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Completely disassembled, this is the good-looking, minimalist mechanical keyboard you want, see if you still buy it

I was a little free recently, so I started to tidy up my desk. After spending a month or so, I finally set up my own desk. When choosing the tabletop collocation, I try to use the main white as the main color and black as the auxiliary to ensure that the entire tabletop has a unified style on the body. When choosing accessories, I still follow the main tone of black and white, but I think a little jumping color matching may bring a different feeling to the desktop. So when choosing a spare keyboard, I considered buying one with a slightly more lively color. Finally, I took a fancy to Dujia K330W plus mint green, and naturally, this small-sized, mint-colored mechanical keyboard came to my desk.

【Appearance Design】

When considering a mechanical keyboard, I've owned a full-size keyboard before, so when choosing a replacement, I'm looking for something that's light, easy to use, and has vibrant colors. Obviously, Duga K330W Plus meets my expectations. The 61-key layout and compact design are very convenient for storage or occasional carrying.

In terms of accessories, there are basically conventional collocations, cap removers, key pullers, and data cables.

To be honest, in such a hot summer, buying such a simple and light mechanical keyboard with mint green, and then placing it on a white desktop can always make people feel fresh, natural, calm, and naturally cool.

As a very mature mechanical keyboard, Dujia K330W Plus has shown a very solid foundation in terms of color matching, functional layout, key configuration, appearance design and detailed workmanship.

After you get started, you will find that this keyboard has no dead ends from all angles. No matter what style your desk is, this keyboard will be useful.

Appearance is very important, and experience is definitely more critical. On the keycaps, Dujia K330W Plus uses the original height PBT keycaps. The main color of white is matched with two different mint greens to make the keyboard more distinct and the overall texture The look and feel are comfortable.

If you observe carefully, you will find that the keycap layout and design of the Durga K330W Plus are very ergonomic. Occasionally, you can code for a long time, and your fingers will not be sore.

At the top of the upper part of the keyboard, there is a Type-C charging port and a sliding switch key, which are easy to operate and smooth to toggle.

There are 4 long strip lights on the upper right corner of the keyboard, which can help users grasp the connection and working status of the keyboard in time.

From the back of the keyboard, we can see that the design of the lower cover of the entire keyboard is very comfortable, the division and design are reasonable, the lines are also very comfortable, and there are not many problems in the functional layout. The 4 horizontal and vertical floor pads can help ensure The keyboard has good stability. Coupled with two side-opening feet, we can find a relatively suitable keyboard height for daily keyboard input, ensuring a good input posture and reducing fatigue.

As a three-mode keyboard, Durga K330W Plus supports three connection methods, namely wired, Bluetooth and 2.4GHz connection, and this 2.4GHz receiver is well hidden at the bottom of the keyboard, which is very convenient to take out and store of.

[This is a quiet mechanical keyboard]

Mechanical keyboards are different from ordinary keyboards. In addition to choosing the brand and design, as a customized mechanical keyboard, we more importantly consider the theme of the keycap, color matching, and the switch body. And when I was choosing the switch body for Duga K330W Plus, I chose the silent red switch. I used Kaihua box white switch, cherry brown switch, and red switch for my mechanical keyboard before. This time I still chose the linear red switch. , but this time I want to choose the silent red switch, after all, occasionally late at night coding, too loud rattling sound will still have a certain impact.

From my personal experience, the typing noise of this Durga K330W Plus should be the smallest among the several mechanical keyboards I have used. The controls are great, exactly what I expected.

[Dismantling and restoration, customization that Xiaobai can also get started with]

What is the greatest significance of a mechanical keyboard? In addition to the personalized theme, customization is its soul. Each user can customize the keycaps, shafts, and even positioning boards and casings of the mechanical keyboard according to their own needs.

Taking the key puller and shaft puller, I started the first real disassembly of the mechanical keyboard. Although the keycap and the shaft body have been disassembled before, this time I will disassemble all the positioning board and PCB. No, that would be embarrassing.

