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Climbing the red cherry blossoms, the red cherry blossoms fall like clouds, Amilor V2 cherry blossom experience

When sending you off under the cherry blossom tree, every inch of spring heart breaks off branches; when he looks back, who can remember, there are cherry blossoms in spring and autumn sweet rhinoceros... When it comes to cherry blossoms, everyone generally thinks of beautiful pictures~ Some people will mention that this is a small day The place where it has been is the place of origin; in fact, cherry blossoms. Cherries, apples, pears, etc. are all plants of the genus Prunus in the Rosaceae, and they can be found everywhere~ We have many poems describing cherry blossoms since ancient times, and now Amilo has also incorporated the beauty of cherry blossoms into the tools of modern society.

There are national fashion clothing, national style songs, and national style peripherals are naturally available. Amilo, who is proficient in this, has launched a series of keyboards, and the Amilo Sakura-87 that I got this time is one of them. payment.

The author's location has been at home for almost 20 days because of the mask, but fortunately, the express delivery of Xudong is really good! Order in the morning and arrive in the afternoon! The packaging of many peripheral brands is ordinary corrugated paper. Amilor's is quite careful on the cover, but a few Japanese words have been added to the fly in the ointment.

The overall size is: 358*134*35mm, and the weight is about 1.6kg (with packaging). The weight of Amilo’s family has always been not suitable for carrying it in a bag.

The accessories are a USBC cable, several large replacement keys, and a key puller. In addition, I still have to say that the fragrance of Amilo’s keyboards is really good!

There are 5 foot pads on the back, two-stage foot support, the highest height is 15mm higher than the square; the notch on the back can output the keyboard cable in three directions; but the insertion and removal of the C port requires a relatively large force.

The keycaps are Amilor V-Silk PBT keycaps with 5 sublimation sides, with a thickness of 1.3mm; compared with the previous classic Amilor keycaps, the new V-Silk keycaps ensure the high purity of PBT and high-quality oil At the same time, it gives the user a silky and delicate touch to the keycap.

The V2 in the VA series uses a brand new TC decavity noise reduction design. The sandwich silicone pad + bottom cotton structure is currently popular in the market.

Amilor TC uses air-hole high-temperature-resistant silica gel on the material of the sound-absorbing pad. On the basis of high-temperature resistance and large-scale automatic welding, the suction effect is much better than traditional silica gel pads; the high-density air-hole foam used at the bottom maximizes Eliminate key cavity sound and noise; I bought the wired version. If the wireless version is on the shelves, it needs to be equipped with EVA mute cotton to achieve this effect.

However, on the backlight, it is indeed done so-so. If the keyboard is already heavy, if you add lamp beads and the like, it is estimated that even I, an Amilor fan, will have to consider it~

There is one thing to say, although the design of Amilo's keyboard is very careful, but the price is too expensive for ordinary consumers, not everyone can understand that it is the design that pays; and gradually expands the circle from customization, In addition, many domestic brands have made great efforts in design and craftsmanship. Amilo has missed the first wave. This time I will share a hodgepodge of all the Amilor keyboards I have bought.

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