Color screen black horse three-mode gasket Tiger Batu f75

This is Hubatu's F75, a very interesting retro-style keyboard with a display

A 104-key box holds this 81-key keyboard in a 75-layout, with a bunch of accessories

Aviation plug-in cable, key puller, spare magnetic feet, and a set of cleaning kits, big and small brushes and watering cans are given

Mine is red, which is Furong Rouge. I think it may be more appropriate to call it Strawberry Bear. It has a deep red shell, a rose red + meat red PBT keycap on the outer ring, and a cake-colored light yellow in the middle, which is also slightly frosted. The keycaps, the front is concave, the hand feels smoother, it looks good in texture, opaque, and the multi-function logo is printed on the side

The upper right corner is a 1.14-inch screen with a resolution of 135*240, a refresh rate of 50, and a video memory of 8M, which can display the time and current mode

This screen is a color display, you can use its driver to transfer the animation or picture you want to display

On the bottom of the front is a metal tiger and eight rabbit logo, the name of the color is written on the back side, and the periphery is also surrounded by a circle of shiny metal texture

The left side is the direct plug-in C port and switch, the right side is the three-mode switch and system switching, and the top is a volume knob. This knob is different from the others. It is made on the side and has no scale feedback. smooth

On the back is the interchangeable foot support of the first gear, which is magnetic. Pull it out and turn it over to get the second gear.

In the middle there is a metal tiger and eight rabbit cartoon sign, which is also magnetic, and it can be opened by pressing the bottom, and there is a 2.4 receiver hidden inside.

really interesting

The shaft is TTC’s Neptune shaft, linear shaft, transparent shaft column, very soft to press, soft feel, not loud, slightly plastic sound, transparent frosted positioning plate, a thick sandwich pad underneath, no pad under the shaft , is also a gasket structure, there is obvious rebound when pressed down,

The main controller is Yi Zhaowei's YC3121-L, which weighs about 2 catties overall.

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