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Computer DIY to continue Chapter 48: What is the difference between the same 84-key compact backlit mechanical keyboard and the Rapoo MT510PRO sailing diary? Feel the Rapoo independent fast silver axis

General Yunrui/Graphic

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Not long after the Pennefather V700-8A multi-mode gaming mechanical keyboard No Man’s Land brown switch version was released, two more cool mechanical keyboards were released! To say that Lonely Brave, No Man's Land and Mecha Purple are pioneers, then the joint models of Sailing Diary, Miao Meng Holiday and estarpro are development! Although it also adopts the 84-key compact keyboard layout, key line separation design, multi-mode wireless mechanical keyboard, and customized color matching, it has almost the same appearance as V700-8A, but it uses a new model MT510PRO, so this new model is the same as V700 What are the similarities and differences of -8A? Everyone, follow me to find out from the voyage diary!

Rapoo Like Rapoo V700-8A, MT510PRO is also a multi-mode backlit mechanical keyboard, and it is also a color customized version. The co-branded model of estarpro is a co-branded and customized model of the King of Glory game team. The model is still Rapoo V700-8A, but it uses Rapoo (Rapoo) The same fast silver shaft as MT510PRO. On the other hand, Sailing Diary and Miao Meng Holiday are more like customized versions for boys, girls and children respectively. The sailing diary and meowing vacation give people a different feeling, and are closer to the lives of ordinary people. Sailing diary, color and scene creativity, originated from sailors, more suitable for boys.

Unpacking, the Rapoo MT510PRO Mechanical Keyboard Sailing Diary Edition has the same components as the V700-8A, mainly including 1 Rapoo MT510PRO multi-mode backlit gaming mechanical keyboard, 1 key puller, USB data (charging) cable with Type C interface 1 piece, 1 wireless 2.4G receiver, and 1 quick use guide.

The creativity of the nautical diary makes you feel the style of the sea breeze. Not only are there poems and distant places, but we can also go on a long voyage together, develop our own exclusive memories, blow the melodious horn toward the depths of the blue, and communicate with marine life. Together, step on the waves and start the blue chapter of the nautical story. Therefore, you can see lighthouses, Polaris, boats, swordfish, seabirds and diving helmets in the nautical diary version, which has a strong marine atmosphere. The keyboard uses three colors: white, dark blue, and light blue-gray. If you observe carefully, you will find that the color layout is actually different. The F5-F8 of the former are dark colors, while the nautical diary uses light colors. The front keyboard ESC, space bar and enter key are very The prominent color, while the light gray blue of the nautical diary is a gradual transition between dark and light colors, surrounding the light color, there is a circle of light gray blue, and then dark colors on both sides, ESC is dark color, space and enter are light gray blue, so although they are all color customized versions, there are still differences. The Rapoo MT510PRO Mechanical Keyboard Sailing Diary Edition has more drawings, and the color transition is also different. I didn't get the cute holiday, but that one is more cartoonish, cuter, and the color contrast is not as strong as the sailing diary.

The Rapoo MT510PRO Mechanical Keyboard Sailing Diary Edition uses a light blue light, some people call this ice blue light, which is different from the backlight color of the V700-8A. Different colors, different lighting effects, completely different feelings. However, the mode of changing the lighting effect is the same. You can adjust the backlight mode by pressing FN+Right Ctrl. The distribution is ripple mode, constant light mode, single-light mode, breathing mode, starry mode and curve mode. Use FN and the left and right arrow keys to reduce or increase the frequency of LED backlight changes, and use FN and the up and down arrow keys to adjust the backlight brightness. The adjustable backlight effect further increases the playability of the keyboard. However, I personally think that although the light blue light effect looks very deep, the actual effect is not as good as the white one. It took me a lot of effort to capture the light effect. The light blue light The effect feels relatively weak, and the lighting effect is not as good as that of white light. In addition, although it is different from the blue light of the monitor, from the heart, the blue light hurts the eyes and still has a certain psychological shadow. Therefore, the design of this ice blue light is consistent with the sailing diary in terms of creativity, but the lighting effect is not ideal. Hope that the next version can be adjusted.

The Rapoo MT510PRO Mechanical Keyboard Voyage Diary Edition has the same keys as the Rapoo V700-8A mechanical keyboard. On the number keys 1-5, there is an extra line of marks, 1-3 are three different Bluetooth marks, and the fourth is wireless. 2.4G, and the number 5 is the mark of wired connection. Through the combination of FN and 1-5 number keys, you can switch between different devices, and one keyboard can connect up to five paired devices. Mechanical keyboards that also support multi-mode wireless mode. The Rapoo V700-8A mechanical keyboard has a narrow frame design and is inclined at a certain angle, which makes the keys have a sense of hierarchy. Viewed from the side, you can clearly see its floating buttons. This design is more resistant to dirt, dust and pollution, and will be better.