It is still very easy to pull out the keycaps, and the removal can be easily completed. Observe while removing, we will find that the keycaps of the keyboard are all made of two-color closed-end molding process, and the workmanship is very good. Let’s take a look at this long space key cap again. The horizontal and vertical ribs on the back are very clear, the workmanship is very solid, and the details are handled with full marks.

After removing the keycaps, we can see the red mute switch body. The one I used belongs to the "Crystal Switch" series jointly customized by Dujia and Jiadalong. The switch body of this series feels more comfortable and smoother. slip.

This silent red switch is a linear switch with a trigger stroke of 2.0±0.5mm, a trigger pressure of 45±10gf, and a total stroke length of 4.0mm.

On the large key position, Dujia K330W Plus adopts a satellite shaft design, which is more convenient to disassemble and more stable to use.

The satellite shaft with the large key position is very well made, and the connecting rod is hard and very stable, and it will not shake when pressed.

On the PCB board at the bottom of the satellite shaft, there are traces of oiling, which should be to improve the reliability of the satellite shaft and a good operating feel.

After removing the shaft body, we can see the all-aluminum positioning plate. After removing it, we will find that this positioning plate has better reliability and stability than some positioning plates made of other materials.

When disassembling, we can choose to dismantle the positioning board directly, or we can take out the board together and disassemble it. On the PCB board, we can see the board type and the production time of the board.

There are four lamp beads at the charging port and the status indicator light in the upper corner.

After separating the positioning board, we can see the PCB board and a sound-absorbing cotton pad on the bottom case of the keyboard, and two sets of wires are connected between the PCB board and the bottom case. One of the lines is the battery connection line, and the other is the 2.4GHz signal receiving line.

On the bottom case of Duga K330W Plus, we see a fixed battery, and the information shows that the battery capacity is 3600mAh. Since this mechanical keyboard does not have RGB lighting effects, it performs very well in terms of battery life. According to official data, this keyboard can basically be used for a year without needing to be charged multiple times.

As a person who has high requirements for details, after seeing the PCB board, I am still full of praise for the workmanship of the Duga keyboard. Whether it is the front or the back of the PCB board, I searched carefully twice, and basically found nothing to complain about. The place. Basically all the solder joints are very full, which not only avoids the short circuit that may be caused by desoldering, but also improves the reliability of the product.

In order to achieve the ultimate silent performance of this Durga K330W Plus, engineers have used a variety of methods. First, we can choose a silent red shaft on the shaft body. Secondly, a layer is added between the positioning board and the PCB board. Silicone pad; between the bottom case and PCB, the designer also added a layer of sound-absorbing cotton; finally, in terms of details, in order to reduce the friction between the PCB board and the bottom case, on the PCB board, the designer The cushioning sponge is also added locally, which not only reduces the vibration, but also improves the anti-noise effect.

After spending more than half an hour, I finally disassembled the Durga K330W Plus. After the dismantling, we can see the main accessories and components of the keyboard, including keycaps, shafts (satellite shafts), positioning boards, and silicone pads. layer, PCB board, sound-absorbing cotton and shell (upper cover + bottom plate), compared with other electronic equipment, the disassembly of the mechanical keyboard is relatively easy, and the restoration pressure is not great. From the overall accessories, we can basically understand the composition of a mechanical keyboard, and we can also know why my Duga K330W Plus is so quiet.


After using Duga K330W Plus for a period of time, and after disassembling and restoring this mechanical keyboard, let me talk about my experience.

First of all, the appearance of Dujia K330W Plus is very good. I personally like the color of mint green very much, and it is also very suitable for my desktop. 61-key layout, mini size, easy to store when replacing the keyboard occasionally;

Secondly, my keyboard is equipped with a silent red switch, which is really very quiet when typing, so I don’t have to worry about disturbing my family when typing late at night. A mechanical keyboard with clicks is used for daily use, and a silent axis keyboard can be considered for night use, which is a perfect match;

Furthermore, this keyboard supports three-mode connection, and the battery life can reach an incredible 300 days. It is very comfortable when using it. You don’t need to pick equipment or worry about power shortage;

Finally, after disassembling this keyboard, we will find that this keyboard is very careful in terms of functional layout and details, and it is definitely a mature, reliable and durable product.

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