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Code word artifact, one-key connection to computer, tablet, mobile phone, Dujia K620W keyboard mechanical keyboard to get started

It is said that playing with mechanical keyboards will cause "addiction". I didn't believe it at first, until I couldn't help but get this K620W mechanical keyboard just launched by Dujia, and I called it really fragrant. Presumably friends who like mechanical keyboards should have heard of Dujia.

The K620W launched this time can be known from the name with W. This is a wireless three-mode product. For digital bloggers like us who have a lot of devices, multi-mode is just needed. Released together with the K620W, there is actually a K610W. The difference between the two is that the former has 87 keys and the latter has 104 keys.

Personally, an 87-key or more compact layout is the way to go. I don't know if you like it with a numeric keypad?

This K620W has two colors, namely "Echo" and "Island". Both names are very artistic. I choose Echo in fog blue color, and the blue and white are simple, fashionable and more energetic. The other isolated island is a dark green color, which has a taste of approaching twilight and is more calm.

Since it is a mechanical keyboard, this Duga K620W has a variety of switches to choose from, all of which are customized by Jiadalong. There are red switches, tea switches, silver switches, and mute red switches. I usually don’t play games, pure code words , so I chose the silver shaft version.

Linear feel, short key travel, and low trigger force. When typing, tap the keyboard quickly, and the efficiency of continuous typing is higher. There is no obvious sense of paragraph, and it is closer to the typing experience of a membrane keyboard. It is also more appropriate to describe it in one go.

The material and design of the keycaps are also very particular. The PBT material is used, which has a delicate touch. It is also not easy to be stained with oil. The front uses a two-color closed-mouth molding process. Long-term typing will not cause wear and tear on the characters, and it is original. The high-height keycaps are well done both visually and tactilely.

In the interior of the keyboard, Dujia added silicone pads and bottom noise-absorbing cotton, so whether it is a silent red switch, brown switch or silver switch, in the case of non-violent tapping on the keyboard, the sound will not be too loud, and the shock absorption The effect is not bad.

As for the stability and delay of the USB/Bluetooth/2.4G three-mode connection, there is probably only a difference when it is just connected. A latency, but the overall typing lag is largely unnoticeable once connected. I personally prefer Bluetooth connection. It is always more comfortable to have fewer wires on the desktop. You can switch between different modes with the four buttons of Fn+QWER.

For some friends who like to DIY by themselves to replace the shaft body and keycaps, Dujia K620W also supports full-key hot-swappable, so you can customize your favorite keyboard.

In terms of compatibility, K620W does a good job. It supports Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS different systems to automatically identify and automatically match keys, and has carefully prepared 3 matching keycaps for Mac devices to replace them, and there will be no splitting. Feel.

In addition, regarding the battery life, the official data shows that it works 8 hours a day, the battery life is 360 days in Bluetooth mode, and about 200 days in 2.4G wireless connection mode. This battery life is really good, and it only takes 3 hours to fully charge, but I I haven't used it for a long time, and I can't verify whether it can last for such a long time. It should be not bad.

Finally, I would like to summarize the hands-on experience of this Duga K620W mechanical keyboard. The echo color matching is very good, and it is more versatile with different desktops. The input of the silver switch is more efficient than other switches. When it is used for office work or coding The experience is very suitable for the axis body, and the wireless three-mode can connect multiple devices to switch freely, and the practicality is also good.

As for the quality of the product, I think Dujia can be trusted in this regard. The material is solid and the workmanship is relatively good, so you can trust it.

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