The Rapoo MT510PRO Mechanical Keyboard Sailing Diary Edition is the same as the Rapoo V700-8A mechanical keyboard. It has an ultra-narrow aluminum alloy frame, adopts sandblasting and oxidation process CNC trimming, and has the brand V series Logo in front of the key, which is quite simple and eye-catching. The overall line of the keyboard is clear, simple and elegant, full of technological texture, and durable, which makes people love it. In fact, if you are interested, you can choose the Rapoo V700-8A mechanical keyboard with the keycap of the nautical diary, so that the appearance and backlight will look better. And the official also supports the single-sold nautical diary and the keycaps of the cute holiday, so that users who have purchased versions such as no man's land can replace the keycaps by themselves, and have a different Rapoo V700-8A mechanical keyboard nautical diary version .

The appearance and function design of Rapoo MT510PRO mechanical keyboard Sailing Diary Edition and Rapoo V700-8A mechanical keyboard are basically the same. On the left front of the keyboard, there is a USB Type The C interface can not only charge the keyboard, but also act as an interface for wired connection. The built-in 4000mAh lithium battery supports charging and using at the same time. With the Rapoo low-power wireless technology, the fully charged wireless can last for 25-225 hours (the battery life can reach 1 week to 2 months). The keyboard is equipped with a USB about 1.5 meters long type The C-interface data cable can be used for charging or as a wired connection. However, wireless 2.4G or Bluetooth connection is generally used. When there is no power, a wired connection will be used in case of emergency. Not to mention the underside, it's exactly the same. If you want to know more, you can refer to my experience article of Rapoo V700-8A mechanical keyboard. Next is the main event, the key switch!

Unlike the Pennefather V700-8A mechanical keyboard, the two mechanical keyboards of the Pennefather MT510PRO mechanical keyboard both use fast silver switches. The joint model of estarpro still belongs to the Pennefather V700-8A mechanical keyboard, but also uses fast silver switches axis. These three mechanical keyboards do not have the four key switches of green, black, tea and black, but only one type of key switch, the fast silver switch. The quick silver switch is also a mechanical key switch made by Rapoo, with a short key stroke, quick and sensitive light touch, and strong and fast rebound. It also has a service life of 50 million hits. The pressure is 45±10cn, no sense of paragraph, the key stroke is shorter than that of the Rapoo V700-8A mechanical keyboard, and the trigger force is close to the red switch and the brown switch, but slightly smaller. In terms of feel, compared with Rapoo’s own tea switch, the tea switch is slightly tighter than the fast silver switch, and the fast silver switch has a shorter keystroke, more sensitive response, no sense of paragraph at all, and the sound is lighter than the tea switch.

The Rapoo MT510PRO Mechanical Keyboard Sailing Diary Edition and the Rapoo V700-8A mechanical keyboard use the same keycaps, two-color injection keycaps, anti-fading, wear-resistant, fully meet the needs of daily use, and the knocking feel is also good.

The Rapoo MT510PRO Mechanical Keyboard Sailing Diary Edition is also the same as the Rapoo V700-8A mechanical keyboard, with no punching throughout the wired process, and no punching of any six keys in wireless or Bluetooth mode. In addition, through the supporting driver software, independent programming of each button can be realized, and multiple sets of configuration files can be saved to switch between different scenarios.


There are three significant differences between the Rapoo MT510PRO Mechanical Keyboard Voyage Diary Edition and the Rapoo V700-8A Mechanical Keyboard No Man’s Land Edition. The first is the appearance, the color customization is different, the nautical diary is more layered, more emotional, and the color gradient and draw more. Second, the key switches are different. The Pennefather MT510PRO mechanical keyboard only has one type of fast silver switch, and the Pennefather V700-8A mechanical keyboard has four key switches of green, black, tea and black (the estarpro joint version is a special case). Third, the color of the backlight is different. The Rapoo MT510PRO Mechanical Keyboard Sailing Diary Edition uses ice blue light, while the Rapoo V700-8A mechanical keyboard uses a white backlight. If you want the Rapoo V700-8A mechanical keyboard and white backlight, then you can try to replace the keycaps of the Rapoo V700-8A mechanical keyboard with the nautical diary keycaps. If you want fast silver switches and white backlight, then try to replace the keycaps with the estarpro co-branded version, but players with general game feelings will not change it easily! The following objectively summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of the Rapoo MT510PRO Mechanical Keyboard Sailing Diary Edition:


1 Customized keycap color design with further colors, creativity and color matching are more emotional

2Support wired/wireless 2.4G/Bluetooth 3.0 and 5.0 connection methods, and can freely switch between 5 adapter devices

3 The keyboard layout is compact, the keys and wires are separated, the desktop takes up little space, and it is easy to carry

4 Aluminum alloy narrow frame design, CNC trimming, sandblasting and oxidation process, extraordinary texture

5 Adopt the fast silver switch among Rapoo's own mechanical switches, with a lifespan of 50 million clicks, shorter key stroke, lower sound and more sensitive response

6 Built-in 4000mAh out of store, strong battery life, and supports charging while using

7 adjustable ice blue backlights, 7 modes and 4 levels of brightness

8 wired mode full-key no punch design, wired any 6 key no punch

9 Through supporting driver software, 84-key independent programming can be realized

10 key caps double-color injection molding, wear-resistant

11 non-slip tripod, stable and comfortable


1 The ice blue backlight is not as noticeable as the white backlight

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