfing the Internet, I found a G80-11800 manufactured by Cherry for Compaq. This unique key arrangement immediately attracted me. The thick border is combined with the unique double-row F area and the top pad area, and the lower right corner is used as an exquisite mouse operation area, which makes the keyboard a bit more interesting.

However, I heard that the trackball is easy to break, and there is no WIN key, so it feels inconvenient to use. The main reason is that the 11800 did not find a trimmer keyboard. The price on the second-hand market is around 180 yuan, so I gave up. Look at the picture Forget it.

But in the era of big data, there are such benefits. As long as you have searched for this type of product, it will naturally be pushed to you inadvertently. No, after a few days, an article about the model Cherry G80-11900 came out.


It is the next-generation product of G80-11800, and its positioning is at the flagship level. The key layout is exactly the same as that of 11800. It is a variant of G80-1800. The lower right corner is the same touchpad as a notebook. The accuracy is not high, but I am thinking about it. In this position, a screen can be added in the future, and a small thing of the intelligent system can be placed in it, which can be regarded as a part of the customized key, haha.

Although you can't get a big ship like the Cherry 9009, the 11900 can be regarded as a small battleship, and it is also a classic. Seeing that there are more than 60 yuan of second-hand cord-cutting keyboards priced at 11900, it is quite cheap, so I bought one and came back to repair it myself. The problem with the cord-cutting keyboard is that Taiyike has returned, and it is also necessary to fight for RP. In case the main control is broken, it can only be used as a switch board to remove the switch.

The photo after I got it is really Iraqi

still missing a few axes

The keycap is not complete

Now it is popular to change the keyboard to TYPEC key line separation. It is a very useful modification. I bought the wire connector directly from a certain treasure, and found that the keyboard connector of Cherry is 1.5P when I came back. I bought the 1.25P on the Internet and found it was too small. Here also waited a few days for express delivery. After turning on the power, I found that the computer does not recognize the keyboard, and the car overturned? In the end, I realized that the touchpad must also be connected to the computer to recognize it. However, a large number of keys are out of order, and it took N wires to solve the problem.

Flying line Flying line

The TYPEC connector is also flying.

After all the buttons are normal, spray paint on the shell, and the painting process will not be displayed. The keycaps were temporarily used and put together from a garbage bag without engraving. It is a Picasso style. The main thing I want to say is the hand spray paint I bought. I originally wanted the white color of the old computer and the white shell of the old cherry keyboard. I thought it was milky white. But after spraying it, I realized that I was wrong. The milky white is slightly yellowish. After spraying it, it turns yellow and yellow like the white key is old and oxidized. Even the spray paint will help me become nostalgic, which is equivalent to directly making the keyboard old.

Unengraved keycaps

old looking keyboard

The original 11900 shaft is a cherry five-legged black shaft, which is too heavy to handle, and needs to be replaced with some lighter springs to make it thicker. I have to say, after the black shaft of Cherry is replaced with a thicker spring, it feels really good in the hand. With the unique steel-free structure of Cherry, it really feels like knocking on a wooden fish. In addition, the unique rustling sound of the cherry black shaft becomes particularly magical after being moistened. However, due to time constraints, I dealt with the letter area and a few large keys. I changed the space bar and ESC key to the red switch, and the other springs will be replaced when I have time.

Change to 45G spring thick

Big key to adjust thickness

Of course, the non-engraved keycap garbage bag is just a transitional use. I matched it with a set of plastic themed keycaps. There are a few unique keys with Chinese notes. It seems that it was born for the 11900 arrangement. It is really a perfect match. But when it is a headache, the space bar of 11900 is 6U, and the chrysanthemum is not in the center. , surprisingly fit well.

The green space is surprisingly good

It feels like a comment button born for 11900

Enter key

copy and paste

The keycap theme is simple but not simple

steering wheel


With the keycaps attached, the entire keyboard cost about 100, which is the most satisfying one I have made recently. The spring-changed cherry light black switch feels great when typing, and this article is completed with this keyboard. Whether you like the special arrangement of 11800 and 11900 depends on everyone's taste, and the arrangement of function keys may take a while to get used to. Most of the key arrangements are too conventional at present, and sometimes it is too plain to put on the desktop. Come to such a special keyboard, it has a special flavor. A keyboard isn't meant to be used for typing sometimes, it's also a desk decoration once in a while, right?

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