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Comparing the Logitech k380 and Shuangfeiyan FBK11 Wireless Keyboards: Making the Right Choice

Using a small table on my bed has become a convenient way to work, but the limited space often poses challenges. Initially, I relied on a wired keyboard, the Logitech k120. Unfortunately, its length caused it to press against the mouse pad, making the desk cluttered. This prompted me to seek a wireless keyboard that fulfilled certain requirements such as Bluetooth connectivity, multi-device compatibility, battery-powered operation, compact size, and affordability.

Discovering the Logitech k380:

After much research and recommendations, I stumbled upon the Logitech k380, a highly regarded wireless keyboard. Although it slightly exceeded my budget at 121 yuan on JD.com, I had a discount coupon and JD beans that made the final price of over 90 yuan acceptable.

Comparing the Logitech k380 and Shuangfeiyan FBK11 Wireless Keyboards: Making the Right Choice 1

An Unexpected Find - The Shuangfeiyan fbk11:

During my visit to JD.com, I serendipitously discovered the Shuangfeiyan fbk11, which also met my criteria. Intrigued, I decided to compare it against the Logitech k380 in terms of various parameters.

Parameter Comparison:

Considering my budget, I found myself enticed by the fbk11, assuring myself that Shuangfeiyan, as a relatively well-known brand, would deliver reliable quality. Upon receiving the fbk11, my initial impressions revealed a lightweight build with sturdy plastic. However, closer inspection revealed some button burrs, indicating slight imperfections in the craftsmanship.

Perfect Fit for My Workspace:

Comparing the Logitech k380 and Shuangfeiyan FBK11 Wireless Keyboards: Making the Right Choice 2

The fbk11's size aligned perfectly with my small table, striking a balance between being neither too large nor too small. Compared to the Logitech k120, the fbk11 shares a similar length but differs in the right half, resulting in adequate key spacing. Thus, adapting to the fbk11 was relatively easy compared to the more compact keys on the k380.

Button Feel:

The fbk11's keys felt light and soft without a discernible tactile feedback, lacking the noticeable rigidity associated with the k120. Consequently, the fbk11's keystrokes produced a quieter sound, although louder than the notebook's built-in keyboard, making it unsuitable for complete silence.

Choosing the fbk11:

Ultimately, the fbk11 won me over due to its significantly lower price compared to the Logitech k380, as well as its ability to connect an additional device through 2.4G connectivity. Although slightly longer than the k380, the fbk11's keyboard layout felt more comfortable, eliminating the need for me to adapt further. These advantages made the fbk11 my preferred choice.

Acknowledging the Drawbacks:

Comparing the Logitech k380 and Shuangfeiyan FBK11 Wireless Keyboards: Making the Right Choice 3

Of course, the fbk11 does have its shortcomings. Its craftsmanship falls short of the Logitech standard, lacking the weight and premium texture of the k380. Additionally, the fbk11 offers a one-year warranty compared to the k380's two-year coverage. However, both keyboards require two AAA batteries, with the fbk11 claiming a battery life of 12 months and the k380 guaranteeing two years.

In conclusion, my quest for an ideal keyboard led me to the Shuangfeiyan fbk11. Its affordable price, multi-device connectivity, and comfortable layout outweighed the drawbacks associated with its craftsmanship. As I continue to enhance my workspace, the fbk11 has become an important addition, offering a wireless and clutter-free typing experience.

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