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Compact all-round player - Rapoo V700-8A multi-mode wireless mechanical keyboard

Today's mechanical keyboard is no longer a plaything that only belongs to a small group of people. With its good feel and unique design, it has long been accepted by game lovers and office workers who often type. The types and brands of mechanical keyboards are also greatly enriched, showing a trend of flourishing.

Among them, Rapoo, a well-known domestic peripheral brand, has also launched many distinctive mechanical keyboards in recent years. Recently, Rapoo launched its first mechanical keyboard with a small configuration - V700-8A. Compact, 84 keys, and multi-mode design, it can be connected to multiple devices such as laptops, desktops, tablets and even mobile phones at the same time.

Because I have experienced red switches, brown switches, green switches and other axes, I chose the black switch version of the Rapoo 700-8A that I have never experienced.

Packaging and Appearance

In terms of packaging style, as always, the previous blue and black color scheme is continued, and old users can tell at a glance that this is a Rapoo product, which is quite recognizable. Of course, the corresponding style may lack a sense of surprise.

The WYSIWYG physical rendering is used on the front, and the corresponding version can be known without opening the package. As shown in the picture, this is the low-key and restrained No Man’s Land version. In addition, there are also the Lonely Warrior version and the Mech Purple version.

The keyboard body, A to C charging cable, 2.4G wireless receiver, red key puller and a manual, these are all the accessories of Rapoo V700-8A.

In terms of keyboard layout, Rapoo V700-8A is a 85-key compact player with 75% configuration, and its measurements are also reduced to 310.1×120.2×35.5mm. Obviously, such an aspect ratio has a unique advantage in portability. When arranging the desktop, it occupies a smaller area and frees up more operating space for the desk arrangement.

Easily tucks into a computer stand.

Although the price is less than 300 yuan, the first feeling I got after using the Rapoo V700-8A is that it is full of texture. This is indeed beyond my expectation. And the texture that can be clearly perceived largely comes from the frame made of aluminum alloy. In addition, the matte oxidation process is adopted, so that the entire frame not only maintains the texture of metal, but also has a skin-friendly and delicate feeling. With the CNC cutting process, the appearance of the keyboard breaks through the standard line of this price.

Another manifestation of the texture should be the existence of the floating keyboard. The slightly raised design not only has the beauty of simple technology, but also can better highlight the backlight effect.

Viewed from the side, this suspended aesthetic will be more apparent. At the same time, you can also see a not too obvious smile curve.

The keycap is made of ABS light-transmitting keycap, two-color injection molding process, the light transmission is uniform, and there are no burrs on the edge. It is expected that PBT is not used. After all, it is less than 300 yuan, and the aluminum alloy frame is given to you. The multi-mode design that can connect up to 5 devices at the same time is given to you, and the backlight is given to you. What more bike do you want?

Use a key puller to pull out the keycap to reveal the main body of the Pennefather black switch. When you press it, the sound is very small, and the sense of transition is the least obvious among several switches. It feels like an unpressed ballpoint pen cap.

Large keys like the space bar are designed with a satellite axis, and the feel of the adjustment can be called a small surprise, not fleshy, and the rebound is strong enough.

There are also some small details that have been clearly taken care of, and Rapoo has handled them quite well.

Type-C charging port without any burrs.

Made into a V-shaped charging indicator light, it is red when charging, and turns white when fully charged.

Independent wireless signal switch at the bottom, non-slip feet and pads with good anti-slip performance. However, it is a little regrettable that the foot support is a one-stage type. If it is a two-stage type, the angle adjustment options will be greater.

to experience

Let me talk about the lighting effect first. The lighting effect of Rapoo V700-8A is low-key and not exaggerated. The pure white backlight can provide four brightness adjustments and 7 groups of lighting modes: constant light, breathing, curve, starry, single light, ripple and custom.

I seldom turn on the lighting effect every day, but sometimes when shooting products, turn on the keyboard backlight as background embellishment, which is quite helpful for the final film.

Also, the lighting effect looks really cool.

Of course, you can also install Rapoo’s exclusive driver. In addition to making the most personalized adjustments to the backlight effects, you can also set the logo-shaped LED lights to be on, breathing, etc. Record and edit macro functions, one-click to send big moves, to meet the game needs of specific players.

Multi-device connection

As mentioned earlier, Rapoo V700-8A is a multi-mode keyboard, it supports wired, Bluetooth 3.0/5.0, 2.4G multi-mode connection, and can connect up to 5 devices at the same time, which can be realized by FN+1~5 number keys in daily life Quick switch.

For example, I often switch back and forth between desktops and laptops every day, so I don’t need to change different keyboards back and forth. I only need to use the shortcut keys of the Rapoo V700-8A to quickly switch between the two devices. It has been used for nearly two weeks After experience, the switching is fast, the connection is stable, and it is quite convenient to use.

The following is the demonstration scene. The Rapoo V700-8A is connected to a desktop computer, a laptop computer, an iPad and a mobile phone at the same time, and the convenience of multi-mode is fully evident. I personally don't switch between so many devices on a daily basis, but I believe there must be users with such needs.

In wired mode, Rapoo V700-8A supports 84-key rollover, and in wireless mode supports 6-key rollover, which is quite enough for me. Who can press so many keys at the same time?

As for the battery life, after two weeks of use, the battery has not been charged. The battery capacity of 4000mAh is quite sufficient. Of course, the battery life performance in wireless mode varies from person to person, and everyone's usage habits are different, so the battery life is naturally different.


The advantages of Rapoo V700-8A are obvious, such as rare aluminum alloy metal frame, multi-mode connection capability and rich backlight effects in the same price range. The feel of the keys also exceeds expectations, and it also has a custom programming function that is rarely seen in keyboards of the same price, which greatly enhances the playability and meets the needs of some high-end players.

It is a little regrettable that without Mac keycaps, Apple users can only miss it.

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