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Come from the counterattack of the aluminum factory, talk about the IQUNIX OG80 three-mode wireless keyboard, how to sell better

When I was writing a tabletop last time, I mainly tested the difference between the old and new versions of ScreenBar Halo, but people always asked me what this keyboard was without paying attention to the key points. Friends who read the pictures and texts may not know it. In fact, the wormhole OG80 of IQUNIX is already the main keyboard of many UP owners in station B.

Since anyone is interested, I'll talk about it.

IQUNIX made its fortune from "aluminum", and he was nicknamed "Aluminum Factory" by people in the Jianghu. In the early years, the field of accessories had a good reputation and accumulated many fans. Later, it turned to the field of peripherals, and it seemed to be out of control, so that all searches for brand names were keyboards. This is very different from traditional peripheral manufacturers. Perhaps IQUNIX has tasted the sweetness. IQUNIX "a bit forgets its roots" and sells non-metallic keyboards. If you remember correctly, it should be the A80 explorer.

Including the OG80, I have played with 3 IQUNIX keyboards. One is the F97 that is still glowing and hot, and the other one was the A80 when it was first launched.

As a box control, I decisively turned it out of the cabinet and took it out to take a picture.

Some people will say that the soul of IQUNIX lies in aluminum, but I don't think so. Keyboards are no longer the same as metal accessories, and simple stacking can be recognized. The director of IQUNIX is well aware of what is needed in the era when good looks are in power, playing with color matching and spelling design can be said to be understood by the "keyboardized" IQUNIX.

At present, friends and merchants on the market are constantly launching new products. IQUNIX only uses a small number of models, and finds another way to survive in the red sea of ​​mechanical keyboards. A80 seems to "forget the original intention", but in fact it is a mature performance of a brand, and it is actually far superior to F97 in terms of maverick.

The joint name with Meizu PANDAER made the OG80 popular. Compared with the A80, it means that it is better than the blue. It can be seen from the factory accessories that the OG80 carries out trendy elements to the end.

My only dissatisfaction is that the data cable does not fit the theme elements of OG80, it is too plain. Of course, the OG80 focuses on three-mode, and usually does not use wired cables very much. But I think if we give more sincerity and provide an aviation plug-in cable, then the price/performance ratio will be improved to a higher level.

I remember that when I first got started with the A80, I was more attracted by the uniqueness of its inclined F area. At present, it has been used for about a year. For such a design, it not only meets the individual needs, but also adapts very well in the daily use process. Even seeing that the newly launched OG80 still feels timeless, there is no such structural design as brand plagiarism.

First of all, the size is different. It can be found that the OG80 is obviously larger than the dust cover. But from a visual comparison, it seems that there is no difference. For the manufacturer, re-opening the mold is not a small fee. It can be seen that size optimization should be the first key point of the revision.

Second, the rear angle of the F function area is different. The OG80 has an obvious edge design, so the front looks even smaller than the A80.

The last third point is the model (face value) selection. If F97 is distinguished by color matching, then A80, OG80, and L80 are all of the same origin, but they are quite different. The top elevation design is the essence, and the details of these three models are different.

The newly released OG80 uses a transparent body to jump out of everyone's inherent thinking about the rigid design of the keyboard, and uses the perspective visual effect to raise a level. The internal reinforcement ribs and neatly arranged electronic components, combined with the wormhole and interstellar theme design, very much cater to the current popular cyberpunk style. The nameplate added to the OG80 this time has a finishing touch. Compared with the retro and conservative A80, it can be said that it shows completely two souls from the inside to the outside. Of course, transparency also has a strong gain effect on "light pollution". If the table set cares about this convenience, then you can only consider OG80.

If you are disappointed with the original standard data cable, then OG80 will give another surprise. The wireless receiver can finally be stored, which is especially important for the three-mode wireless keyboard. Even if it is hidden in the magnetic cover, the receiver is not designed with a black public version, but with the design synchronization of the wormhole IP, which needs to be praised.

The material of the keycaps is PBT, and the sublimation characters are printed. Now domestic brands with a bit of conscience will be equipped with this. The A80 in my hand is the first-generation version, which is quite different from the later optimized version. Here is a brief comparison of the two keycaps in my hand (A80 on the left and OG80 on the right). Guest officials can judge by themselves.

The first step of customization is the hot-swappable design. OG80 provides both Cherry and TTC shafts, and it seems that all of the shafts currently on sale are TTC. There are not many choices, only fast silver and gold powder, and there are two versions of RGB and matte, the price difference is 100 yuan.

Among the mass-produced switches, the TTC gold powder switch should be the hottest switch in the past year. It once became the title of the best switch of the year in 2020. At that time, it was difficult to sell and the price was high. Now the supply is normal. Two years later, this year, I still recognize the TTC gold powder switch very much. It is still so stable after the baptism of time, and it can be called a representative of domestic switches that can be sold. If you are a player who focuses on games, Kuaiyin should be more suitable.

As a digression, now the domestic shaft is so powerful (inward scrolling), I even forget the nostalgic feel of the original cherry factory.

OG80 provides a good appearance and foundation, and hot-swapping is a plus. I think that most of the OG80s are ready to be "buy and use", so gold powder quick silver can satisfy most people.

I checked that the gold powder switch equipped with the OG80 should not be an upgraded version. The difference between the two mainly lies in the difference in lighting effects. OG80 itself is transparent, and the light effect is not lacking. Fortunately, there is not much difference in the feel of the two, and the parameters are also the same. The trigger stroke is 2mm, the total stroke is 4mm, and the trigger pressure is 37g.

It may be difficult to have a feeling through the shaft tester. The overall pressing and rebound of the keyboard also require consistency in sound and feel. I think TTC has done a good job in this regard, and made me, a person who originally liked paragraph switches, also fall in love with the relaxing and powerful feel of gold powder switches.

Domestically, there are two directions for making mechanical keyboards, one is customized high-priced niche, and the other is three-mode wireless. The OG80 looks like a transparent plastic material, but the overall weight of 1.08 kg is not light, so it is not suitable for TA if you want to carry it around. For wireless desks and more mobile devices, three modes are still just needed.

OG80 provides 2.4G and Bluetooth wireless to quickly switch between different devices, and the 4000mAh battery capacity provides a very good battery life performance. I turn on RGB for about half of the time in my daily use, connect to Bluetooth the whole time, and turn off the device without turning off the power of the keypad. After using it for almost two months, there is no low battery warning yet. The official claims that the Bluetooth without backlight can reach 1000 hours, and if it is 8 hours a day, it will be almost 4 months, and basically you can forget about charging anxiety.

I have used A80 and OG80 for more than half a year and two months respectively, and I understand why aluminum factories are now focusing on mechanical keyboards. After all, the feel varies from person to person. Small factories compete for materials, while large factories compete for scale and stability. As a peripheral recruit, IQUNIX is a bit risky to enter the key circle. Fortunately, Meimei Online, through the iteration of several products, finally achieved a balance between quality control and experience. It is hard to imagine that the transformation was not easy at that time.

When writing this article, I took a look at the sales of OG80, L80, and A80, and found that the aluminum factory is really selling better. It can be seen that users recognize the products of aluminum factories, but the early quality control problems are being solved continuously. The joint cooperation with Meizu PANDAER this time proves that the OG80 already has the background of a hexagonal fighter. If you want to find a reliable and stable three-mode keyboard, perhaps the transparent style OG80 is a good choice, and then replace it with a set of transparent keycaps that have been popular recently, wouldn’t it take off in place.

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